I Love My Dad review: At least the humor is still there (2022 movie)

“I Love My Dad” is based on a true story about a son (James Morosini) who is estranged from his father (Patton Oswalt), who also blocks him on social media. In order to save the father-son relationship, the father created a false identity on the Internet to talk to his son, and the son fell in love with this beautiful waitress.

I Love My Dad review

“I Love My Dad” was an embarrassing story from the very beginning, a movie you couldn’t take your eyes off of. The film seems to cross the line, with a father-son intimacy between the two and text messages of color.

That being said, most of the interactions between the two are pretty hilarious. Even if the premise is nauseating, the film’s comedic timing and surrounding feel are good for the story. Patton Oswalt’s expression is pure perfection, and if another actor were to play the role, I don’t think it would be so perfect.

James Morosini, who not only starred in the film, but also wrote and directed it, claimed that it did happen in his real life. It’s a vulgar idea, but knowing that something like that happened is hard to swallow.

If you can forget about this disturbing conversation between father and son, at least the humor is still there. Some odd directorial maneuvers take the story off topic, but the clever script makes up for it, showing just enough heart and humor.

It’s an early-career film for the director, but it’s a welcome one in a way.

I Love My Dad review: At least the humor is still there (2022 movie)

I Love My Dad plot ynopsis

Inspired by the real-life experience of James Morosini, “I Love My Dad” tells the story of Chuck (Patton Oswalt). Chuck is an estranged father desperate to reconnect with his troubled son Franklin (James Morosini).

Chuck, who was blocked by his son on social media, posed as a waitress online and started chatting to Franklin out of fear for his son’s life. But things take a turn for the worse when Franklin falls in love with the fake girl and just wants to meet her in person.

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