Big Mouth episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Chang Ho decided to be big mouth

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 3 Recap

In the last episode, we said that Park Chang Ho racked his brains to find death, and finally he chose to escape and was surrounded by guards in the middle of the playground. The sniper gun on the tower was already aimed at him, but the warden quickly stopped the sniper after discovering that the fugitive was Park Chang Ho, and locked Park Chang Ho in the dark room again.

Go Mi Ho successfully entered Jiuchuan Hospital to become a nurse, but she was ostracized by her colleagues as a newcomer. Fortunately, Go Mi Ho has a strong business and a courageous personality, and quickly adapted to the work here. When she was visiting the ward that day, a patient suddenly became ill and needed emergency treatment. Go Mi Ho immediately notified the doctor, but no one came over for a long time, so she had to inject the patient without authorization and perform CPR on him. After unremitting efforts, the patient’s heartbeat finally recovered. However, as soon as Go Mi Ho looked up, all the doctors and nurses were standing at the door with very subtle expressions on their faces.

The director who led the team asked the short-haired nurse to talk to the patient’s family, which left Go Mi Ho at a loss. The nurse told her that the patients on this floor had signed contracts against CPR. Even if the heart stops, the doctor does not need to do any rescue. Go Mi Ho was extremely surprised, and even felt that the atmosphere of Jiuchuan Hospital was strange.

After returning home at night, Go Mi Ho told his father and lawyer friends about the incident. The three agreed that the hospital may have asked the patient’s family to sign this bizarre contract because of Professor Xu’s mysterious paper. Maybe if you find it, you can know why Park Chang Ho was framed. Just after finishing speaking, the lawyer friend handed Park Chang Ho’s divorce petition to Go Mi Ho, and told Park Chang Ho’s original words. But without even thinking about it, Go Mi Ho tore the divorce petition to shreds.

After Park Chang Ho was released from the small black house, the warden suddenly called for a gathering of prisoners. The prisoner whose name is called can take the stage. Park Chang Ho wonders why? Jerry on the side told him that the warden was grading the prisoners, and some prisoners who bribed him could enjoy better first-class treatment. At this time, a prisoner rushed out of the crowd and shouted that he had also handed in the funds, but the warden did not classify him, and the protest was immediately beaten. The warden turned over the small ledger, and it turned out that this person had missed a payment last month. All the prisoners were afraid to move. Only Park Chang Ho stood up. He fluently recited the human rights regulations violated by the warden and accused him of beating prisoners in this way as a crime. It is useless to resist, here the words of the warden are absolute authority. Park Chang Ho could only be taken away by prison guards and assigned to clean the septic tank.

Park Chang Ho finally finished the coolie and was able to come to the playground to take a breath. At this time, the trio made another trick. They let the bald head buy a prisoner and let him wait for an opportunity to kill Park Chang Ho. The prisoner silently approached Park Chang Ho and pulled out the sharp weapon in his pocket. At this time, the warden who watched the surveillance video also noticed something was wrong and immediately dispatched prison guards to suppress it. Luckily, Park Chang Ho avoided the sneak attack and scuffled with the prisoner on the playground. Just when the sharp weapon was about to stab him, the prison guards arrived and knocked the prisoner unconscious.

Park Chang Ho struggled to stand up with blood on his face, and the trio in the distance were staring at him. Park Chang Ho suddenly realized that the trio wanted to kill themselves, proving that they were not the ones who went to great lengths to turn themselves into Big Mouth. After that, Park Chang Ho was invited by the warden. He claimed that he never believed that Park Chang Ho was Big Mouth. It was only Gong Ji Hoon’s insistence that Park Chang Ho could survive to this day. If it’s not Big Mouth, it’s time to die. Not only that, but Park Chang Ho’s family don’t even want to escape. Whether it’s Go Mi Ho or Yue Jiao, anyone who may have seen the dash cam will be – cleared. The warden said this because he wanted to help Park Chang Ho disguised as Big Mouth in order to get some benefits. But when Park Chang Ho heard Go Mi Ho being threatened, he lost his mind instantly. He couldn’t listen to other words and just warned the warden not to touch his wife. At this time, Park Chang Ho’s eyes became sharp and fierce, and he replied word by word that he was the real Big Mouth. If the warden doesn’t believe it, just wait and see how he proves it.

The next day, Go Mi Ho came to the procuratorate for questioning as a witness. In the face of prosecutors’ charges against Park Chang Ho, Go Mi Ho domineeringly denies that he is Big Mouth. On the way home, Go Mi Ho looked at the snow in the sky and remembered the day when he and Park Chang Ho dated, and could not help but shed tears.

It was another day of cleaning the septic tank. At noon, the prison guards brought meals, and the laboring prisoners complained when they saw the bland food. At this time, Park Chang Ho had a flash of inspiration and directly overturned the dining car, shouting to let the prisoners go with him, and he would make everyone eat decent meals. Park Chang Ho knew that he had to create the illusion that he was Big Mouth to save Go Mi Ho. Park Chang Ho changed his cowardly appearance, and took the prisoners who were working hard together and protested to the prison guards with dung and water. If there is a disagreement, he directly throws feces, opposes the oppression of the prison guards, and just makes everyone work without giving them food. At this time, the warden arrived, and Park Chang Ho pretended to be Big Mouth again, with all his arrogance, and negotiated with the warden. He wants to bring everyone to eat together, not food like dog food.

The warden believes that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth, and Gong Ji Hoon wants to get his money back, so the warden will naturally not embarrass him any more. But the prison trio didn’t believe that Park Chang Ho was Big Mouth, and they tried to make things difficult for him, but were reprimanded by the warden. In this way, Park Chang Ho led the crowd to the cafeteria to have a meal amid the applause of the prisoners, and his prestige among the prisoners increased day by day. While eating, Go Mi Ho applied for a visit, and the couple finally met. Go Mi Ho hugged her husband and didn’t care about the smell of feces on him. Because of Park Chang Ho’s request for divorce, Go Mi Ho firmly disagrees, she will not give up her lover, and will help him wash away his stigma. If Park Chang Ho suffers misfortune in prison, Go Mi Ho will also die together, and the two will continue to be a loving couple in the underworld. Park Chang Ho burst into tears, Go Mi Ho was emotionally infected, and the couple hugged and cried.

Park Chang Ho was locked in a small dark room again for protesting with the prisoners. But at this moment, his mentality has changed. For the sake of his beloved wife, Park Chang Ho is determined to find out who is behind Big Mouth. After Park Chang Ho has a goal, he is full of fighting spirit, and even his eyes become firm. From now on, he will use Big Mouth’s identity to find out the truth.

The punishment of confinement is over, and Park Chang Ho reunites with the prisoners again. Through the last protest, the prisoners bowed down to Park Chang Ho and called him big brother. This is exactly what Park Chang Ho wants. He needs to recruit troops now to facilitate future investigations. Park Chang Ho decided to pick a few prisoners and fulfill their wishes in order to recruit more younger brothers. Jerry obeyed and spread the idea of ​​Park Chang Ho. The first to arrive is Yang Hyung Wook, a fortune teller. His only daughter suddenly disappeared one day. Yang Hyung Wook was running around looking for her daughter, and suddenly got into a car accident. After being identified as a hit and run, he was put in jail. Yang Hyung Wook asked Park Chang Ho to help him find his daughter, and Park Chang Ho asked Yang Hyung Wook to leave his daughter’s information.

The second person to arrive is a perverted serial killer who hopes that Park Chang Ho can save his mother who has leukemia. Although the operation was performed, the disease recurred again. Park Chang Ho asked him again to leave information about his mother, who was hospitalized at Jiuchuan Hospital, and everything seemed to be related to Jiuchuan Hospital.

Go Mi Ho inquired about Professor Xu and the secret paper in the hospital, but nothing was gained. At this time, the dean called Go Mi Ho and advised her, as Big Mouth’s wife, to voluntarily resign. Go Mi Ho refused and asked the dean directly if he knew that Professor Xu was killed for the thesis. It was the mayor who referred the case to Park Chang Ho, who was framed as Big Mouth during the investigation. Go Mi Ho wants to know the content of the paper and solve the case before Park Chang Ho’s grievances can be cleared. The dean denied it, saying that the paper did not exist at all, and then asked Go Mi Ho out of the office.

As soon as Go Mi Ho left, he was stopped by a family member. She can’t trust the medical staff in the hospital, and through observation, she finds that Go Mi Ho is different from everyone else. She has a very different hospital that doesn’t treat her husband and doesn’t allow them to switch hospitals. Before they could finish speaking, the conversation between the two was interrupted. Seeing the short-haired nurse coming, the family member left immediately.

The fact that Park Chang Ho helped the prisoners to fulfill their wishes reached the ears of the three gangs. They did not want Park Chang Ho to become the prison boss and wanted to destroy his prestige. Several people used money to bribe the warden, as long as he earns one eye and closes the other, and does not report it to Gong Ji Hoon, the warden is persuaded to agree.

Soon, the prisoner who assassinated Park Chang Ho last time became his roommate. As soon as he entered the room, he knelt down and apologized to Park Chang Ho with a sincere attitude. But the cautious Park Chang Ho still kept his hand, and he slept with a weapon in his hand every night, for fear that the prisoner would attack him. Park Chang Ho guessed that this time the prisoner became his roommate, and the warden must have helped in the middle. The prisoners pretended to submit to Park Chang Ho, and even deliberately bribed the cafeteria to bring boiled eggs to Park Chang Ho. Such attentive behavior did not dissuade Park Chang Ho from his defenses.

Big Mouth episode 3 Recap Ending

The bald head called the prisoner to get the weapons prepared by the trio and went to assassinate Park Chang Ho. A few people came to the place where Park Chang Ho and his partners were working, and as soon as they met, they showed their weapons and rushed up. The two teams fought and everyone protected Park Chang Ho. Unexpectedly, the trio arranged for a perverted serial murderer to infiltrate Park Chang Ho’s team in advance, and the murderer took this opportunity to take out a dagger and walk towards Park Chang Ho step by step. Park Chang Ho was shocked, and when he was about to be stabbed by the murderer, Yang Hyung Wook stood in front of Park Chang Ho and was hurt by the prisoner. Seeing this scene, Park Chang Ho stepped forward to the murderer of Rui Fei, covered Yang Hyung Wook’s wound, showed a fierce look, and completely blackened. The third episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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