A24 Bodies Bodies Bodies review: The dumber die the quicker

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the best A24 thriller of the year, and it doesn’t disappoint in most respects.

A24 Bodies Bodies Bodies review

Undoubtedly, the film is full of twists and turns, similar to other films like Scream. Compared to the other thrillers of the year, this movie is definitely the best, no doubt about that, but the script isn’t top notch. The cast is good, Pete Davidson is definitely a standout in the movie, everyone else is good enough.

As with any of the A24’s films, we had to talk about its cinematography, and it didn’t disappoint. Much of the film takes place in the dark, so lots of flashes are used to help set the mood while also letting the audience see what’s going on.

Bodies Bodies Bodies presents a relatively well-rounded film that is (almost) entertaining from start to finish, with comedy and dark, and still retains its emotional core. While stupidity may not seem like a sin, if you’re around stupid people, you know that their stupidity can be really dangerous at times, and it can hurt others. This movie seems to be telling us that sometimes you pay for your stupidity even if you don’t mean anything.

The so-called stupid, mainly refers to the lack of vigilance of people or things, reckless at the mercy of the consequences, knowing the danger or trying, I believe that there are such people around us. For example, the people in this movie can drink alcohol and use illegal drugs; hold their breath in underwater competitions; have a thunderstorm outside and go to a remote place to party…I only knew one person for two weeks, and took him to a Gathering in remote places, seeing weapons and not knowing how to dodge, but always angering each other. It fully shows the stupid side of many young people.

A24 Bodies Bodies Bodies review: The dumber die the quicker

It can be seen from the first ten minutes that the protagonists of this film are such a group of rich and brainless fools, and each of the above-mentioned “stupid” characteristics are reflected in this group of characters. So the stupider you are, the faster you lose your life. This is the eternal law of horror movies.

Although the story does have the atmosphere of a horror movie, and a large part of the picture is dark, it is very eye-catching. But the irony is strong, especially for young people. So you may not expect this movie to have such a high rating when you watch it, but after watching it you really realize what it means. Not every victim is innocent, and many times a person becomes a victim simply because of their blindness and recklessness. The existence of this movie is necessary because reasoning with stupid people is a waste of energy, and they should be given some setbacks to learn from.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Plot Synopsis

It’s not the end of the world as we know it, just a violent storm is coming, and at first Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and her friends feel good. They take a break from online life for a while (though not really) to gather for a rock-and-roll “party” in the deserted mansion owned by the home of the bohemian David (Pete Davidson). Sophie brings her new girlfriend, Bee (Maria Bakalova), a group of people play the “Bodies Bodie Bodies” murder game, and a murder actually happens. Who will survive the night?

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