Hot Seat (2022) Storyline and Ending Explained: The villain turned out to be Orlando’s colleague

Today I will bring a new revenge movie “Hot Seat”, which was released in July this year, and is a low-budget movie. It’s a bit like the first part of “Chainsaw”, about the male protagonist who accidentally fell into a trap and had to be at the mercy of the gangster when he learned that his family was threatened.

Hot Seat (2022) Storyline

The story takes place in a park in New York in the early morning. The film throws suspense at the beginning. We can see that many people in the park are exercising in the morning. There is only one guy with short hair in a suit and leather shoes. Sure enough, he was blown up as soon as he got up, and the deafening explosion caught the attention of everyone in the park, including our hero Orlando Friar (Kevin Dillon).

Orlando Friar wanted to gossip with his wife when he got home, but instead received a divorce settlement. It turned out that Orlando Friar’s life was very unsuccessful, not only the work was a mess, but the family relationship was messed up. Orlando Friar saw the marriage that was about to be lost in his hands, and not only swallowed hard, but he still had to live, and his life had to go on, so he turned his head and went to work. Orlando Friar works for a small Internet company, mainly responsible for dealing with some network background data and the problems of users not connecting to the Internet.

Although it’s not a good job, Orlando Friar is a network master, often solving problems for customers through simple and crude methods, but this method is not very legal. It turned out that this Orlando Friar belonged to a hacker. He used to do some illegal things, which led the family to move to another city to live. No wonder his wife wanted to divorce him. At this point, Orlando Friar is indeed a bit unreliable. At this time, the news reported the case in the morning, but when Orlando Friar saw the photo of the deceased, he said that this person seemed to have seen it before, but he could not remember it for the time being.

Immediately afterwards, a food delivery man walked in, but there were two doubts here. First, as early as the first explosion, a food delivery man appeared beside the deceased, and it seemed that he activated the switch. The second is that the food delivery is a new face, and the colleague Enzo who ordered the food has never seen him at all. Apart from delivering the food, the delivery man left without doing anything extra. But as soon as his forefoot left, his colleague Enzo found that the takeaway food he ordered had been bitten, and he immediately chased out angrily, thus kicking off a thrilling suspenseful prelude.

After all this morning’s drama, Orlando Friar finally calmed down and got ready to go to work, sitting in the chair he was most familiar with, but it was this sitting that got Orlando Friar into trouble. Immediately afterwards, a dialog box popped up on the screen and said a lot of strange things to him. Not only that, but the mic on the office wall emits a processed voice, claiming to be the savior, and asking Orlando Friar to look under the chair with a mirror. As a result, when Orlando Friar saw it, his soul almost came out, and there was a pressure device bomb under the chair.

What’s even more bizarre here is that this savior knows Orlando Friar very well, not only saying his previous work place and name, but also his marriage that is about to be broken, which makes Orlando Friar very confused. The savior then made a request that if Orlando Friar breached the system of a bank upstairs, he decided to let him go. At present, there is no good way, Orlando Friar did it, Orlando Friar easily broke the bank’s back-end system, but the tricky thing here is that it is very easy for Orlando Friar to invade, but it also has to bear the responsibility of being discovered. 

And then there is a small episode, when Enzo’s girlfriend, the blonde, arrives, and when she knows there is a bomb under the Orlando Friar’s seat, she can’t move. The good news, though, is that she can help Orlando Friar get some of the things he’s going to use – a system USB stick. Because the blonde can’t leave her seat now, with Orlando Friar’s comfort, the blonde took out what Orlando Friar was going to use, and barely regained control of the banking system. But at this time, Orlando Friar knew that his actions had alerted the police, and the police would find him soon.

But the savior did not panic, and did not let Orlando Friar mean. The savior immediately made the next request, which was to steal the 2 million in the bank and transfer it to the account displayed on the screen. Due to time constraints, Orlando Friar had to do the same again. At this time, another dramatic event came, that is, his colleague Enzo came back. When he heard that there was a bomb under Orlando Friar’s seat, he obviously didn’t have the calmness of his girlfriend, the blonde girl, and immediately went into the elevator in a panic to try to escape. At this time, the savior warned that if he ran, he would lose his life, but Enzo did not listen to the persuasion. In the end, Enzo fell along with the elevator with the sound of the explosion. The explosion set off the alarm in the building. Since there was an explosion in the morning, the police took it very seriously, which also led to the police arriving very quickly. Not only that, but also the SWAT team and bomb disposal experts called in, but this is not good news for Orlando Friar.

In order to tie Orlando Friar to himself in a boat, the savior just let Orlando Friar stole the 2 million funds, which was actually transferred to Orlando Friar’s account. Now Orlando Friar has become a criminal who hacked into the bank to carry out the theft. Then the savior made a final request, which would allow him to hack into a foundation within an hour. It wasn’t money that was stolen this time, but a scandal about wealthy businessmen hiding in safes. The Savior promised Orlando Friar that he would be released if the mission was completed, but Orlando Friar retorted that it was an impossible mission because the defense system was higher than the Defense Department. But the savior doesn’t care about this, and only gives Orlando Friar two choices. One is that his family is killed, and the other is to decipher the backstage of the foundation, which means that he has no choice.

Orlando Friar had to take out the keyboard that he was most familiar with. At the same time, the police have gathered downstairs. The police have found the information of the head of the household through the deposit account just now, and announced it on TV. Orlando Friar’s wife and daughter were stunned when they saw it. They didn’t expect her husband to be a hacker again. At this time, the police prepared two plans. The first option was to use snipers to kill the criminals directly. The second option was to let the bomb disposal expert Wallace Reed go up first to check for other explosives. Since he was not sure if there were any hostages, the commander on the scene asked the bomb disposal experts to go up first, and the sniper aimed at Orlando Friar from a distance. Orlando Friar would be killed as long as an order was given.

At this time, Orlando Friar didn’t know it, and was still helping the savior steal the foundation. But at this time, the savior played a new trick, and Orlando Friar publicly admitted to the media that he was the mastermind of this operation. It’s unbelievable to get here. It’s not good for the savior to take what he wants. Why should he act in such a high-profile manner and have to push Orlando Friar into the region? It turned out that this was a punishment for Orlando Friar. A few years ago, Orlando Friar served a financial company, that is, by hacking the server and entering the pension system of the government department to steal the savings of the elderly for many years. Although a lot of money was made at the time, it was soon exposed, and company leaders were arrested. Orlando Friar was a tainted witness so he didn’t go to jail and moved to New York with his family.

The savior asked Orlando Friar to read according to the script he wrote immediately, or he would be operated on by his wife and children. In desperation, Orlando Friar complied and not only admitted that he was the mastermind of the plan, but also said that he had also planted bombs elsewhere in the city, and that if the police dared to act rashly, they would immediately detonate the bombs. But what Orlando Friar didn’t know was that his wife and children had already arrived at the police headquarters at this time, and they were not threatened by death at all. After seeing what Orlando Friar announced to the media, the wife said innocently that her husband must not be this kind of person who takes revenge on society. He not only loves his daughter, but is also very responsible for his family. There must be something hidden in it. At this time, the wife suddenly remembered that her husband Orlando Friar had left him a voice before, but because he was celebrating his daughter’s birthday at the time, he didn’t hear it. Wallace Reed took it over and listened to it. It was strange to find that there was another man’s voice inside. The police disagreed. The sniper believed that the two were complicit and suggested to kill Orlando Friar. But bomb disposal expert Wallace Reed said that, judging by his reluctance, Orlando Friar could also have been coerced. Besides, if you only kill Orlando Friar and anger another accomplice, it will also detonate the bomb.

In the end, in order to be conservative, the commander still chose to let Wallace Reed inquire about the enemy’s situation and see how many people there are. But when Wallace Reed and others inserted the sight glass into the crack of the door, not only did they not find where the other gangster was, but they also saw a woman hostage, which made the police even more afraid to act rashly. But there is good news at this time, that is, the police have found another signal source, in the main room of the building. Although the host room was hot for hiding, it couldn’t hide the signal source, so the police immediately surrounded the host room. But when the police broke in, it was actually a trap set by the savior. It seems that the Savior has long been prepared and deliberately used this as bait to confuse the police. But at this time, an even more terrifying thing happened, that is, he planted a bomb here, and after a loud bang, a large number of police officers lost their lives together.

Movie Hot Seat Ending Explained

After Orlando Friar’s efforts, he finally completed the task given by the Savior, hacked into the Foundation’s system and successfully opened the door of the safe. But what Orlando Friar never expected was that the Savior was still lying this time, and didn’t tell Orlando Friar how to defuse the bomb, which means that he had been deceiving Orlando Friar all the time, and he didn’t want him to live at all. But the savior seemed to underestimate Orlando Friar, and he was about to lose his life and decided to give it a shot. First, he closed the door of the safe remotely, making the savior unsuccessful, then jumped off the elevator, held the railing with his hand, and survived by luck.

The case came to an end temporarily, and the police rushed in to investigate at this time. However, the commander’s words awakened Orlando Friar. At this moment, the reversal of the movie began. It turned out that the true identity of the savior was his colleague Enzo, and he did everything. The Christmas present is actually a camera, no wonder the savior can see everything Orlando Friar does, and the compartment above the elevator is prepared for him to escape, just to create the illusion of his own death.

What would Enzo do now if it didn’t work out? Of course, to vent his anger to Orlando Friar’s wife and children. He disguised himself as a police officer and kidnapped the mother and daughter. Orlando Friar also thought of this, and immediately came down to ask if anyone had seen his wife and children. Witnesses said they saw a police officer take them to the rooftop, and when Orlando Friar arrived, it was his colleague Enzo who was the savior. As for his motive, it was because of Orlando Friar’s earlier theft that affected Enzo’s father among the elderly. Because of the lack of savings, his family broke up, and finally his father went to a dead end.

From that moment on, Enzo was ready and planned it all. While Orlando Friar is wrong, Enzo’s holding his family hostage is obviously even more wrong. Orlando Friar eventually shot and killed Enzo, but the bomb on her daughter’s body was activated by Enzo, and just as it was about to explode, Wallace Reed came and defused the bomb. In this regard, the serial bombings were solved, and the Orlando Friar family was successfully rescued, and at the same time, the family that was about to be broken was saved.

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