Big Mouth Kdrama episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained:Can he name the list exactly?

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 4 Recap

In the last episode, we said that the perverted murderer was actually a hidden assassin arranged by the trio. Just when he was about to kill Park Chang Ho, Yang Hyung Wook rushed over and blocked Park Chang Ho. The warden watching the scene in the monitoring room found that something was wrong, and immediately dispatched the prison guards to suppress him and sent the injured Yang Hyung Wook to treatment. The warden looked at the prisoners and Park Chang Ho respectively, still hesitating in his heart as to which side to take.

After Yang Hyung Wook wakes up, the warden visits him in person, wondering why he sacrificed so much for Park Chang Ho. Yang Hyung Wook motioned for him to listen with his ears. After whispering, the warden was a little surprised and immediately let Park Chang Ho and Jerry who were locked in the small dark room be released.

The trio were extremely dissatisfied with the warden’s handling, but the warden did not take their anger into consideration. Jung Chae Bong understood immediately that they needed the help of the warden to get rid of Park Chang Ho now. Immediately put away the arrogance of the past, appease the warden in a good voice, and even agree to increase the remuneration, so that the warden condones them to carry out another assassination.

Park Chang Ho came to the ward to visit Yang Hyung Wook and thanked him for saving his life. But Yang Hyung Wook didn’t complain, just wanted to confirm one thing, and that is whether Park Chang Ho is the real Big Mouth or not. Park Chang Ho did not back down, but immediately answered that he was Big Mouth himself. Yang Hyung Wook smiled and didn’t ask any further questions, then asked Park Chang Ho what to do with the prisoner who attacked him? Park Chang Ho replied then kill them, after a while the murderer in the small dark room actually died. When the body was taken out, the warden questioned that it was Park Chang Ho, but Park Chang Ho was at a loss, and the prisoner’s death had nothing to do with him. Who is in prison in charge of all this?

In order to drive Go Mi Ho away, Jiuchuan Hospital maliciously slandered her for giving the wrong dose to the patient, but she was killed by Go Mi Ho. She showed her mobile phone photos and said that fortunately, she would take photos before each injection to save the evidence, and the nurse who framed the framing had no choice but to stop talking. Through this incident, Go Mi Ho smelled the danger of this place. While he was looking for Professor Xu’s paper, the hospital was eager to drive her away, so Go Mi Ho decided to claim in front of everyone at the hospital’s conference that Professor Xu’s unpublished paper was in his hands.

Go Mi Ho throws the bait and waits for the prey to surface. Sure enough, a mysterious person was eyeing Go Mi Ho and followed her home. But Go Mi Ho is also cautious, throwing him off in the alley. At this time, the mayor called Go Mi Ho and asked about Professor Xu’s thesis, and Go Mi Ho readily agreed. After hanging up, she told her father that the prey was about to take the bait. The mayor and Go Mi Ho met at the botanical garden, and as soon as they met, they asked about Professor Xu’s thesis. Go Mi Ho had to answer that it was her pretense, she was also looking for papers, and asked the mayor to help herself. Hearing that Go Mi Ho was just bluffing, the mayor’s attitude immediately cooled down, declaring that he had no obligation to help her. At this time, Go Mi Ho speculated that Professor Xu’s paper was related to Jiuchuan Hospital’s strange behavior of forcing patients to sign contracts prohibiting CPR, and the dean must know the inside story. But the mayor categorically denied that his wife was not such a person.

Since the murderer’s death, Park Chang Ho has completely become the eldest brother in prison, and more and more people come to him to make wishes. On this day, Gong Ji Hoon came to the prison and met with Park Chang Ho. He suddenly wanted to test the authenticity of Park Chang Ho and asked him to name the five clients who sold illegal drugs. This is obviously a question of delivery, and Park Chang Ho’s brain is spinning, and he finally finds a proper answer. Said that his principle is to protect customer privacy, but Gong Ji Hoon is obviously not satisfied with this answer, reminding Park Chang Ho that he will come over on the weekend. If he still doesn’t come out then, it means he’s a fake.

Sensing the impending crisis, Park Chang Ho stunned the guard with a punch as soon as he left the meeting room, took his mobile phone and called the mayor. Park Chang Ho asked him to check Big Mouth’s transaction book for him, and if he didn’t get the five names, he would be killed by Gong Ji Hoon, but the mayor hung up the phone without a response. The mayor immediately found someone to follow, the prosecutor who searched Big Mouth’s incriminating evidence at the time and Gong Ji Hoon to see if they had communicated privately. The mayor remembers that the prosecutor showed him the ledger, and now Gong Ji Hoon uses it to test Park Chang Ho, who apparently also read the contents of the ledger.

A few days later, the remaining accomplices who were locked in the small dark room were finally released, and they died of poisoning on the spot as soon as they came to the cafeteria to eat a meal. Park Chang Ho looked around in the commotion and felt that the real Big Mouth was watching everything. Afterwards, the warden found out that the two accomplices took the initiative to kill themselves by taking poison. He guessed it was Park Chang Ho, and immediately searched Park Chang Ho’s cell to no avail. The warden is not reconciled, because he still doesn’t believe that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth, whether Park Chang Ho is ruthless or narrow, it’s just a bluff. The warden is looking forward to the weekend, and if Park Chang Ho can name five clients, he will choose to trust Park Chang Ho.

Gong Ji Hoon comes to a big boss’s house and wants to meet but is rejected. The boss also sent a message, asking Gong Ji Hoon to accompany the mayor at a certain project site. At this time, the dean came out of the back room, obviously the big boss’s guest. Gong Ji Hoon felt aggrieved and realized that the boss was going to support the mayor. Gong Ji Hoon had to come to the mayor’s dinner to serve tea and water for everyone. Gong Ji Hoon has always looked down on the mayor, but this time he poured tea and water for him, naturally holding back his anger. He warned the mayor that without the support of his own family, he would never have gotten where he is today. Gong Ji Hoon repeatedly reminded the mayor that he is his master. But now it seems that the mayor’s wings are hardened and he wants to get out of control.

He has had enough of this life for the mayor who has been holding his breath and taking care of the dirty behavior of Gong Ji Hoon and others. Seeing that the mayor refused to give in, Gong Ji Hoon wanted to teach him a lesson, but was subdued by the mayor instead. Gong Ji Hoon holds a grudge and vows to take revenge on the mayor.

Go Mi Ho came home from get off work and realized that someone was following her, she turned on the front camera of her phone. After confirming that he was being followed, he immediately sent the photo of the person following him to his father and agreed to meet him somewhere. Father and lawyer friends rushed to their place, and they saw the same man as in the photo. The father-in-law stepped forward slowly and knocked down the opponent with a stun gun. Go Mi Ho stepped forward and found that the other party was the mayor’s secretary. She called the mayor as soon as possible and asked him to come over and give her an explanation.

Go Mi Ho was about to attack the mayor as soon as he saw it, but the mayor was already prepared. Frankly speaking, it was Park Chang Ho who asked him to send his men to protect Go Mi Ho. After that, he took out a letter and asked her to pass it to Hao, and the other party would answer for her. Go Mi Ho came to the prison to meet Park Chang Ho, and Go Mi Ho hugged him and told him how he missed him. Go Mi Ho forwarded the letter to Park Chang Ho, which turned out to be a list of people who took illegal drugs. Park Chang Ho was happy when he saw it, and these chips made him more confident. The mayor told Park Chang Ho that the list was obtained from the Ombudsman Office, so he could use it with confidence. Park Chang Ho made Go Mi Ho trust the mayor, and in the current situation he is the only one who can help him.

What Park Chang Ho and the mayor didn’t expect was that the list was forged by Gong Ji Hoon’s orders. He specially asked the prosecutor to hand over the list to the mayor, and he was looking forward to Park Chang Ho revealing the names on the list, so that both the mayor and Park Chang Ho would offend the big names on the list, and the two would end up tragically. Gong Ji Hoon tells the prison trio about it, and has to learn that the mayor is about to betray. The trio was very angry and scolded the mayor for nothing.

On the other hand, in response to the recent successive deaths of prisoners, the rest of the prisoners are discussing in private. Even started betting on who would die first between Park Chang Ho and the arch-rival trio. Jerry also participated in it and recorded the bets of the prisoners, but was knocked to the ground by the trio who rushed to hear the sound. Jerry was beaten and brought to Park Chang Ho. Judging from the current betting situation, the prisoners felt that the trio had a good chance of winning.

Big Mouth Kdrama episode 4 Ending Explained

The trio is complacent, confirming that after meeting with Gong Ji Hoon tomorrow, the news that Park Chang Ho is a fake Big Mouth will be known to everyone, and his followers will definitely not let Park Chang Ho easily. Jung Chae Bong had a smug look on his face, convinced that Park Chang Ho didn’t know the list of illegal drugs. However, Park Chang Ho looked relaxed, and even made a bet of 300 million won, saying that he knew the list. Jerry on the side listened to the conversation of several people, with a worried expression on his face.

Gong Ji Hoon got the news that several people made a bet, and he went to the mayor on purpose. He directly told the mayor that the list in his hand was fake, and he wrote it all by himself. Hearing this, the mayor immediately called the warden but was hung up. This time the warden was on the side of the trio. Soon it was time to meet, Park Chang Ho was taken away by the prison guards, the prisoners cheered Park Chang Ho, followed behind Park Chang Ho, and sent him all the way to meet Gong Ji Hoon. The fourth episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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