HBO House of the Dragon Episode 1 Recap & Ending: The civil war of House Targaryen begins

Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is finally here! The series is adapted from George Martin’s “Blood and Fire”. The background is “Game of Thrones” more than 170 years before the birth of the Dragon Mother. The story focuses on the history of the decline of the Targaryen family, which is also known as “Dance of Blood Dragons”. Family Civil War!

House of the Dragon Episode 1 Recap

The first old king of the Targaryen dynasty, Jaehaerys Targaryen, was dying, when the power of the Targaryen family was at its peak, and the family had 10 adult dragons. Although King Jaehaerys ruled the prosperous kingdom for 60 years, his two sons died one after another. In order to stop the infighting and gunpowder of the Targaryen family, he decided to transfer the throne to others.

More than a few lords went to Harrenhal for a gathering, and heard that there were 14 candidates who were eligible to inherit, but only two were really considered in the end. The eldest of the King’s descendants, Princess Ann Lenis Targaryen, and the eldest son of the King’s descendants, Prince Viserys Targaryen. In the end Viserys Targaryen became the rightful heir and the rightful prince of Dragonstone! As for why King Jaehaerys held the meeting, it was because he knew that the only thing that could destroy the dragon race was from the dragon race itself, so he had to stop the infighting of the power struggle.

Viserys I Targaryen had been in power for 9 years, and his only daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, was very beautiful at this time. The name of the dragon she ruled was “Churax”, which was the most popular during the family’s civil war. Young dragon.

The girl beside Lenila is called Allison Hightower, the daughter of the Prime Minister and one of several important female members of “Dragon Family”. Princess Rainiera is the only daughter, basically a spoiled generation, she can do whatever she wants with the dragon. Her mother was about to give birth at this time and hoped for a baby boy heir, and she also told her daughter that it was their battle and their duty to have a baby, and Rhaenyra didn’t want to hear that.

Three important matters were discussed at the Council of Kings. The first was the rise of an alliance between free trade city-states and the proclamation of the city itself as the “Kingdom of the Three Daughters”, consisting of the three colonies of the Valyrian Freehold, Rhys, Composed of Tyrosh and Mill. Ser Collis Valerian thought it was a Willie, but the others and King Viserys Targaryen didn’t care.

The second thing is to make Prince Daemon Targaryen, the king’s younger brother, the commander of the city guard, so that he has something to do and not cause trouble everywhere. The third thing is related to holding a contest for the heir to be produced, but there is a problem here, that is, no one knows whether the heir is a boy or not.

Rhaenyra saw Prince Daemon Targaryen, her uncle, on the iron throne. Daemon sat on the Iron Throne thinking that the throne would one day be mine. After all, if the king has no male heir, he is the definite heir, so it makes sense to think so. The uncle also gave Rhaenyla a necklace made of Valyar steel as a long-lost gift, which also proved that Rhaenyla had a good relationship with her uncle Damon.

Lenila’s temporary friend, Allison Hightower, was very worried about Lenila. After all, if the queen gave birth to a son, Lenila’s status would not be guaranteed. But Rhaenyra understands that Bridesmaid wants a male heir, so she is optimistic that she will be able to ride around on a dragon in the future.

King Viserys was cut by the Iron Throne and was difficult to clean, proving that the Iron Throne, a symbol of power, is not easy to sit on! The king told his expectant wife of his dream, saying that this time it must be a boy, saying that he was born with Aegon’s Iron Crown, and that he would sit on the Iron Throne of God with the sound of the shield, sword and dragon. But Emma, ​​the Queen, was horrified after hearing this, because she had lost five children, and she could not guarantee that she would give birth to a boy.

After becoming the guard commander of the capital, Daemon decided to take the soldiers to clear the city of crimes and threats. The crazy behavior was immediately condemned by the Kingdom Council, especially the Prime Minister Otto Hightower, who believed that even the pro-lord could not do whatever he wanted in King’s Landing. The king asked his younger brother to reflect on it and warned him not to cause such a big thing next time. Damon was still very unhappy when he was quarreled by his brother, so he went to Huajie Liuli to vent his anger and heal his wounds.

Soon the tournament for the birth of the heir began. Similar to Game of Thrones, the tournament was still a horse-to-spear duel and hand-to-hand combat. Daemon Targaryen’s master appeared. He wore dragon armor and looked down on the heroes. Because of the grievances with the Prime Minister, the first enemy he chose was the eldest son of the Prime Minister’s family to take revenge.

The king left the table, and the queen was about to give birth. Unfortunately, the child could not be born because the fetus was not in the right position. In the killing competition held for the birth of the prince, the same terrible thing happened, that is, the doctor told the king whether to save the child or to die. Finally decided to immediately sacrifice the queen to take out the child.

At the same time, the game also came to an end. In the end, Prince Damon and the little-known Sir Christon Cole launched a final duel and kill, while the queen was brutally killed and the child was a baby boy. .

Christon defeated Dimon to win the championship with a single kung fu, but the seemingly successful result ushered in a reversal, that is, in the following funeral, it was found that the king not only lost the queen but also the son who represented hope. The desperate Lenila could only sadly complete the final cremation ceremony, but the special effects of the dragon’s fire breathing were not very good.

The meeting of the heir to the throne naturally started, and the king is really difficult! After his wife and children died, he had to participate in this outrageous discussion right away. Logically speaking, if the king had no male heir, then Daemon Targaryen would definitely be the first in line. But Dimon’s vicious style of doing things and the grievances with the Prime Minister, many people think that Dimon is not the material for the king. Collis Valerian recommended Rhaenys as the heir, the eldest daughter of another family chosen by the old king Jaehaerys; some even recommended the king’s daughter Princess Rhaenyla as queen; May revolt. For a time, the king was in a dilemma, that is, he did not want to choose between his brother and his daughter, and he did not want to hand over the throne to someone else.

Prime Minister Otto Hightower saw the opportunity and arranged for his daughter Allison Hightower to comfort the king. In other words, he wanted his daughter to take the opportunity to become the new queen. Dimon, on the other hand, did a thousand maverick but stupid things, that is, he wrapped an entire flower street for fun and held a celebration party to show that he seemed to have taken the throne of the heir. However, this move was immediately caught, and the Prime Minister sued him with a document. And said that someone heard Daemon say this, saying that the king’s deceased son was heir for a day.

The king immediately called Daemon over to confront him and asked him if he was arrogant, and used this to judge whether Daemon was eligible to be the heir. Dimon didn’t admit it directly, but just said that everyone has a way, and then the brother-in-law war of words began. The king thought he favored his younger brother, but was ignored and humiliated. However, the younger brother thought that the king did not use him, but wanted to drive him away, and bluntly said that the king was very weak and had no dignity, which made many forces look at him.

HBO House of the Dragon Episode 1 Recap & Ending: The civil war of House Targaryen begins

House of the Dragon Episode 1 Ending

King Viserys also got his answer from his brother’s irony that he was not entitled to his own throne. He decided to set up a new king to drive his younger brother away, and almost at the same time he was scratched by the iron master seat again, indicating the coming storm. The person he finally chooses is naturally his own Ann Renella, he decides to break with tradition and stereotypes and let his daughter ascend the Iron Throne to become the new queen.

The king took this to make his daughter look directly at the bones of the strongest dragon “Black Death” and make an impression. Rhaenyra’s answer was that the Targaryens were almost worshipped as gods, but that was just an illusion brought on by the dragons, because without them they were just like everyone else. The king saw that his daughter was talented and intelligent, and could see the essence from the phenomenon. The king told her that he wanted a male heir, but now he thinks his daughter can be a great queen too, and tells Rhaenyla the secrets passed down by generations of kings. That is the Targaryen family predicted the disaster of mankind, which is the origin of “Winter is coming” in the sequel “Game of Thrones”. It means that disasters and demons will strike from the far north to destroy everything, so the people of the Targaryen family must sit on the iron throne and coordinate all powerful forces to fight against the cold and darkness.

As the new queen, Rhaenyra must inherit and keep this secret. In addition to receiving the allegiance of other lords, Rhaenyra must also face the many forces that are eyeing her, and Daemon’s uncle, Targaryen, who wants to take her throne. The family civil war begins.

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