HBO House of the Dragon Review:How will Rhaenyra fight against the various forces?

HBO House of the Dragon Review:How will Rhaenyra fight against the various forces?

Fans of Game of Thrones will be looking forward to House of the Dragon! The first season of the prequel takes place 200 years ago, with Milly Alcock playing the young princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Matt Smith playing her uncle Damon Targaryen. While there are many other characters in the story, these two are the main characters of the story, at least for now. For those who like Daenerys, the character Rhaenyra will feel familiar, yet different.

HBO House of the Dragon review

After watching the first episode, I have unconsciously regained the excitement and immersion in watching “Game of Thrones” at that time, especially at the end, the old king told Rhaenyla the legend of the Northland prophecy passed down from generation to generation, let It’s more epic. I think Rhaenyra adds a little more mystery and ambition than the Mother of Dragons, and I’m sure this historical series will get better and better.

Whether it is the creation of the atmosphere or the presentation of the details, the producer’s intentions can be seen. For example, in martial arts competitions, the family crest and armor of each knight are very complicated. Judging from the rhythm of the episode, the foreshadowing in the early stage is not deliberate, but natural. The princess, the uncle prince, the father king, the prime minister, the prime minister’s daughter, etc… These characters are instantly shaped, and fans who like special effects and big scenes will not be disappointed.

Not only can we see the King’s Landing in the glorious period, but also several classic architectural castles and cathedrals in the play are also presented in detail. As far as the plot is concerned, the classic performance in the first episode is the intersection of the contest venue and the queen’s dystocia. However, the shortest part of this American drama is the actors, who are generally of average appearance.

The start revolves around king power, we all know what’s to come, this is the story of the infighting of House Targaryen, and we’ll embark on a wild journey together. Will realize it has something to do with Game of Thrones, but House of the Dragon nonetheless builds a unique story with its own characters and doesn’t feel like repetition or parody.

Most of the visuals are stunning, and a lot of Game of Thrones features are incorporated into the prequel series, like when it comes to Blood X scenes, the fight scene in the first episode is absolutely insane. And of course there’s L Body X Love, but what’s unexpected is that this kind of scene unfolds in a way that adds to the storyline, not that it just exists for the sake of existence.

The main plot is great, but there are also many (necessary) characters in the beginning, full of conflicting characters and plots, narrative tension and order. It also continues the dark filter of the previous work. The scenes in the daytime are all gray, and more than half of the dark scenes in the opening episode will really affect the look and feel.

House of the Dragon Plot Synopsis

The reign of House Targaryen begins. The Game of Thrones prequel, Plot Synopsis, will be released on HBO and HBO Max on August 21. Based on George Martin’s Fire & Blood, the show takes place 200 years before Game of Thrones and tells the story of House Targaryen.

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