Apple TV Five Days at Memorial review, Are Mark and Sandra based on a real couple? where are they now?

Apple TV+’s medical series Five Days at Memorial revolves around the thousands of people stranded at medical centers and LifeCare hospitals during Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding. The episode tells the story of Mark and Sandra LeBlanc’s efforts to save Vera, and viewers must be wondering if their story is based on a real couple. Well, here’s everything you need to know!

Five Days at Memorial review

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Five Days at Memorial: Are Mark and Sandra based on a real couple?

Yes, the Mark and Sandra LeBlanc story is based on a real couple. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Vera LeBlanc was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection. Since Vera also has Parkinson’s, the couple are concerned about her condition. A licensed nursing assistant accompanied Vera, and CNA informed the couple when the flooding occurred that conditions at the hospital were worrying.

Realizing they should go rescue Villa themselves, Mark and Sandra LeBlanc gathered supplies, joined a fire station about 40 miles from New Orleans, and arrived in the city with a crew. They each had a motorboat to rescue people from the flood, and the couple directed two motorboats to the hospital to rescue Vera.

According to CNN, Mark saw his mother, Vera, lying on the disgusting floor, and everyone on the seventh floor was confused because they didn’t know what was going on. Vera does not have IV fluids to rehydrate, nor does she inject antibiotics. Mark asked a hospital administrator why his mother wasn’t getting the necessary care, but the answer was that the hospital was in survival mode.

Mark added to CNN Local: “Doctors tried to stop Mark and Sandra LeBlanc from evacuating Vera, we just pushed Vera out the window and onto the motorboat.

Apple TV Five Days at Memorial review, Are Mark and Sandra based on a real couple? where are they now?

Five Days at Memorial: Where are Mark and Sandra LeBlanc now?

Mark and Sandra LeBlanc were not doing well a few days after Vera was evacuated from the care facility. Mark’s mother Vera died four days later, and according to a CNN interview, the LeBlancs blamed the death of Vera on the hospital’s parent company, Tenet, adding that Vera never recovered from dehydration. The couple, along with seven families, then sued the hospital, saying it failed to care for patients as planned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding.

Mark is currently a program manager at Tulane University, a private research university in New Orleans. Sandra is currently a self-employed EMS and AHA instructor. She ends in 2021 after more than 20 years at the public community college institution in Chalmette, Louisiana. At the time, she was apparently an assistant professor at the institution. According to sources, Mark and Sandra LeBlanc currently reside in Louisiana.

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