Big Mouth Kdrama episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 5 Recap

In the last episode, we said that Park Chang Ho went to meet Gong Ji Hoon amid the cheers of the prisoners, when the mayor arrived and asked for a private chat with Park Chang Ho and wanted to tell him about the fake list. Unexpectedly, the warden came and took Park Chang Ho away forcefully, but the mayor failed to convey the news in the end.

Gong Ji Hoon came face to face with Park Chang Ho with a confident smile, and the trio also stood behind to watch the show. Since Park Chang Ho also didn’t trust Gong Ji Hoon, a rule was set, and the two wrote the names of the first five people on the paper at the same time to prove the accuracy of the answer. At this time, the mayor also rushed to the luxurious cell of the trio, and Gong Ji Hoon welcomed it very much. After all, the mayor is also among the people to be arrested in this round tonight. After distributing the pen and paper, the two wrote on the paper, folded it into small pieces and put it in a cup, and the warden announced the content.

The warden first took out Gong Ji Hoon’s list and read out five names. Immediately after the warden opened Park Chang Ho’s list, his expression immediately froze, and the two answered exactly the same. Everyone was taken aback, including the mayor. The news of Park Chang Ho’s victory came back to the prison, and those who bet on him instantly cheered. Up to now, Gong Ji Hoon has to admit that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth. If so, then move on to the next link and ask Park Chang Ho for the money that was defrauded.

But Park Chang Ho did not admit that the money was taken by himself, and asked Gong Ji Hoon to show evidence. Gong Ji Hoon replied that the evidence was the confession of Hong, the fund manager who received the payment, to the prosecutor. He claimed that the money was all taken by Big Mouth and that Hong was caught by the prosecution yesterday. The warden also received a call at this time, and the prosecutor was subpoenaing Park Chang Ho for interrogation.

In the interrogation room, prosecutors are interrogating Hong, who recalls that he and Big Mouth first met five years ago. At that time, his life failed and he wanted to jump into the river, but suddenly someone contacted him and wanted to invest, and gave him a series of stock names. This man is Big Mouth. Hong made a big profit by buying and selling stocks according to the name of the company mentioned by Big Mouth. From then on, Hong began to work for Big Mouth and was in charge of private equity investment in the NR Forum until Hong transferred all the private equity money to Big Mouth. After being forced to become a fraudster, he realized that he was also a victim.

Hong had never seen Big Mouth’s face, but only glimpsed through the car glass. At this time, the prosecutor threw the photo of Park Chang Ho, hoping that Hong could identify the man as Big Mouth, so that the prosecutor could close the case as soon as possible, and the prosecutor also offered to reduce the sentence in exchange. Hong thought for a long time, and finally agreed to the prosecutor’s request.

Park Chang Ho was also escorted to the procuratorate and sat beside Hong. Just as he was about to recognize Park Chang Ho’s face, the alarm clock in Hong’s pocket suddenly rang, and he hurriedly took out insulin to inject himself. Who would have guessed that just after the injection, he twitched and foamed at the mouth and died. This made Gong Ji Hoon, who was watching, furious. He never thought that Big Mouth could kill at will in a place like the Prosecutor’s Office. Suddenly he thought about it and told the mayor that if Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth, then his wife must not be an ordinary person, and the paper of Professor Xu may really be in her hands.

Gong Ji Hoon immediately asked Go Mi Ho to meet, and Go Mi Ho made the appointment decisively. At the dining table, a monitor was hidden in a vase, connected to the mayor’s headphones. Gong Ji Hoon offered to buy Professor Xu’s paper, but Go Mi Ho rejected the offer, claiming to save Park Chang Ho by keeping the paper. At this time, Gong Ji Hoon told Go Mi Ho that Park Chang Ho accurately stated the list of clients that Big Mouth sold illegal drugs, and now it seems that he is Big Mouth without a doubt. But Go Mi Ho was calm and admitted that Park Chang Ho is Big Mouth. It turns out that Park Chang Ho confessed to Go Mi Ho as early as the last time he visited the prison. During this time, he regarded him as Big Mouth. Only in this way can Park Chang Ho escape from the prison alive. After Go Mi Ho left, he called the mayor and thanked him for successfully deceiving Gong Ji Hoon with the list. The mayor hesitated and did not tell Go Mi Ho the truth about the list.

The father-in-law and lawyer friend are investigating Professor Xu’s private life. He and his wife have a bad relationship, and he doesn’t like to form gangs. His only interest is to go fishing outdoors. The father-in-law found several pictures of him fishing. From the perspective of taking pictures, the person in charge of the camera is obviously close to him. In order to investigate this traveler, the father-in-law and a lawyer friend came to the fishing pond where Professor Xu often went, and after asking the manager of the fishery, the two received surprising news. That is, the companion is a woman, who often appears with sunglasses, and looks like a cheating object.

On the other hand, after the bet is over, the 300 million cash will arrive soon. Park Chang Ho invited all the prisoners to a feast, and the prisoners’ reverence for Park Chang Ho was at its peak. In the grand atmosphere, even the bald head was impressed and came to Park Chang Ho to show his love. This time the three formed the most embarrassing existence. Park Chang Ho took the initiative to come to the room of several people and asked the three to surrender in court, because they were all accomplices in killing Professor Xu. If they don’t do what they say, they will die in prison. This mental attack really made the trio panic, and soon the trio had frequent accidents. First, Lee Doo Geun had hallucinations after drinking red wine. He felt that his heart was taken away by Park Chang Ho, and he fainted in shock. .

The next victim was Jung Chae Bong, who was poured over his head with water while he was using the toilet, and then he was electrocuted with a wire. After these two accidents, the trio began to fear the existence of Park Chang Ho. When the mayor came to visit Park Chang Ho, he felt that he was being teased by Park Chang Ho, and he came to ask the teacher for guilt. Park Chang Ho looked calm, saying that it was the mayor who pulled himself into the quagmire first. Today, Park Chang Ho lets the mayor make a choice, should he join forces with himself? The mayor brought up Go Mi Ho, and poor Go Mi Ho exonerated Park Chang Ho after busying himself outside. As soon as he heard his wife’s name, Park Chang Ho seriously told the mayor not to cross the line, and he would protect his wife to the end.

At night, the short-haired head nurse came to the ward to draw the patient’s blood. Go Mi Ho, who was on duty, saw this scene and specially checked the work arrangement on the computer, and determined that there was no blood test today. Moments later, Go Mi Ho saw the head nurse come out of the ward, hiding in the dark without showing her face. But there was the hot water she just poured on the table, and the head nurse saw the cup and knew that someone had just been to the nurse station, so she hurriedly left. Go Mi Ho followed, following all the way to a room. She turned on the light on her mobile phone and looked around, but before she found anything, the dean suddenly entered the room. The dean saw Go Mi Ho all the way to this building on the road and followed behind. Go Mi Ho instead asked if the dean saw the head nurse? She followed all the way here, but the other party suddenly disappeared. Without waiting for the dean to answer, the security guard on the side denied Go Mi Ho’s statement. Surveillance shows that no one has come here except Go Mi Ho. The dean warns Go Mi Ho not to cross the line again. After Go Mi Ho left, the dean looked at a wall, as if there was something hidden behind it.

When Gong Ji Hoon comes to visit the trio, Park Chang Ho warns him not to attack his own family. Gong Ji Hoon’s wife called angrily, she received 34 self-colored chrysanthemums, Gong Ji Hoon realized that it was Park Chang Ho’s masterpiece. Park Chang Ho confessed, and 34 is your wife’s age. The threatened Gong Ji Hoon couldn’t hide his anger and wanted to kill Park Chang Ho.

Park Chang Ho went to the bald head, and he wanted to win over the bald head and make him his own. Park Chang Ho ordered someone to kidnap Han Jae Ho and take him to the place where several people had bullied Park Chang Ho before. Looking at the high hanging rope, Han Jae Ho panicked and begged Park Chang Ho to spare himself. Park Chang Ho said that he read the contents of the dash cam. Han Jae Ho was driving when Professor Xu was killed. The murderer was the other two of the three. Park Chang Ho persuaded Han Jae Ho to tell the truth, confessing that the instigator was Gong Ji Hoon, and the perpetrators were the other two. As long as he turns himself in, the judge will definitely deal with it lightly. Hearing the word “surrender”, Han Jae Ho immediately lost his voice. Seeing that he had not given an answer for a long time, Park Chang Ho ordered someone to hang him up. The frightened Han Jae Ho immediately agreed to surrender.

Go Mi Ho got together, lawyer friends have been looking for a lover with Professor Xu, but there has been no news. Go Mi Ho’s side didn’t go well either. She wanted to enter the room where the head nurse disappeared again, but she couldn’t find a chance. Go Mi Ho also wanted to draw the patient’s blood for DNA, but each ward was monitored, and she had no chance to do so.

Big Mouth Kdrama episode 5 Ending

The mayor asked Go Mi Ho to meet and told Go Mi Ho that Park Chang Ho was the real Big Mouth, but the husband she had always trusted was cheating on her again and again. Go Mi Ho defended her husband that he was just playing Big Mouth. The mayor confessed that the list of banned drugs he gave Park Chang Ho was fake, but he wrote the real list. And Hong, who knew the true face of Big Mouth, also died suddenly during the confrontation with Park Chang Ho. Regardless of the mayor’s explanation, Go Mi Ho still chose to trust Park Chang Ho. But the mayor said, Park Chang Ho confessed in front of him that he was Big Mouth, and at the same time asked the mayor not to tell Go Mi Ho. Go Mi Ho was at a loss for a while, she turned and left in a confused state. On the way home, Go Mi Ho received a call from his father, who turned out to be a loan shark, saying that Park Chang Ho had paid off his previous debt. Go Mi Ho became more and more convinced that Park Chang Ho was Big Mouth, and felt the deceived Go Mi Ho shed tears. The fifth episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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