2022 The Invitation movie review:A gothic soap opera

The Invitation 2022 review

The Invitation looks good on the surface, but it lacks inspiration and focuses more on teasing out interesting ideas and concepts than exploring them. In 2022, vampire-themed movies abound. For example, Netflix launched Day Shift a few weeks ago, and Morbius. It’s not easy to make a completely original film for this tried-and-true myth, nor is it easy to make a good one in its entirety.

While The Invitation isn’t an original idea, it mixes Get Out, Ready or Not, and Dracula together to create an intriguing premise and an eerie atmosphere of mystery. After her mother dies, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) is invited to a lavish wedding in the English countryside by a distant relative she doesn’t know. Soon, Evie realizes a gothic conspiracy is going on and she must fight for her survival, revealing a twisted family history.

Nathalie Emmanuel dedicated her best efforts to a character, a person of color, surrounded by a group of white men. The film creates an oppressive atmosphere from start to finish, effectively presented from Evie’s point of view, which is the best way to convey a sense of immersion. The gothic crafted design is absolutely flawless, showcasing genuine details that convey the luxury of the era, capturing this vintage beauty.

On the surface, everything looks promising, as if we’ve come up with goals, but no one is going to check the final script. It’s a shame that such a novel idea stalled in the middle of execution despite so much genius behind the scenes…

The story moves slowly, but for sure you have to wait until the third act to see the “beginning” of the movie, it’s just a jump-starter for the first 2/3 and the characters are half the time Can’t see/doubt anything. You’ll witness countless scenes of redundant characters we don’t care about, causing every actor to feel like they’ve taken on a thankless role.

The film feels more focused on teasing out interesting ideas and concepts rather than actually exploring them, and there are some great interactions between the characters that serve as a starting point for us to “dig the truth,” but it never shows that Evie wants to figure out anything things that make her a very inactive character. There’s a lot going on with her, but she’s pretty much the villain’s plot rather than the real protagonist.

Uninspired stories, fake dialogue and lazy characterization, gothic, soap opera substance.

The Invitation Plot Synopsis

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), who recently lost her mother and father when she was a teenager, feels lonely and adrift, and seeks a sense of identity. That’s why at a recent catering event, Evie pulled a DNA kit test from a gift bag and was surprised to find that she still had a group of relatives in the UK. Invited by distant relatives to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, Evie is smitten by her sexy aristocratic host and is quickly thrust into an existential nightmare.

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