Bullet Train Review : Every character is fascinating(2022 Movie)

The American movie “Bullet Train” is adapted from the famous Japanese novel “Bullet Train”. The plot describes the traumatized ex-killer male protagonist following the operator’s instructions to carry out what he thought was a simple mission to snatch a briefcase. However, on the way to carry out the mission, they encountered more and more powerful killers. Although the purposes of these killers were different, they seemed to be related.

Bullet Train Review (2022 Movie)

Many people should think of some action movies after watching the movie, but the first thing that came to my mind was the detective movie “Murder on the Orient Express” from a few years ago. And they are similar in that there are multiple protagonists, multiple background stories, and multiple purposes, but they are all related. This also makes “Bullet Train” a unique existence in action movies. Most of the action movies in the past will stick the main axis of the story to the protagonist. After all, everyone is watching the protagonist in the middle of the poster to beat the enemy or run around.

But from the beginning of the film, the director let us know that the story he wanted to tell was not just about the ladybug played by Brad Pitt in the middle of the poster. Therefore, a large part of the scenes are allocated to the supporting characters. Although the background stories and mental journeys of these characters can be made complete, the reason why few movies do this is because it is actually a big bet.

If the stories of these supporting characters fail to catch the audience’s attention or are too detached from the main plot, it is easy for people to feel “superfluous”. The more adventurous story structure is to adopt a similar “RPG game mode”. That is, the protagonist meets the No. 1 Killer, and through fighting and talking to each other, let us understand the character of No. 1 Killer. Interspersed with his backstory during the fight, let him run away or die after the fight, then meet Killer 2, and so on.

But it just so happens that this story adds a little detective reasoning element, so that when we watch the background stories and interactions of these characters, we can also piece together why they appear here and now, and their relationship with the villain White Death behind the scenes. . And then let these characters not just appear as targets for the protagonist.

It is a pity that there are still one or two characters whose motives and purposes are too weakly connected to the main storyline. In addition, the game mode is adopted, resulting in some obvious gaps between some plot paragraphs and paragraphs. However, even so, the key point that the plot can still go smoothly is that it can be regarded as the action scenes and funny bridges of lubricants.

Bullet Train Review :Every character is fascinating(2022 Movie)

Bullet Train action scene

Let’s talk about the action scene first, it’s great, but it could definitely be better. David Leitch, who was born as a martial arts instructor, is best at using various props to assist in combat in the past movies, and “Bullet Train” is undoubtedly a paradise for his talents.

All kinds of props on the train are too reasonable to be placed there, waiting for you to pick them up and give the other party a head-on attack. It is an all-encompassing wonderful action scene. However, when we broaden the perspective and look at the entire movie, all the action scenes are handled by throwing props around and fast-cut fist fights, which are a bit monotonous. The cramped cabin could have been used as an excuse for the lack of long-shot action, but…there’s no way “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” has demonstrated that this wouldn’t be a problem.

In addition to the lack of long shots, the director has liked the slow-motion freeze-frame images that appear after the characters are hit in the cheeks in past works, which seem to be almost useless. This kind of technique that can perfectly integrate the action scenes with funny scenes has not been used. It can only be said that it is great, but it is a fly in the ointment!

Bullet Train funny scene

As for the comedy, it’s already one of the top comedy movies for me. However, the point of “is it funny or not” has always been very different from person to person, so I will simply analyze the technical aspects.

The director’s handling of funny scenes is just like his design of action scenes, using a lot of “props” to assist the jokes, not just the character’s own sense of joy or the jokes between dialogues. But there are some “props” that you have to know why to find it funny. Take Channing Tatum’s cameo, for example, just know the actor, and you know that he and Brad Pitt cameo each other this year. That level of hilarity and surprise is completely incomparable.

There is also a small detail in the dialogue. Tangerine, played by Aaron Johnson, deliberately said “ABOOWAA” with a very extreme British accent in a funny section, obviously imitating the popular Douyin channel a while ago.

Another detail that is easily overlooked, but the Taiwanese translation actually got it, is that Lemon, who loves “Thomas & Friends” very much, said that the corresponding character of White Deat’s son is Percy, and pointed at him and scolded him twice in a row: You’re a Percy. You’re just a Percy. Although the official translation of Taiwanese cartoons is “Percy”, in the movie this Percy is translated as “Percy”, do you know why? Because he really is Posia!

Bullet Train plot explained

In fact, “Bullet Train” has the potential to become an intriguing movie like “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. In the early stage of the story, the male protagonist, Ladybug, complained that he was weak, and then tried to make a move to change his luck. In the later stage of the story, he added a philosophical issue, and let the ladybug and The Elder discuss the word “luck” before entering the final battle. theme. In the plot, we know that many things are two sides of the same body through the title of the heroine “Ladybug”.

The Elder said to him: “In Western countries, the ladybug may represent luck, but in Japan, the seven stars on the ladybug’s back represent the seven misery in life.” At this time, the light of the sunrise shone on the protagonist’s face, He suddenly woke up: “It turns out that there is no such thing as good luck or bad luck, it’s all just an arrangement of fate.”

Seeing this passage is like seeing Chloé Zhao, who was born with literary drama in “Eternals” at that time, can handle action scenes with ease. David Leitch, who was born in martial arts, is also good at dealing with literary dramas!

He even echoes the theme of luck, with White Death’s penchant for taking turns firing at himself and his opponent by turning a single-shot revolver, similar to The Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent. Because the discussion of this theme and the pictures in the movie are only superficial, so “Bullet Train” has no chance to challenge the status of the masterpiece. However, I feel that the director did not take the risk of failure to add too thought-provoking issues to the film, but chose to maintain the tonality of the entire film and focus on presenting the action comedy and entertaining the audience, which is absolutely good. processing. After all, if you want to have the depth, action, jokes, and feelings like “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, it’s not very good to play a script of a killer completing a mission on a train. It’s just a matter of whether the studios are willing to challenge this in a sequel or prequel.

Because the plot about the male protagonist makes people wonder if they are hiding something and want to make a prequel movie. The story of “Bullet Train” this time mainly focuses on depicting the ladybug’s current mood, rather than his background story. If the impression is correct, the plot only mentions that when he was on a mission, he started psychotherapy after being shot twice by lemon. But what happened in that mission? What is their relationship in that mission? They didn’t let the audience know, which made people very curious.

The plot even mentions Johannesburg, the place name for that mission, two or three times. Like Black Widow and Hawkeye’s Budapest, a good subject for a sequel. But Black Widow is screwed up! All in all, “Bullet Train” is very clear about its positioning and presents the action and funny sections in a complete manner, making it the most relaxing entertainment movie in the near future.

Although there are still some bugs in the plot, the reversal of the heroine “Prince” in the end is too easy to guess. (Better guess than Ryan Reynolds will make a cameo in this movie) After all, of all the characters, only the prince’s backstory is carried over in a super short sentence and without pictures. However, the design of the action scenes and the handling of the funny scenes are all excellent. I especially like that some of the jokes in the later stage are arranged by the director and depend on the small details in the early stage. This is very worthy of appreciation.

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