American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 1 Dollhouse Recap Ending Explained

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 1 Dollhouse Recap

The heroine Coby (Kristine Froseth) comes to the largest local toy company for an interview. The boss of the company says she is not suitable for the position. But what Coby never expected was that this interview journey was not over, and what awaited her would be a terrifying encounter.

When the arm-obsessed Coby wakes up again, he finds himself in a room full of toys. The boss of the company announced that there will be a beauty pageant next. Coby was very annoyed and immediately stood up to run away, but the hook man at the door quickly made her stop running away.

The boss of the company reminded him that it is impossible to escape through the door or window, and there is only one real way out. Coby didn’t give up, the doors and windows were locked, and there was no chance of escape. Just as she was yelling, the doll behind her suddenly moved. Unexpectedly, the dolls are all played by real people. These people are all participating in beauty pageants, and the winner will become the wife of the company owner. However, Coby was halfway through the competition, and he didn’t care about the identity of the company owner’s wife. The biggest idea was how to escape from here.

The other contestants persuaded her to die, and the place was simply airtight. Coby looked out the window in despair, and found a little boy opposite him looking at him, a chill surged into his heart. The kind fat girl persuaded Coby to think about it. This beauty pageant is not necessarily a bad thing. The wife of the wealthy business owner was thrown into a dry well because of cheating. Now what he needs is not only a wife, but also a good mother for his children, but the way he chooses is a little special.

The alarm bell on the wall sounded, and the fat girl hurriedly reminded that a new round of testing was about to begin, and all contestants had to disguise themselves as dolls and could not speak or act on their own initiative. Coby picked a clown costume at a glance. Not long after, the rich businessman walked in with his son. This is an appetizer before the official game, and if it wins the favor of the little boy, it is likely to add points to the result of the game.

The child seemed to like the new toy prepared by his father very much, but when his father left, he immediately changed his face. He was about to throw Coby, who played the clown, into the well. Who knew that Coby made the toy car in front of him run by himself. The little boy immediately became curious and asked her to demonstrate it again. Everyone at the scene was holding the toy car tightly, and Coby’s eyes widened, as if releasing his thoughts, but the toy car started to move again, and everyone was stunned.

Coby explained that it was a trick she learned from her uncle, a magician. She succeeded in arousing the interest of the little boy, and the other contestants began to become hostile to Coby, especially the woman in black, who was determined to take the position of the boss’s wife. The wealthy business owner is obviously not a normal person, and being his wife will only make it worse.

The alarm bell on the wall rang again, and everyone ran out to prepare. This is a beauty pageant about life and death. The rules of the competition are very simple, that is, place tableware according to noble etiquette, and score on the spot after the time ends, and the lowest ranked will be eliminated.

The boss of the rich businessman gave an order, and all the contestants began to play with the tableware in front of them. Coby, who played the clown, didn’t know what to do, so he could only secretly observe the woman in black on the opposite side and follow her to learn how to set the tableware. The time has come, and the next step is to resign. The wealthy referee begins to comment one by one. The placement of the woman in black is completely correct, and the others have more or less deducted points. When it was Coby’s turn, several obvious mistakes made her deduct 4 points. If there was no accident, Coby would be eliminated. Unexpectedly, when the referee came to the last contestant, he suddenly became furious. Because she made many mistakes, all the points were deducted. As a result, the white doll became the knockout.

Everyone looked at the white-clothed doll quietly, and was thrown into the dry well by the iron hook man. The cruelty of the game was beyond imagination. Coby, who realized this, worked harder to show magic to the little boy. The relationship between the two is also familiar. The little boy is actually a poor person. He is often laughed at by his classmates because he likes dolls. Now he can only stay at home all the time. At the same time, he lost his mother’s love and felt very lonely, and finally expressed his desire to make Coby his mother.

As time passed, the second round came as scheduled. The content of this competition is to mix a fragrance spray and then iron the shirt. Everyone was busy, folding their clothes while mixing the potions. This time, Coby can only play freely, and soon the game time is over, and the rich businessman judge starts to score. The fat girl’s fragrance was too thick and three points were deducted. When it was Coby’s turn, everyone was surprised that she actually burned her shirt. But the rich businessman didn’t kick her out, but let Coby stretch out his hand, then pick up the hot iron and put it on it.

Then the rich businessman came to the woman in black, and after looking for a long time, he couldn’t find any faults. When the wealthy businessman came to the last contestant, he just picked up the clothes and smelled it casually. He immediately declared that the smell was too bad, and directly deducted all the points. As a result, the contestants were eliminated and thrown into a dry well.

There are now only three contestants left, and the rich businessman announced that tomorrow will usher in the finals, and the final winner will be selected. The fat girl was obviously panicked. She had no confidence in winning, but the woman in black showed anger. Everyone knew that Coby should have been eliminated in the last round. Maybe the rich businessman also knew that she had a relationship with her son, so she chose to be partial, which made the woman in black feel a great sense of crisis.

The woman in black came to the hall alone and began to carefully observe the toy car, trying to break Coby’s so-called magic. Unfortunately, she didn’t find any flaws for a long time, so she had no choice but to kill Coby. As long as Coby, a strong competitor, was gone, she could become the final winner.

The woman in black pierced the doll in the clown suit, but who knew it was a dummy. Coby herself has nothing to do. Not only is she not angry, but she also said that she will help everyone escape from here, because she has already thought of a plan.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 1 Dollhouse Recap and Ending Explained

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 1 Ending

As night fell, the final round began. The rich businessman came to the hall as usual and began to read the rules of the game to the dolls. But the real contestants are hiding behind the curtains at this time. When they saw the rich businessman walking in, they immediately opened the door and escaped from the villa. But Coby said that now is not the time to leave, she is going to pick up the little boy and go with him, and can’t let him stay with his abnormal father. The other two thought Coby was crazy, and chose to leave on the spot, running in different directions.

Only Coby silently came to the villa where the little boy was. After she explained her intention in front of the little boy, Coby extended the invitation very sincerely. Coby was still too naive and was electrocuted by the little boy. The wealthy businessman soon discovers that the doll is not a real person. Before the rich businessman started chasing and killing, the black-clothed girl and the fat girl started fighting. The black-clothed girl thought that the fat girl was making too much noise, so she killed her and ran away alone. Unexpectedly, the iron hook man caught up so quickly, and simply shot the two to death.

But Coby didn’t end up much better, with his whole body fixed on a test bench. The wealthy businessman proudly said that the dolls in the room were installed with sound guides. It turned out that Coby’s plan was exposed from the beginning, but the wealthy businessman did not stop it. Instead, take this escape as the last round of tests. Unexpectedly, Coby would care so much about her son, and she naturally passed the test and became the final winner.

However, the wealthy businessman believes that Coby is still one step away from being a perfect mother and decides to help her make a complete transformation. Coby guessed that there must be something wrong next, and the whole person couldn’t help trembling. Accompanied by a miserable scream, a human-shaped mold slowly descended and gradually covered Coby.

The wealthy businessman and his son were happily sitting on the sofa. Coby, the hostess of the house, was pouring tea and water for them, but Coby’s appearance had changed beyond recognition. At this moment, two witches suddenly broke in, and after waving their arms, everyone stopped. Then Coby’s skin began to crack. It turned out that the so-called transformation of the wealthy businessman was to attach a layer of ceramic skin to her.

The two witches tell Coby that you are one of our witches, and are about to take her away. But Coby hadn’t forgotten the poor little boy, and took him with him when he was leaving. With a wave of the witch, the rich merchant’s villa immediately turned into a sea of ​​fire.

Three days later, Coby seemed to have adjusted to her new witch identity, but she never imagined that the magic she was talking about was real magic. The little boy at this time had a new name and was boarding at an elite girls’ school.

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