Big Mouth Kdrama episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Chang Ho was drugged

Big Mouth Kdrama episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Chang Ho was drugged

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 1 Recap

On the wedding anniversary of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Go Mi Ho (Im Yoon Ah), Park Chang Ho booked a high-rise dining room box, Go Mi Ho was a little surprised, and blamed Park Chang Ho for so much expense. But he was very proud and confident in his career.

During the meal, Park Chang Ho received a call and then let Go Mi Ho and father-in-law enjoy it slowly. He has a big case on his hands and needs to meet the prosecutor. When leaving the restaurant, a waiter enthusiastically brought a drink. Park Chang Ho did not doubt it, and drank it after taking it. Unexpectedly, while driving, his brain was suddenly confused, and everything in front of him was full of psychedelics. Unable to control his body, Park Chang Ho raced at extreme speed on the road, and eventually crashed him and the car together.

Park Chang Ho was a useless lawyer seven days ago when he was involved in a virtual currency fraud case, and Park Chang Ho himself was a victim. In order to win the lawsuit, he even borrowed a loan shark to bribe the judge of the day. Who knows after the trial, he found out that not only the judge had changed, but even the defendant had changed to a powerful firm. Unsurprisingly, the unprepared Park Chang Ho lost the case, and as soon as the trial ended, Park Chang Ho and his father-in-law, who was an officer, were besieged by victims. Curse him for being a lip-smacking, incompetent Big Mouth lawyer.

Losing a lawsuit means not getting the money and not being able to repay the loan. Go Mi Ho was very angry after learning about it, and proposed to divorce Park Chang Ho, and asked him to prepare the signature materials tonight. At night, Park Chang Ho was too late to go home. He asked his father-in-law to help him pack up and hide in the office for a while. That’s when a man called Park Chang Ho, who claimed to be Mayor Kim Joo Heon, and had a criminal case to be entrusted to him. Park Chang Ho saw that he had a business and drove to a remote forest overnight to meet.

There is a fishing pond deep in the forest, where the mayor is waiting. As soon as Park Chang Ho sat down, the mayor said that the case he wanted to entrust was the Jiuchuan Hospital murder case. The incident was caused by a car accident. After three cars collided on the road, the body of Professor Xu of Internal Medicine was found in the trunk. The people in the three cars were Dr. Han Jae Ho from Jiuchuan Hospital, lawyer Lee Doo Geun, and Jung Chae Bong, director of the University Foundation. After being arrested by the police, they began to use pot with each other, identifying each other as the murderer. To complicate matters, they do have legitimate motives to kill.

After listening to the overview of the case, Park Chang Ho has the biggest doubt, that is, why did the mayor choose himself? The reason given by the mayor is that he needs an incompetent but obedient lawyer, and Park Chang Ho is currently the only lawyer with no achievements in the industry. The mayor was assisted by three suspects during the election, and now he is trying to get them acquitted. The mayor has already arranged everything, even bribed the judge, only a puppet lawyer is missing. Park Chang Ho thought about it and refused, although he was always scolded by Big Mouth lawyers, but being scolded and being always are two different things.

The mayor gave a clue. The driving recorder was left at the scene of the accident. If Qiao finds it, she can find out the real murderer. It turned out that the mayor didn’t really want to help these three people, but wanted to take this opportunity to get rid of the restraints of these people. Park Chang Ho understood that he was going to become a double agent. After that, the mayor gave Park Chang Ho a sum of money and provided another clue. There was a forum called NR, where the deceased and the suspect were all members. Park Chang Ho entrusted his friends to help investigate this forum.

The next day, Park Chang Ho came to the prison to meet the client. The three suspects are enjoying imperial treatment in prison, and Park Chang Ho is very well-behaved in front of the three and plays an obedient role. The other party was obviously very satisfied with him. At this time, the mayor called and said that someone had called the procuratorate’s report. It turned out that when Park Chang Ho went to find a friend, he asked him to report the murder case at Jiuchuan Hospital and brought up the dash cam. When the three heard someone reported the report, they panicked immediately and called Park Chang Ho to leave quickly. Park Chang Ho nodded and stooped to leave the scene, throwing the finished coffee cup into the garbage in the room.

After leaving the room, Park Chang Ho took out his headphones and learned about the situation in the house through the bug in the coffee cup. Several people talked about the whereabouts of the dash cam, which they had handed over to Han Jae Ho’s wife for safekeeping. Seeing someone report it, they intend to find out where the dash cam is as soon as possible. Lee Doo Geun suggested destroying the dash cam, Jung Chae Bong firmly opposed it, that was their insurance. In case “that boy” has two hearts, the three of them can only bear all the blame.

Park Chang Ho listened to the conversation of several people along the way, guessing that there seems to be an accomplice. He immediately called the mayor to inform him that the dash cam was in the possession of Han Jae Ho’s wife, and that he believed there was an accomplice. The two came to the place where his wife worked together, and when they arrived, she had been attacked by the man in black and fainted. From the window, Park Chang Ho saw the back of the man in black leaving. The mayor woke up his fainted wife, who was a little frightened when she saw the mayor’s expression.

After his wife calmed down, Park Chang Ho asked about the dash cam, and the mayor stood by. His wife looked dazed and said she didn’t know anything about it. Hearing this, Park Chang Ho played the conversation of several people. After listening, the mayor came to his wife and asked her with a serious face where is the dash cam? The wife watched the mayor and told the truth. Park Chang Ho asked his wife who the other accomplice was? The wife replied that it was Gong Ji Hoon of the newspaper, who was brother-in-law with the three suspects and often had fun together. Not only that, Gong Ji Hoon always bullied the dead Professor Seo and had a complete motive for murder.

The mayor told Park Chang Ho to retrieve the dash cam first, and then give it to himself. Park Chang Ho obeyed and went to the temple where the dash cam was hidden with his wife. The wife gave Park Chang Ho advice and took charge of the case, which will be a great misfortune in his life. After getting the video, Park Chang Ho watched the video. In the picture, the three people and Professor Xu were riding in the same car. On the road, several people were rough with Professor Xu on the issue of the paper. Jung Chae Bong killed Professor Xu out of control for a while, and they hurriedly put the body in the trunk. Then Jung Chae Bong received a call from another person who said he would dispose of the body.

He has been busy with cases since Park Chang Ho moved out and has not sent a message to Go Mi Ho. Go Mi Ho always remembered her husband. When she heard the doorbell rang, Go Mi Ho thought that her husband had come back and went to open the door with a smile on her face. Unexpectedly, the person who came was a court person who came to check the items in the house. The father-in-law called Park Chang Ho. In order to make a temporary turnaround, Park Chang Ho had borrowed money from loan sharks. He thought he could pay it off as soon as possible, but it backfired.

Big Mouth Kdrama episode 1 Ending: Chang Ho was drugged

Park Chang Ho inquired about Gong Ji Hoon’s personal information, and recalled the mayor’s words, and an idea came to his mind. He did not answer the mayor’s call and left a video privately. Park Chang Ho returned home with the money given by the mayor, saying that he took on a big case. The money was just a deposit, and he didn’t say much about the rest of the details. Seeing that the money could be used to solve urgent needs, Go Mi Ho finally breathed a sigh of relief. Before going to bed at night, Park Chang Ho suggested that the couple have a child. He wanted to be a father. Go Mi Ho thought it would be better to earn money and have a child first.

Tomorrow is the couple’s three-year wedding anniversary, Park Chang Ho put Go Mi Ho into bed and made people blush. Park Chang Ho got up early in the morning and went straight to Gong Ji Hoon’s villa, intending to use the industry recorder’s video in exchange for a huge benefit. As soon as they met, Park Chang Ho pretended to be calm and mentioned that he had a video of the Jiucheon Hospital murder, which could prove that Gong Ji Hoon bought the murderer. Park Chang Ho gave Gong Ji Hoon the dash cam for only 3 billion won. But Gong Ji Hoon smiled contemptuously, not expecting that a little lawyer would dare to blackmail him! He was not afraid at all, and told Park Chang Ho to get out. Park Chang Ho didn’t expect Gong Ji Hoon to be so decisive, and wanted to say a few harsh words, but was interrupted by Gong Ji Hoon repeatedly and told him to get out.

Park Chang Ho picked up the mayor’s call on the road, and the other party asked about the whereabouts of the dash cam. Park Chang Ho only said that he would hand it over to the prosecutor and let the mayor temporarily recuse himself. The mayor sighed, wondering what exactly Park Chang Ho was trying to do. Today is Park Chang Ho’s wedding anniversary. In the evening, he invited his wife and father-in-law to eat out. While waiting for the two, Park Chang Ho sent a text message to the prosecutor to ask to meet. He had evidence of the murder in his hand and wanted to give it to the other party. After a while, the prosecutor called and asked Park Chang Ho to come. Park Chang Ho had no choice but to refrain from rushing, and took the drink from the waiter before leaving, but he didn’t notice that the drink was drugged. On the way to go, the effect of the drug kicked in, Park Chang Ho felt dizzy, and his vision was blurred and he couldn’t see the road at all. Scenes of scenes with his wife flashed in Park Chang Ho’s mind, forcibly stabilizing the steering wheel and slamming on the brakes, and finally the vehicle was knocked out. However, Park Chang Ho actually survived, and from this moment on, he incarnates the Big Mouth lawyer who is the most humble bastard in the world. The first episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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