Alchemy of Souls Ending, Explained:Jang Uk was revived and Mu Deok was rescued

Alchemy of Souls Ending, Explained:Jang Uk was revived and Mu Deok was rescued

Alchemy of Souls Ending, Explained

Lee Jae Wook proposes and asks Jung So Min to marry him. Jung So Min agreed to the proposal, and Lee Jae Wook began to prepare for the wedding. He immediately told the housekeeper that he was about to get married. Jung So Min also told the elder sister of Juxianlou that good things are coming. There have been rumors from the outside world that Lee Jae Wook has gone through rootless cultivation. Now that the two are about to get married, the rumors will be self-defeating. The older sister teases Jung So Min, since she decided to marry Lee Jae Wook, it seems that she has already confirmed that Lee Jae Wook is still a complete man. Jung So Min explained emotionally that nothing happened to the two of them. After teasing Jung So Min, my sister sincerely hopes that she will be happy after marriage.

The deputy pavilion owner is trying to quarrel in front of the prince, hoping that the prince can get rid of the king star Lee Jae Wook. But Lee Jae Wook gave up his strength in order to break the enchantment, and has no power anymore. The prince thinks that he is not afraid at all. The deputy museum owner reminded the prince that the power of ice and stone comes from the sky, and only those who were born with the emperor star can have that power of heaven. If Lee Jae Wook has this power and hides it, it will be intimidating to the prince. Hearing this, the prince had some concerns.

Xiaoyan’s father was rescued, and Xiaoyan’s mother hoped that he could live to atone for his past mistakes and pay tribute to the couple’s biological daughter. Hearing that Xiaoyan’s father was still alive, the deputy museum owner was worried that he would reveal the secrets of the two to the public. The deputy museum owner found the alchemy bell used by the witch Cui Shi. At the beginning, Cui Shi used this bell to control the father of the revival man who had lost his life and let him kill at home. If the deputy museum owner has this treasure, he can use all the revival people he created for him. In this way, Lee Jae Wook, who has the power of ice and stone, will not sit idly by.

Xiaoyan’s father’s health gradually improved, and Jung So Min wanted to use him to catch the deputy museum owner and verify it in person. Did Luoshou’s father voluntarily become a revival person, or was he forced by others? Regarding this matter, the housekeeper seems to know the details. When Luoshou’s father discovered that Zhang Qiang used the revival technique, it was the deputy museum owner who was worried that the secret would be exposed, so he turned him into a revivalist.

People who didn’t know about it executed Luoshou’s father, and now it seems necessary to make Luoshou’s father innocent. All of a sudden, everyone aimed at the deputy library owner, and the deputy library owner was planning to use the alchemy bell to do bad things. Cui Shi once said that she cast a curse on Soul Chasing Incense and could manipulate those souls who had used Soul Chasing Incense to make them lose control. This is why the deputy museum owner never exchanged souls with anyone. manipulator.

Alu’s body has recovered, but the wound often feels pain. Alu finds Xiaoyu and asks for details. Xiaoyu remembered that Alu was bleeding profusely at that time, and it was Xiao Zhao who distributed his blood to him. But everyone didn’t know that there was a blood worm in Xiao Zhao’s blood that had sucked the blood of the Chen family, and this blood worm had come to Alu’s body. And Xiao Zhao returned to life again. The wound on her arm never healed. She was worried about Alu’s condition. As long as there were blood worms in her body, she had to take medicine regularly to relieve the pain.

Lee Jae Wook decided to leave Songlin after Park Gongzi got married. The deputy museum owner was anxious when he got the news. He wanted to use Lee Jae Wook’s existence to convince the prince to join him. Once Lee Jae Wook gives up everything and leaves, there will no longer be a sense of crisis for the prince, and the prince will definitely give up the deputy museum owner. The deputy museum owner thought about it and recalled the past. Lee Jae Wook once used the water-bombing method for his birthday. Suddenly, a servant Jung So Min appeared beside him. raised some eyebrows.

The deputy pavilion owner found Jung So Min secretly, used Soul Chasing Incense to control Jung So Min, and then rang the alchemy bell, Jung So Min was briefly controlled. Seeing that Fang Shuling was useful to Jung So Min, the deputy museum owner determined that she was Luo Shou. The deputy museum owner intends to take advantage of this to open up a way for himself. As for the whereabouts of the ice stone that day, Lee Jae Wook didn’t know if it was in his body. Now he has no mana, not even the mana to control a drop of water. Lee Jae Wook does not want to recover lost spells through practice. He has seen too many people who covet power and become cruel in order to compete for the power of ice stone. Now Lee Jae Wook just wants to be like an ordinary person and grow old with his beloved.

Lee Jae Wook was even more worried that Jung So Min would lose control. Mr. Lee told him that Jung So Min’s weak body should not be able to withstand the powerful power of Lu Shou, and became an out of control revival person, but her body is full of the power to control the soul , it seems that the owner of Jung So Min’s body seems to have powerful divine power. This sentence can’t help but make Lee Jae Wook curious.

In order to help Alu, Xiao Zhao came to Chen’s house to steal medicine, but was caught by Xiaoyan’s mother. In order to escape safely, Xiao Zhao took out Jung So Min’s blindfold. Xiaoyan’s mother recognized that it was a gift she embroidered for her eldest daughter. In order to get the whereabouts of her biological daughter, Xiaoyan’s mother let Xiao Zhao go. Xiao Zhao promised to tell her the news of her eldest daughter when she was safe. After leaving Chen’s house, Xiao Zhao asked someone to hand over the medicine to Alu. After reading the written description left by the other party, Alu had doubts in his heart. Who knew his situation like the back of his hand and sent the medicine?

On the other hand, the prince has been thinking about the proposal of the deputy museum owner, and he came to see Park Jin. Park Jin hopes that the prince can join his war camp and catch the deputy museum owner and destroy the revival people together. The prince asked Park Jin, does Hye believe that he is the king star who destroyed the ice stone? Although Park Jin knew the truth, he did not mention Lee Jae Wook, who was present at the time, and attributed the credit for breaking the ice and stone barrier to the prince, who was a well-deserved emperor. Just after chatting with Park Jin, the prince met Jung So Min again. Jung So Min showed off his exaggerated acting skills, knelt down and flattered, hoping that the light of the prince, Emperor Star, would never go out. But the prince was not comfortable, he knew that it was Lee Jae Wook who saved everyone. The prince is tangled in his heart, not knowing whether to get rid of Lee Jae Wook or let him go.

Turning to the prince to get the answer, he decided to let Lee Jae Wook leave, and persuaded the deputy museum owner to come forward and plead guilty for his past mistakes. The deputy pavilion owner did not give up and exposed Park Jin’s lies, saying that both Park Jin and Mr. Li knew that Lee Jae Wook was born with Emperor Star, and everyone kept silent in order to protect Lee Jae Wook. The prince, who learned that he had been deceived, was furious and immediately lost his senses.

In the evening, Jung So Min and the housekeeper were not drunk. Looking at Jung So Min who was going to be drunk, Lee Jae Wook was worried that she would pour out the fact that she was dying, and immediately carried Jung So Min back to the room. Jung So Min expressed his love to Lee Jae Wook by drinking alcohol, took the initiative to kiss each other, and then fell on the bed and fell asleep.

The night was dark and windy, and Jung So Min, who was sleeping soundly, was awakened by the bell, and followed the source of the sound expressionlessly to the deputy pavilion master. Looking at Jung So Min who came, the deputy pavilion owner was overjoyed and ordered Jung So Min to go out of control after regaining the power of Lu Shou, and he will help him. After finishing speaking, pass the Gong to Jung So Min to help her regain her strength.

The next day, Young Master Park’s wedding was held as scheduled, and Lee Jae Wook couldn’t find Jung So Min, thinking that the other party was shy because of what happened last night, so he deliberately avoided himself and didn’t care. At this time in the pine forest, Jung So Min, who was under control, had regained his strength and drew the sword of Rok Shou.

On the day of Xiaoyan’s big wedding, Xiaoyan’s mother was in a complicated mood. She thought of her eldest daughter again, and when she thought of the scene of Jung So Min calling her mother, she suddenly felt heartache. Xiaoyan’s mother asked the housekeeper about Jung So Min’s life experience. Hearing that Xiao Zhao grew up with Jung So Min since childhood, and thinking of the blindfold that Xiao Zhao gave her, she seemed to understand. At this time, Jung So Min, who was out of control, was ordered by the deputy library owner to kill Xiaoyan’s father. After arriving at the other party’s residence, they started to kill, and when they were about to kill Xiaoyan’s father, Xiaoyan and Mr. Park arrived to stop her from killing. After several fights, everyone was no match for Jung So Min. Fortunately, Xiaoyan issued a hidden weapon and gave Park Gongzi a chance to stop Jia Jung So Min. But because of Lee Jae Wook, Park Gongzi was reluctant to attack Jung So Min, and Jung So Min took the opportunity to draw a sword and kill Xiaoyan’s father. Hearing Xiaoyan crying out to her father’s voice, Jung So Min had a splitting headache. Thinking of the picture of Luo Shou’s father being killed and his family being destroyed, the order of the deputy museum owner appeared in his mind to kill everyone who killed Luo Shou’s father.

The deputy pavilion owner brought Fang Shuling to the wedding scene, expressing that he wanted to catch the out-of-control revival man Luoshou, that is, Jung So Min, the servant of Lee Jae Wook. Everyone was shocked when they heard this. It happened that Xiaoyan’s men came down to rescue soldiers, and everyone arrested Jung So Min together. Everyone came to the woods to find Jung So Min’s figure, Park Jin opened his bow and shot at Jung So Min, and it was about to hit, Lee Jae Wook blocked in front of Jung So Min. Park Jin had to knock out the arrow, but before Lee Jae Wook could speak, Jung So Min put the sword barrel into the opponent’s belly. Lee Jae Wook showed sadness, took Jung So Min into his arms, and called out her name, and Jung So Min woke up.

Jung So Min realized that he had hurt the one he loved and burst into tears in an instant. Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min clasped their hands together, fainting at the thought of the promise they made with Jung So Min. Jung So Min was devastated, but after hearing the bell, he was again controlled by the deputy museum owner and fled into the distance with a flying sword. The secret of Jung So Min’s birthday is known to everyone. Facing the enemy who killed her father, Xiaoyan vowed to kill Jung So Min. The mother stopped Xiaoyan and ordered her to bring Jung So Min back alive, and she wanted to personally confirm the identity of the body.

Lee Jae Wook’s body was cremated, and relatives and friends were grief-stricken, unable to accept the fact that Lee Jae Wook had left. Mr. Lee watched the flames burning Lee Jae Wook’s corpse from a distance, and he muttered words in his mouth, the emperor star who obtained the power of the sky, this is not the burial place of Lee Jae Wook. As soon as the voice fell, the flames burst, and the power of ice and stone infected the flames into blue and extinguished them. Lee Jae Wook appeared in front of everyone in the smoke.

As for Jung So Min, she became a wanted object, and she fled to the woods to regain her senses temporarily, and finally she could not hear the bell. While awake, she looked at her gradually petrified hands, chose to jump into the water, and gradually sank to the bottom. At this time, two mysterious people came to her and rescued Jung So Min, ending the season. The second season of the Korean drama Resurrection will be broadcast in December, let us look forward to the new story of the next season.

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