2022 Kdrama Big Mouth episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Lee Jong Suk is framed and goes to jail

2022 Kdrama Big Mouth episode 2 Recap

In the last episode, we said that Park Chang Ho(Lee Jong Suk) had a serious car accident on the road after drinking a drugged drink. On the way to the emergency room, he remembered his school days with Go Mi Ho. At that time, Park Chang Ho was young and energetic, a pole vaulter in the Games, and Go Mi Ho was the leader of the cheerleading team. There were girlfriends watching, Park Chang Ho wanted to perform well in front of Go Mi Ho, but at the moment of jumping, the pole broke in two… Park Chang Ho woke up and found himself in the hospital, Go Mi Ho and his father-in-law anxiously stayed by the bedside.

Park Chang Ho immediately thought of the prosecutor he was going to meet and asked where is his cell phone? But neither Go Mi Ho nor his father-in-law knew that the accident was so tragic that the vehicle was completely scrapped and sent to the disposal site. Before the car was disposed of, a mysterious man searched Park Chang Ho’s car and took the recorder memory card from the car. Park Chang Ho also remembered this memory card. He quickly changed his clothes and wanted to leave the hospital to find it. But then a group of police came and arrested Park Chang Ho on the grounds that he was smoking contraband.

In the detention center, Park Chang Ho tried to recall everything, and felt more and more that his experience was inseparable from Gong Ji Hoon. He begged the police to let him meet the mayor, and soon the two met in a dark hall under the mayor’s arrangement. Park Chang Ho was certain that his crime of smoking prohibited substances was framed by Gong Ji Hoon, and at the same time revealed the secret of his contact with Gong Ji Hoon. The mayor was displeased, not to mention he lost the memory card.

Park Chang Ho told the mayor with his recollection that the memory card did not directly point to the evidence of Gong Ji Hoon’s crime, but there was a motive for the killing, which seemed to be related to a paper. But these narrations are worthless, and the mayor is so disappointed in Park Chang Ho that he doesn’t want to worry about his life or death. After the police came to Park Chang Ho’s office with a search warrant, they actually dug up a large amount of gold, cash and illegal drugs from the wall. It was once broadcast on TV that “Big Mouth”, as a criminal who came and went without a trace, was involved in many cases and frauds, defrauding private equity funds, buying and selling illegal drugs, etc., but no one knew his identity. And Park Chang Ho, who became an abandoned son, was imprisoned in prison under various inexplicable evidences.

On the first day in, Park Chang Ho was brought in front of the trio and beaten by several people. Outside the prison at this time, the photos of Park Chang Ho are blasting every TV station, and the police found a large amount of cash and gold bars as well as illegal gambling accounts and black mobile phones in the Park Chang Ho office. After confirmation, it is determined that he is the famous fraud genius, the criminal code-named Big Mouth. When the news was broadcast, Gong Ji Hoon and the mayor and other high-class people were also watching. Gong Ji Hoon recognized Park Chang Ho’s face, and his expression instantly became subtle, because he was also a victim of Big Mouth’s hands and was tricked past. A lot of money.

Gong Ji Hoon called the warden and shouted that Park Chang Ho must be rescued and the money he was defrauded of be recovered. After receiving the order, the warden hurriedly took the doctor to the basement. At this time, Park Chang Ho was tortured to lose consciousness and almost died. But after the doctor’s hard work, Park Chang Ho miraculously survived again. Go Mi Ho also saw the news that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth, and her heart was instantly chaotic. The lawyer friend wanted her to hide from the limelight for a while, but Go Mi Ho didn’t want to run away.

After recovering his life, Park Chang Ho was thrown into a cell where he was huddled in the corner and covered with a blanket. Park Chang Ho didn’t react until the voice of Go Mi Ho came out on the TV. Go Mi Ho was unable to meet Park Chang Ho for the time being, so he could only pass the media to him in this way. Go Mi Ho and his father-in-law firmly believed in his innocence. The encouragement of his wife made Park Chang Ho regain some will, and he could not just let him down. Wife disappointed. Soon the police began to interrogate Park Chang Ho. Looking at the huge sums of money and illegal items found in the office by the prosecutor, Park Chang Ho felt helpless. If I had so much money, I wouldn’t be in debt for a few months and still carry a loan.

After the prosecutors also conducted a polygraph test on him, Park Chang Ho responded calmly to questions related to the crime. Only when asked if he was Big Mouth, Park Chang Ho got emotional and explained that he was not Big Mouth. After the interrogation, Park Chang Ho was taken back to the prison again, and his arrest was played on the screens along the way. Park Chang Ho sighed in his heart, he did not expect that he would become famous in such a form. Park Chang Ho returned to the cell, and his roommate Jerry came to him with admiration, showing Park Chang Ho the rat tattoo on his body, without concealing his admiration at all. No matter how Park Chang Ho explained it, everyone thought he was Big Mouth.

Gong Ji Hoon comes to the prison to warn the trio that they are not allowed to touch a single hair of Park Chang Ho until he gets the full picture of the matter. In the evening, Gong Ji Hoon met with the prosecutor who interrogated Park Chang Ho and repeatedly confirmed whether Park Chang Ho was Big Mouth? Based on today’s evidence, Park Chang Ho’s identity is beyond doubt. But Gong Ji Hoon raised doubts. No one knew Big Mouth’s true identity. How could anyone report Park Chang Ho as Big Mouth? Prosecutors assured that he would find out as soon as possible. But Gong Ji Hoon only cares about the money he has lost. He only hopes that his money will be recovered in a penny, and the prosecutor will obey orders.

The prosecutor personally escorted Gong Ji Hoon away and turned into the mayor’s car. He took out a list of illegal drug transactions from his arms, with the names of VIP customers recorded on it. Gong Ji Hoon and others have been unable to afford the mayor, trampling on him vigorously. The mayor also finds it incredible that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth.

For a time, Park Chang Ho became a hot topic in the prison. The prisoners heard that Big Mouth and the foreign triad were sworn brothers, and for a while, everyone dared not act rashly to bully Park Chang Ho. But the bald head didn’t believe it, and he attacked him again while eating at Park Chang Ho, warning him not to be presumptuous. He didn’t let Park Chang Ho go until the guards arrived. The warden saw Park Chang Ho being bullied through surveillance, and immediately called him to the secret room to chat privately, and prepared a sumptuous meal. Park Chang Ho stuttered, and the warden took the opportunity to ask him if he was Big Mouth? Park Chang Ho hurriedly denied it. Hearing that Park Chang Ho was not Big Mouth, the warden immediately reversed his attitude. He grabbed the drink from Park Chang Ho’s hand and ordered his men to send him to the confinement room for five days.

Park Chang Ho, who was locked up in the confinement room, was bitter in his heart, looking at the water droplets leaking from the dilapidated ceiling and fell into memories. At the beginning, the couple lived happily with their father-in-law. The three of them went to the neighbors to ask for an explanation because the upstairs had been leaking water. Unexpectedly, the neighbors are a group of gangsters, refusing to admit that it is their own problem, unwilling to pay the maintenance fee, and even mocking Park Chang Ho, who is a lawyer, for being poor, and doing things to Go Mi Ho. Seeing his wife being bullied, Park Chang Ho stepped forward to beat the gangster. This angered the gangsters, and several of them joined the Park Chang Ho family. The sturdy Go Mi Ho picked up the fire extinguisher on the ground and sprayed furiously at the gangsters. Finally, the opponent raised his hand and surrendered, and successfully got the repair fee. The three went home to celebrate, looking at each other’s funny faces covered in dry powder, and took a happy group photo.

Go Mi Ho, who is now a nurse, jumped to Jiuchuan Hospital in order to rescue her husband, just to find out the murder of Jiuchuan Hospital and to clear her husband’s innocence. The lawyer friend immediately told Park Chang Ho about it, and Park Chang Ho looked gloomy. In order not to implicate his wife, he plans to divorce his wife. Back in the confinement room, Park Chang Ho recalled that when he failed the judicial examination that year, he proposed to break up in order not to drag Go Mi Ho down. Go Mi Ho showed the huge sum of money on the account and wanted to support Park Chang Ho to continue the exam. But Park Chang Ho didn’t want Go Mi Ho to help, so Go Mi Ho proposed directly. As long as he is Park Chang Ho’s wife, then he is not a help.

Go Mi Ho kept chasing Park Chang Ho to propose marriage, but was rejected by the other party. Soon after, Park Chang Ho successfully became a lawyer and bought a high-value insurance. The beneficiary was Go Mi Ho, so he solemnly proposed to Go Mi Ho. Thinking of all this, Park Chang Ho burst into tears. He was very sorry for his wife.

2022 Kdrama Big Mouth episode 2 Ending Explained: Lee Jong Suk is framed and goes to jail

Park Chang Ho wrote a will and told Go Mi Ho that the murderer was the chaebol four. The inmate who was sleeping next to him guessed what Park Chang Ho was thinking, and told him not to do stupid things. It would be more painful if he didn’t die after he cut himself off. Park Chang Ho was very entangled in his heart. He looked up at the prisoners around him who were eyeing him, and suddenly had an idea, he could kill himself with the help of others. Suddenly, Park Chang Ho was no longer afraid of death, and even picked a fresh bald head in front of his face, smashed the dinner plate on the other side’s head, and let the other side kill him with a mad face. The bald head just stepped forward after being provoked, but was punched away by Park Chang Ho. This frightened Park Chang Ho, who didn’t even know he had such supernatural powers, and was taken to the hospital with a bald head. Park Chang Ho has set his sights on the perverted serial killer who has killed nine people. This time, he took the initiative to pick on the other party and kept asking the other party to stab him, so that he could gather ten people to show off to his mother.

But when the other party heard his words, he knelt down and started to cry. This time, Park Chang Ho inexplicably set up a difficult character in the prison. Everyone didn’t dare to look at him, and even the younger brothers who beat the rice were playing a few more spoons for the elder brother Park Chang Ho. During the meal, the inmate mentioned that a death row inmate who tried to escape from prison was beaten to death by the prison guards last night. Park Chang Ho suddenly had a plan, he could escape from prison and ask for death. That night, Park Chang Ho sneaked out of the cell. The warden saw someone escaped from the prison on the surveillance camera and directly ordered the other party to be shot. At the same time, Park Chang Ho came outside, facing the siege of heavy searchlights and warnings, he shouted come and kill me, please kill me. The second episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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