Apple TV Movie Luck review: The good and the bad in life

Skydance Media is known for producing Top Gun: Maverick, True Grit. For the company, the success of “Luck” hinges heavily on the computer-animated film. The $140 million blockbuster was developed by Skydance Animation Madrid, and the animations are amazing, the seamless transitions are so smooth, it’s enough to impress the audience, and because of that, you end up with a good-looking animated film .

Apple TV Movie Luck review

Luck is a film about adoption, about family concepts, about longing and loneliness. It’s also about how we view the good and the bad in our lives. Like the animated films (Inside Out) and (Soul), Luck brings abstract concepts to life, and it makes heavy use of Scottish folklore. However, because of this, the film becomes too heavy, which has a disastrous effect on its pacing. You know, when there’s a pause in the climactic part of the movie, explaining the latest elements introduced in the story, that’s the problem.

After watching Luck on Apple TV+ it taught us important life lessons, visually stunning, with an intriguing story and incredible voice actors, it’s a family must-see Movie.

Luck has a fun plot that will keep kids entertained from start to finish. For adults, there are of course some slow and boring moments. That said, it’s fun enough, mainly because of the cute and goofy black cat.

The adventure animation film “Luck” teaches us to think more about the people around us, believe in ourselves, and be with the people you love. Not just the biological family, but the family you choose. It’s a good lesson, but sometimes hard to spot because of how chaotic the rest of the movie is. “Luck” is so focused on “luck,” and because of that, the dynamism of the family is gone, which is easily the best part of the movie.

With a runtime of less than two hours, Luck is largely fast, which is one of its greatest strengths. This, combined with the humor and gorgeous scenes, makes it acceptable for the whole family to watch a movie together. The biggest problem is the lack of real villains.

Now, not all stories need a lot of villains, but for Luck it was counterproductive. Sure, there are some conflicts going on, but nothing big bad to deal with, and in turn not much action going on. This slows down the pace and also makes the audience wonder what the point of this movie is? That means there aren’t any massive fights in the film, making the film feel like nothing high-stakes is going on.

At least Sam and Bob the black cat are so cute and relatable, it makes their relationship look interesting and Bob will steal everyone’s heart.

Luck brings a lot of fun to a younger audience, which is clearly its target audience. Here’s something about being yourself, and finding luck on your own, rather than sitting and waiting for good things to happen to you. Enjoy life, hug your family and friends, and don’t dwell on the bad things that will only bring you down.

Apple TV Movie Luck review: The good and the bad in life

Luck 2022 Plot storyline

Luck revolves around Sam Greenfield (Eva Noblezada), possibly the unluckiest person in the world, who grew up in an orphanage. Now that Sam is 18, she has reached the threshold of getting out of the orphanage. Sam is one of the few girls who doesn’t find a “forever home” (that’s what the adoption process says in the movie). With her little knowledge of the world outside the orphanage, and her chronic bad luck, Sam is hesitant, even terrified, of what terrible experience awaits her.

Sam’s initial experience of living alone was as chaotic and fraught with disaster as she had envisioned. But then, she met a stray black cat and shared half the sandwich with it. When the cat left, it accidentally left behind a very special coin. Sam picked it up and her luck changed instantly. The windows of her basement apartment close automatically before the leaves from the street are blown in by the wind. She found a matching pair of socks on her first try. Sam guesses right that the sudden turn of fate has something to do with the coin she found and decides to give it to good friend Hazel (Adelynn Spoon), who has been waiting to go to the “forever home”.

Unfortunately, Sam lost that coin. When she meets the cat again, the black cat’s name is Bob (Simon Pegg), a talking, magical Scottish cat from the Land of Luck.

The American animated film “Luck” airs exclusively on Apple TV+ on August 5.

Rating: 3/5

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