《Prey》What’s the meaning of the pistol in 1715?

The film Prey is set in the Great Northern Plains in September 1719 and is a prequel to the first four films. Also, it is considered a reboot of the entire series. Predictably, there are a few Easter eggs that will be linked to previous films, one of which is Raphael Adolini’s 1715 pistol, which was given to the film’s protagonist, Naru, by a French fur hunter. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

《Prey》What's the meaning of the pistol in 1715?

What is the significance of the 1715 pistol at the end of the movie?

In “Prey,” Naru embarks on a grand journey to hunt down the Predator. Naru fell into the trap of a French fur hunter during her hunt, and after she was caught and watched the fur hunters torture her brother, she decided to take revenge on them.

Later, when she came to the fur hunter’s camp to rescue her dog, the fur hunter gave her his pistol in exchange for her helping him heal. Later, the protagonist returns home and gives the pistol along with the predator’s head to the tribal leader. At this point we see the inscription Raphael Adolini 1715 above.

This pistol appears at least a few times in the Predator series. This is a Spanish-made flintlock pistol that originally belonged to the pirate captain Raphael Adolini. As indicated by the inscription, it was built in 1715.

In the July 1996 issue of Predator: 1718, this is the first installment of the Dark Horse comic’s anniversary special anthology series (A Decade of Dark Horse). The story follows Adolini, faced with the mutiny of his crew, who finds an unlikely ally, who would later become known as Greyback. Adolini and Greyback fought side by side against rebellious pirates. In the end Adolini was mortally wounded and gave Greyback the pistol before he died.

In Predator 2, Greyback and the pistol appear together again. Although it was released in 1990, the story takes place in 1997. After Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) kills the predator known as the “City Hunter,” Greyback gives the pistol to Harrigan as a show of respect.

The presence of the pistol in Prey creates some plot holes. In 1718, Adolini gave the pistol to Greyback. Given that the events of Prey take place a year later, it seems unreasonable that French fur hunters somehow got a pistol from Greyback in the middle.

Also, can we assume that Harrigan wouldn’t have gotten this pistol from Greyback in 1997 because it was already in human hands? It is possible that in a future event, this pistol will return to Greyback’s hands. It is also possible that this is part of the restart process, where the conflicting parameters between humans and predators may be redrawn.

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