Apple TV Surface review, Ending Explained, Season 2 canceled or renewed

Surface is an Apple TV+ psychological thriller. The story revolves around Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who seems to have everything an ordinary person could hope for, a loving husband, close friends, and living among San Francisco’s social elite. However, trying to end her own life, she suffers from amnesia.

In the last, eighth episode of the first season of Surface, we finally know what really happened to Sophie. Here’s everything you need to know about the end of Surface.

Apple TV Surface review

We have seen many times before that a victim of amnesia has a dark past and needs to uncover what happened to him/her. Surface does this in the most banal way possible. The series does try to thematically build a concept of whether our reality is pre-set or shaped by our own experiences, but its characters aren’t particularly endearing, making it an enjoyable ride. Especially Sophie never learned from her mistakes and James was no better. The dialogue throughout is also terrible.

This show is called “sexy and thrilling”, and after watching 8 episodes, it can be said that this show is neither sexy nor particularly thrilling. The storyline winds its way through 8 lengthy chapters with too much filler in the middle. Even in the final episode, when we got some much-needed answers, it took us a full 18 minutes to see the crux of the matter.

Not a single character in Surface really grows and evolves. Our quartet (Sophie, James, Caroline and Baden) showed only a few faint arcs. Of course the visual effects of the album are good, and it shows the regular handwriting of apple tv. The epilogue is a clichéd script and meandering rhythm, won’t watch a second season.

Surface Ending Explained: Who is Eliza Huntley?

Eliza Huntley was Sophie’s childhood friend, which is a strong hint of their relationship, and Sophie’s time in the UK formed memories of her childhood and youth. Sophie reunites with Eliza as the finale wraps up.

Did James plan Baden’s death?

No, James didn’t plan Baden’s death. It turned out to be Harrison, and Sophie thought James did it, so she didn’t call the police.

Why is Sophie returning to the UK?

Sophie returns to London to reminisce about the past. Her arrival in the UK seems to be a fresh start.

Apple TV Surface review, Ending Explained, Season 2 canceled or renewed

Surface Recap

Set in high-end San Francisco, the story follows a woman named Sophie who suffers a head injury in a boat accident. With extreme amnesia, people around her tell her it was the result of suicide…but is it true? Sophie isn’t quite sure, so she starts trying to piece her life together to figure out what’s going on. From her dodgy husband James to best friend Caroline, it seems everyone has a secret to hide from her.

In the season finale, both James and Sophie struggle to come to terms with Baden’s death. Especially Sophie, as James said, she has a hard time moving forward. When she was alone, she would burst into tears. Life isn’t always perfect for James and Sophie. She came home one day to find a policeman there and James was talking to him. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Sophie is blaming James for Baden’s death…

Will Surface be renewed for a second season?

“Surface” is a simple suspense drama in which the protagonist loses his memory and a group of people hides a big secret. If you watched the first season, you might wonder if the second season was renewed or canceled. Here’s what we know.

As of press time, Apple TV+ has not renewed Surface for a second season. Given Apple’s track record of renewing a lot of shows, it will be interesting to see if they will renew this one.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, but there was a certain amount of openness to the ending (no spoilers here!). Given the ending and Apple’s history, we predict Surface will be renewed for a second season.

Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of Surface

At the time of this writing, it’s not too clear about the second season, as it hasn’t been renewed. Given Apple’s track record with renewals, we’ll have to wait and see if they decide to renew for another season. “Surface” is likely to have a follow-up renewal in a few months, when Apple will weigh whether it is worth renewing. However, we’ll be sure to update with more information if the situation changes.

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