HBO Irma Vep Ending Explained: Did Vidal Finish Les Vampires?

Irma Vep by Olivier Assayas is a comedy series that satirizes the entire film industry. Renowned French director Assayas brought the 1996 film Irma Vep back to the screen and weaves a complex meta-narrative. Here’s everything you need to know about the Irma Vep ending.

After filming the superhero movie “Doomsday” Hollywood actress Mira Harberg signed on to star in “Irma Vep.” While René Vidal’s project is divided into eight parts, the French filmmaker doesn’t see it as a series, but an eight-hour-long film. Meanwhile, Parcheminerie, owner of Dreamscape Cosmetics, paid for Mira to be the brand ambassador for the collection.

HBO Irma Vep Ending Explained: Did Vidal Finish Les Vampires?

Has René Vidal finished filming “Les Vampires”?

Vidal successfully completed Les Vampires. From the outset, he was a clear admirer of Louis Feuillade, the writer and director of the 1915 series. Macaigne portrayed Feuillade in scenes from the events of Musidora’s memoirs, while Vikander played Musidora herself. Vidal wanted the project to be as faithful as possible to Feuillade’s original vision, claiming that he had given enough creative freedom to the film.

This always puts him in conflict with the producers, cast and other crew. This was especially clear in episode 5, titled “Hypnotic Eyes,” after filming a sensitive scene in which it was heavily implied that Juan-José Moréno raped Irma Vep. Several members of the crew accused Vidal of using Feuillade as an excuse. However, Vidal pointed out to them that they were actually on the side of the police chief, not Musidora, who was defending the director.

Vidal was one of the few people who saw Mira walking around in a bodysuit. Maybe the reason is that he already had a phantom-like interaction with Jade, and Jade wasn’t really there. After filming Les Vampires, Vidal contacted his wife and asked her to return to Paris. His wife knew what he was like when he was filming, so every time Vidal was shooting a movie, she would take their kids out to the country to be with her family.

Why did Mira leave without telling anyone after the production was finished?

Immediately after Irma Vep was killed, Mira left Paris and filming ended. Neither she nor her agent took any calls from Dreamscape executives. Parcheminerie knew he couldn’t take legal action against Mila because she was a famous actress, which would turn public opinion against it.

As mentioned above, she has been working with Vidal in Paris due to her obsession with Musidora. In this series, Mira turns into Irma Vep, breaking into people’s homes and hotel rooms in bodysuits. After production was complete, she left Irma Vep and the darkness the character represented so she could immerse herself in her next role.

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