Fall review Ending Explained:Becky killed Hunter and was rescued! (2022 movie)

Fall Plot Synopsis

Co-directed and written by Scott Mann and Jonathan Frank, the 2022 film “Fall” opens with Becky (Grace Caroline Currey), Becky’s boyfriend Dan (Mason Gooding), and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) climbing a steep mountain . Dan tried to put a camera in the crack, but was startled by a bird inside and fell from a great height.

Then the story crosses over to a year later and we see Becky still upset and drinking. Her father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tries to help her but is pushed away by her. When Becky was about to commit suicide, Hunter came to her door and offered to climb a 2,000-foot-long abandoned radio tower to get rid of the demons that Dan’s death had on Becky.

Fall review Ending Explained:Becky killed Hunter and was rescued! (2022 movie)

Fall review

From a technical and storytelling standpoint, the film Fall is almost flawless, as director Scott Mann takes the best out of this limited plot. Becky and Hunter do some of the most outrageous things, and all the scenes are rooted in reality. Becky was brought into this climb when she was about to end her life, and when she faced death again, her will to survive and love and hate began to wake up, and the heroine hated Hunter, the mistress.

What’s unique about this single-location movie is that there’s a big twist in the third act that will blow your mind. If you haven’t seen a single location movie before, this is a great option on your journey into the genre.

As for the acting skills of the actors, there are no complaints here. Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner came out on top in “Fall.” In the first scene, you get a rough idea of ​​who the characters Becky and Hunter are, and then it’s perfectly developed by the actresses. Grace plays someone who needs a little push to get out of trouble; Virginia does a great job of portraying Hunter’s borderline problem personality.

Simple concept, flawless execution, although some elements along the way may annoy you, the first half may have unreasonable plot, but stick with it and watch the second half until the full story is told.

The movie has no green screen, just pure horror, and in order to keep it real and get all the best shots, the filmmakers decided to shoot on a real platform. Luckily both Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner can work at heights. Both did a fantastic job in this movie! The roles are obviously physically heavy, and these actresses and their stunt doubles deserve a big round of applause.

Fall Ending Explained

At the end of the movie “Fall”, there is also a very clever place, that is, the process of Becky being rescued is not filmed. Very clever point that Becky may have been saved from the top of the tower, not at the antenna. If the truth of the ending is as portrayed in the movie, then Becky will definitely not risk climbing to the top of the tower again, and neither can she. Conversely, if Becky killed the hunter and made up a lie, she wouldn’t have run to the antenna at great risk. Since everything was made up by Becky, Becky didn’t even know if the antenna could hold her weight, she just had to say in the rescue that she climbed back to the top platform. This part of the film was not filmed, and it would be too straightforward if it was filmed. So the revelation of this film “Fall” is that other people’s boyfriends can’t touch!

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