If You Wish Upon Me episode 2 Recap & Ending:Kyeo Re’s heart is slowly melting

If You Wish Upon Me episode 2 Recap

The team’s long-awaited social worker has such a rogue virtue. In the end, only Kang Tae Shik is willing to bridge Yoon Kyeo Re and take him into the hospital for a visit. In the ward, the nun told Kang Tae Shik that there was an old man who would not survive this week, indicating that he should fulfill the other person’s wish as soon as possible. Kang Tae Shik understood and immediately took Yoon Kyeo Re into the car and set off with himself. Kang Tae Shik saw Yoon Kyeo Re’s dog son, and couldn’t help but complained, saying that he had never seen a dog carrying a dog while doing social labor. Is there no one to take care of him at home? Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t say anything, and gave a positive answer with a cold expression.

The vehicle came to an old residential area and found the old man’s home address through the iconic persimmon tree. Kang Tae Shik stepped forward and rang the doorbell and explained his identity, but there was a woman’s roar, saying that Kang Tae Shik was a group of cults, specializing in things that did not help the world. The woman’s impolite tone irritated Yoon Kyeo Re, he started to climb over the wall without saying a word, and landed firmly in the inner courtyard. Yoon Kyeo Re was afraid that she couldn’t think about it, so he climbed the wall again and rang the doorbell frantically, but was urged to leave by Kang Tae Shik.

At night, the woman’s husband and children came home one after another. She stood at the door to greet her warmly, but no one in the family responded, and life continued in such a breathless indifference. Except for the women, everyone was as cold as a puppet. Kang Tae Shik and Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t leave. The two sat in the car and talked about a family without dialogue. Kang Tae Shik once learned on TV that there are many families who live together but don’t speak a word to each other. Hearing this, Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t sigh about the woman’s family misfortune, but talked about family relationships, which he felt was the most unreasonable in all relationships. Obviously not the family member he chose, but he is also responsible for the other party. Kang Tae Shik could hear his resentment towards his family from the helplessness in Qiao’s words. There are indeed some people who will spend their entire lives to heal the pain of their original family, and Yoon Kyeo Re seems to be in this category.

Until the next day, Kang Tae Shik finally knocked on the door of the family, and it was her husband who came out to communicate. He said that the old man is the former owner of the house, and the two have lived together. For Kang Tae Shik’s request to let the old man return to this house to die, it sounds a bit rude. After all, the death of others has nothing to do with him. Originally, the old house here is about to be demolished, and the family will move out soon. Seeing that her husband refused to let go, Yoon Kyeo Re gave a sum of money from his pocket and used the simplest and most violent method to borrow the house temporarily. But Kang Tae Shik told him to put it away and continued to be emotional, and proposed that there was another room under the old man’s name, and if he didn’t mind, he could stay there for a while. Kang Tae Shik’s words made a gleam in the woman’s eyes, but it quickly dimmed. In the end, the husband refused Kang Tae Shik’s request and turned around to enter the house. Only the woman asked Kang Tae Shik, how much time did the old man have left? Kang Tae Shik’s answer may not survive this week.

After returning to the house, the woman said in a general sense, it turns out that this broken house is so important to someone, but they hate this house so much. Originally, the woman’s family had a good life and lived in a high-end building, but she lost a lot of money because of her mistake in buying stocks, so she was forced to move into this dilapidated house.

Back at the hospital, it was dinner time, and Kang Tae Shik invited Yoon Kyeo Re to sit down and eat together. Looking at the group of people in the team, eating a big pot of bibimbap lively, Yoon Kyeo Re seemed uneasy, and turned around and left after lingering in the cafeteria for a while. When passing by the ward, I also wanted to mediate a quarrel in the ward, but finally gave up because the female patient was too fierce.

Yoon Kyeo Re came to the parking lot and was about to leave. The cafeteria aunt packed a box of lunch and wanted Yoon Kyeo Re to take it away, but he refused. Yoon Kyeo Re felt that his aunt didn’t know him, why did he pretend to be so familiar, but the feeling of rejecting kindness still made him feel bad.

Kang Tae Shik did not give up persuading the owner and his family to come to the front of the house early every day to help them clean and scrub the car, and also made a special trip to deliver delicious lunch to the woman. Perseverance and sincerity eventually moved the family. They sent a message to Kang Tae Shik and decided to postpone the rental period for a week to make time for the elderly to live in the house. Kang Tae Shik excitedly told the news to Yoon Kyeo Re, who was sleeping in the hospital lobby. Yoon Kyeo Re stayed here late at night, not because he had nowhere to go, but because he found that his dog son seemed to like staying in the hospital.

The next day, the team was about to set off with the old man. Before leaving, the doctor reminded Seo Yeon Joo to be careful. The thrilling scene of the last car accident made him unable to let go. In fact, in the hospital, there are many people who do not agree with the team. Some medical staff believe that everyone is working hard to treat patients, and the kindness is the same. Why does the magic lamp team realize their special wishes to highlight their special . Seo Yeon Joo didn’t respond, just smiled and said goodbye to his colleagues.

Yoon Kyeo Re drove the ambulance and took the old man to the old house he missed. On the way, Yoon Kyeo Re drove casually and was reminded by Kang Tae Shik to be cautious. The car was also carrying a patient. Yoon Kyeo Re replied nonchalantly, the old man was dying anyway. This sentence made Kang Tae Shik instantly angry, made Yoon Kyeo Re stop, pulled him out of the driver’s seat and taught him a lesson, warning him that every life is equally important, the life of an old man is no different from Yoon Kyeo Re, Kashi Lai Not convinced, but roared at Kang Tae Shik, blaming him for saving him from the sea, why should he interfere with his life? Kang Tae Shik stood where he was, trying to digest the anger in his heart, and eventually he regained his composure, allowing Yoon Kyeo Re to do the rest of the social labor time without saying anything annoying.

Yoon Kyeo Re also tried his best to calm down, got back into the driver’s seat, and sent the old man to the old house. Before they arrived, the place had been restored to the way the old man lived. The old man lay by the window and looked at the persimmon tree in the yard. It was a small sapling planted by his wife when she was pregnant, and now it has grown into a big tree. However, the tree is still there, but the person under the tree is no longer there.

That night, Yoon Kyeo Re was still stubborn not to eat with Kang Tae Shik and Seo Yeon Joo, but went into the old man’s room and chatted with him. Yoon Kyeo Re wonders why the old man is not afraid of death? Although he wanted to die, he was still a little scared, but when he thought about it, it was even more terrifying to live. No matter which step Yoon Kyeo Re took, it was extremely painful, and he didn’t know what to do. Outside the house, Seo Yeon Joo sat quietly at the door and heard Yoon Kyeo Re’s words. Yoon Kyeo Re, who looked rude and rude, was so desperate and helpless. At this time, the old man hooked Kanqiaolai, Yoon Kyeo Re obediently came to the old man’s side, the old man clenched Yoon Kyeo Re’s hand and thanked him for sending him back to the old house. This thank you made Yoon Kyeo Re’s eyes red, and the hard defensive shell in his heart was gently opened, and his tone softened unconsciously. He told the old man that his name was Qiao Lai, did he need help with anything else? Yoon Kyeo Re kept covering his tears and unnaturalness with small gestures, and this was the first time he was grateful to a stranger.

If You Wish Upon Me episode 2 Ending

The old man was supported by Seo Yeon Joo and came to lie down by the window. As soon as he looked outside, he found that the branches of persimmons were covered with orange-yellow persimmons overnight. Even Kang Tae Shik was surprised. Seo Yeon Joo quietly told him that it was made by Yoon Kyeo Re. He heard the old man say yesterday that this tree used to bear many fruits, so he made many persimmons and hung them one by one overnight. Kang Tae Shik looked at Qiaolai, who was sleeping soundly, and felt that this kid was not broken to the core. Perhaps the more desperate people are in the world, once they feel the warmth, they will repay others double.

At night, Yoon Kyeo Re and Kang Tae Shik returned to the hospital and continued to pack some of the old man’s belongings. Just as Yoon Kyeo Re was unpacking his luggage, he found the dog son running out of his backpack. He hurriedly searched along the corridor of the ward and found that the dog was parked in front of a ward with a combination lock. Yoon Kyeo Re is a little curious, because the other wards are not locked, only this room is the most special. He was about to open the door when Kang Tae Shik stopped him. The second episode of the Korean drama “If You Wish Upon Me” is over.

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