Carter review ending explained:Like hardcore action

The just-released super hardcore Korean action movie “Carter” uses one-shot shooting techniques, a large number of handheld photography to bring a stronger sense of presence, as well as close-quarters combat, parkour, gunfights, and speed chases, dazzling the audience. Addicted.

Netflix Carter review

The director’s intention is obvious, this movie doesn’t need a plot, it’s just a game-like battle, no matter whether the action scenes are logical or not, it’s good to watch.

The film is the pinnacle of drone photography, and the drones chasing cars and motorbikes and shooting, sometimes even getting under them and shooting, were enough to blow me away. I have to say that the editing skills of this film are absolutely superb.

Long takes make for an action movie with its smooth narrative and rhythm, including characters, and a bit of “Crank.”

The film’s precise control of motion is great, and almost every movable object in the shot becomes a prop for the character. Among them, the little girl fell from the third floor until the protagonist defeated the enemy, then made various aerial movements, and finally grabbed the little girl and fell to the ground unharmed. It doesn’t make sense, but it looks cool.

Carter review ending explained:Like hardcore action

Carter Netflix plot summary

Carter was too miserable. When he woke up, he found that a bomb had been placed in his head, a communication device had been implanted in his ear, and even the wisdom teeth in his mouth had been replaced with bombs. The worst thing is that he himself can’t remember anything. When he woke up, he had a splitting headache, and suddenly a group of mysterious people came in to ask him the whereabouts of his doctor. He didn’t even know who he was, let alone the Doctor.

The phone rang from the closet, and the man answered and said, “Your name is Carter, give the phone to the woman behind you.” As soon as the woman got the phone, it exploded on the spot, and the man escaped in the chaos.

Carter quickly fled the market according to the instructions in his ears. The enemy caught up, and Carter rode a small motorcycle on the side of the road through the underground parking lot and shuttled back and forth in the wide and narrow alleys. The voice in his ears told him that these people chasing him were all CIAs. If you want to survive, you should cooperate obediently, or else you will detonate the bomb in his mouth.

Although Carter was puzzled, he was surrounded by enemies on all sides and could only follow orders. He turned the alley and got into a van. It turned out that the woman who gave the order in his ear was from the North Korean Foreign Affairs Department. She told Carter that the world was invaded by three mysterious viruses. North Korea and the United States are both hardest hit areas. The only doctor who can develop a vaccine is in North Korea, but the doctor’s daughter was captured by the CIA. Carter’s mission is to find the doctor’s daughter and send him to North Korea. She promised Carter to restore his memory after the task was completed.

The car will take Katla to the destination. He wants to sneak into the blocked building alone in the dark alley, and rescue the doctor’s daughter alone. He descended directly from the elevator, shot and killed several professional bodyguards, and soon found the doctor’s daughter. Carter used tear gas to repel a group of enemies and escaped through the window with the child.

Carter slowly moved down the chimney with the little girl on his back, and suddenly a strong man appeared at the window. The child accidentally fell while entangled with him. Then the two fought on the narrow pillar again. Carter saw that the child was about to fall, and he jumped to catch it. Fortunately, both of them were fine.

He grabbed a van and ran away, but the car had no way to go to the front of the mountain, so he had to walk into a narrow alley. But at this moment, the girl was suddenly snatched away. The chase scene that followed was ridiculous and showed me a scene from an Indian movie. In the end, the girl was rescued and the car drove away.

According to the order, he came to the airport, and there were people waiting here, saying that Carter could reach North Korea safely, because the plot on the plane was too absurd, so he just skipped it.

Carter took the little girl and arrived in North Korea without a hitch, and was parachuted into a pig-pulling truck. The North Korean killers immediately arrived behind them, shot the driver dead, and prepared to climb into the car to catch Carter alive. Apparently they underestimated Carter, so they fought next to a group of pigs, and Carter was thrown down by the person who came up. The enemy began to fire with machine guns, and Carter used pig cover to avoid the fatal blow.

Carter and the two went to the river to wash their faces after getting rid of the enemy. Carter felt that the water didn’t taste right. Looking up, when there were so many people in the water, it turned out that these were all infected with the virus.

Lieutenant General Lao Park celebrated Carter’s successful mission, and then said that he would restore his memory. The woman used high technology to take out the communication device in her ear, but when she was going to the bomb in his head, Carter was knocked out. It turned out that Lao Park couldn’t get used to corrupt countries, and he even looked down on South Korea, which fawned on the United States, so he wanted to take advantage of the virus outbreak to completely rewrite the status quo, and he wanted to rebuild his ideal home.

Carter woke up and he was taken to the execution ground. I have to say that the villain has too many lines, so Carter seized the opportunity to fight back. Then he drove the jeep towards the epidemic research and development base, and soon Carter came to the base, found the doctor and the little girl, and several people escaped from the tunnel. The woman told Carter that a train bound for Dandong, China, was about to pass, and they had to catch that train. She took out the tools and asked the doctor to help Carter recover his memory. The doctor opened the back of his head, and Carter suffered severe pain, and the memory gradually emerged.

Netflix Carter Ending

It turned out that the woman was Carter’s wife. After the virus hit, the family of three was about to escape, but was caught by Lao Park. Threatening Carter to go to South Korea to find the doctor’s daughter by injecting the virus into their daughter’s body. For the sake of the task to go smoothly, his memory was also erased.

Carter rode away with his two children, his wife and doctor dragged the enemy. Carter successfully jumped on the train, and then the train drama started. The enemy sent two special forces, all of which were killed by Carter. Lao Pu sent someone to catch the girl. Fortunately, the doctor and Carter’s wife arrived, and the two sides started a new round of battle. In the end, they successfully rescued the child. Carter wanted to kill the mastermind behind the scenes.

When the family was sitting on the train and singing, the bridge suddenly exploded. Is there a sequel?

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