2022 Movie Beast reveiw

2022 movie Beast reveiw

The protagonist’s halo was too obvious to die, but in the end, two lions saved them! The two children are too noisy, and the father of the child is also stupid. There is one opponent who is obviously not very strong, but the stupidity of human nature sets off the opponent’s lethality, which makes people seem only anxious. Some parts of the plot are rather blunt, and several people in the car are dying, and they can still quarrel.

In short, it is a story of a tough father who saves a broken family with his bare hands. If there are more characters, sacrifice a few people, and show the ferocity of the lion in more details, it will feel more thrilling.

Of course, the American movie Beast is a jungle thriller you can’t miss, with a chilling opening, but then the atmosphere softens a lot. There are a lot of great characters set in the beginning, the overall effect is excellent, and the thought of humans on the turf of beasts is extremely scary. The sound design and visual effects come together to fully immerse us as viewers in the wild adventure.

The visuals are also spectacular, the CG lions are stunning, and the South African photography is perfect. The same goes for the sound design, the surround sound makes it feel like a lion can jump out of nowhere, and the audience gets nervous because of it.

There’s definitely some drag on the emotional rhythm as the movie goes into the final scene, but that’s nothing to complain about. While logically everything made sense, in the end everything was resolved too quickly. All in all, Beast is a fun and thrilling action movie worth watching.

2022 Movie Beast reveiw

Beast Plot Synopsis

Nate Daniels, who recently lost his father, and his two teenage daughters headed to a South African wildlife sanctuary run by their longtime family friend, wildlife biologist Martin Battles. However, what started out as a healing journey quickly turned into a terrifying struggle for survival when a lion started chasing them.

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