If You Wish Upon Me episode 3 Recap & Ending:What’s in room 403?

If You Wish Upon Me episode 3 Recap

In the last episode, we said that Yoon Kyeo Re wanted to open a locked ward, but was stopped by Kang Tae Shik, and then gave a reason because there are ghosts in this ward. Yoon Kyeo Re naturally doesn’t believe this statement, and just thinks Kang Tae Shik is acting like a ghost. At this time, Kang Tae Shik received a message from Seo Yeon Joo, telling him to return to the old house quickly, the old man seemed to die at any moment.

Today, the team made a big table full of food, and everyone gathered in a lively manner. Yoon Kyeo Re entered the door with a blank face as usual, until the old man took the initiative to smile at him, and Yoon Kyeo Re forced a stiff smile. Today the old man’s daughter also came here with her foreign husband and children. The father and daughter had a conflict many years ago, and have since cut off contact, but all resentment has dissipated with the wind when they were dying. The old man reconciled with his daughter, and the blond granddaughter also practiced a Korean song and made a special trip to sing it to the old man.

In the crisp singing, the old man seemed to see his wife and young daughter playing in the courtyard again, which was the best part of his life in his memory. When it was time for dinner, Yoon Kyeo Re went out alone again, unwilling to sit with everyone. He was nibbling ham on the steps outside the house, and listening to the happy voice inside, his face was a little lonely. Perhaps deep down in his heart, Yoon Kyeo Re also wanted to blend in, but he didn’t know how to do it, after all, he hadn’t even learned to smile.

There was also a special guest at this party, the eldest son who used to live in the old house. When he came back to pick up some leftovers, he was invited to the table by Kang Tae Shik. He tasted a bite of the meal, only to realize that he hadn’t eaten such delicious food for a long time. Correspondingly, the eldest son has not felt the cheerful and warm atmosphere for a long time.

Today’s meal is not only delicious, but also heals the mood of the eldest son. At night, he called his mother after a long absence, and the two came to the lake to talk. The eldest son never thought that the old house, which he hated so much, was such a precious existence in the eyes of some people. This made him realize that the environment does not determine happiness or not, the most important thing lies in his heart. He wondered why his mother agreed to Kang Tae Shik’s request, and his mother replied because she was scolded severely. Since the fall of the family, the atmosphere in the home has always been icy cold, and everyone has not spoken to each other, but the silent condemnation is far more tormenting than the scolding. Mom wished that someone would come and scold him, and Yoon Kyeo Re became this person by accident. When he first visited the house, he saw his mother holding a twine and trying to cut himself off. Before leaving, Yoon Kyeo Re was still worried, and told his mother that it was more difficult to die than to live, and that his mother didn’t want to die at all. There are clean clothes in the courtyard and potted plants on the ground. People who are really desperate have no intention of running a life like this. Mom also thought it was inconceivable why she was moved by his words, but this question is not important, the important thing is that she and her eldest son have regained the warmth of the past.

At night, the old man was lying by the window, looking at the persimmon tree outside the house. He closed his eyes and felt like he got out of bed and came under the tree in person. His wife appeared and held his hand, and the two walked into the dazzling white light together. On a quiet night, the old man passed away peacefully. Yoon Kyeo Re came to bring a real persimmon to give to the old man, but found that he had no response. Seo Yeon Joo immediately came to check his pulse, and it was confirmed that the old man had passed away, and the death was unpredictable, and Yoon Kyeo Re was at a loss. But after this incident, Yoon Kyeo Re realized that death is not all sad and tragic, for some people, it is music who has reached the other end of the soul.

At night, Yoon Kyeo Re invited the pet doctor to drink with him. The drunk Yoon Kyeo Re said, why did he trust the pet doctor so much? It was precisely because the doctor did not smile at him when the two met for the first time. Yoon Kyeo Re is afraid of people who laugh at him because these people will either be violent or torture and frame themselves in the future. Yoon Kyeo Re also had a pure and innocent heart, but in deception and suffering, he became sharp and sensitive little by little, and he could no longer believe in the friendliness of human beings. When the doctor carried Yoon Kyeo Re back to the hospital, he asked Kang Tae Shik if he smiled at him when he first met Yoon Kyeo Re? Kang Tae Shik answered no. After hearing this answer, the doctor put Yoon Kyeo Re into his hands with confidence.

When I woke up the next day, Yoon Kyeo Re was already sleeping in the house, and Seo Yeon Joo was teasing the dog. In order to repay Yoon Kyeo Re’s car repair costs, Seo Yeon Joo has already rented out her house, and then she will be homeless and may have to live in the hospital. At this moment Kang Tae Shik walked in, ready to eat breakfast, and Yoon Kyeo Re asked again if the haunted ward was real. Kang Tae Shik answered earnestly that there were cannibals living in it, specifically to devour people’s health and happiness. Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t believe it, and left the house after saying “sick”. Today, Yoon Kyeo Re is going to take a volunteer education course with the nuns. In the first class, he will learn to write a suicide note. Yoon Kyeo Re is drowsy and looks extremely careless.

The underworld elder brother came to the prison, met a girl named Ha Joon Kyung, and asked her where Yoon Kyeo Re was and where the money they took away was. The girl smiled, how could she know about Yoon Kyeo Re when she was in jail? As for the money, when the two of them decided to burn charcoal to kill themselves, it was already burned. The girl was once tricked by the underworld elder brother, and in the past, she became an anchor at his request and earned at least 2 billion. But the underworld eldest brother only donated 300 million to her. For a mercenary like the underworld elder brother, the girl doesn’t want to say a good word.

There is a terminally ill girl Se Hee in the hospital. Every time she gets sick, the severe pain will make her extremely irritable, and she will abuse the people around her. But usually she is very gentle, and there is a good noise who can sing. This day Se Hee found Kang Tae Shik and hoped that he could help him realize his wish. During the chat, Se Hee wondered why Kang Tae Shik took the path of fulfilling his dying wishes for his patients. Kang Tae Shik replied that an elder brother once said that everyone is born with the expectation and company of their family, but when they die, they are often alone, which is too pitiful. So he decided to be the last consolation for the dying.

Se Hee’s wish sounds a little difficult, because she wants to meet the star she admires. Se Hee was a little worried about this, but Kang Tae Shik confidently assured that he could do it. After accepting the entrustment, he also had a request, which is to ask Se Hee to apologize to the person she had scolded, and Seo Yeon Joo was one of the victims. Se Hee readily accepted the offer, and hugged Seo Yeon Joo tenderly, when Yoon Kyeo Re passed by, he couldn’t see such a friendly picture, and quickly hid aside. Seo Yeon Joo told Se Hee that sometimes the pain is really painful, but it is not a good practice to endure the pain, maybe it will be more comfortable to release it. Seo Yeon Joo deliberately accentuates the sentence knowing that Bridge is listening. Not only the pain in the body, but if there is pain in the heart, it must be vented so that it can be slowly healed.

Although Kang Tae Shik was extremely confident in front of Se Hee, in fact he had no better way. He could only drag Yoon Kyeo Re outside the theater where the star was performing and let him entangle the staff. He took the opportunity to sneak into the backstage of the performance. . Kang Tae Shik was going to beg the star directly to meet Se Hee, but he didn’t take it seriously. Fans outside the venue swarmed wildly, pushing Kang Tae Shik farther and farther away.

After Yoon Kyeo Re joined the team, he occasionally helped out in the hospital. On this day, the cook made a table of delicious food to entertain the patient’s family. Before the meal, she told her story. It turned out that the cook’s daughter was also a patient here. The reason why she stayed and became the magic lamp team was because her daughter told her before her death that even if she couldn’t eat her mother’s food, she would continue to use food to warm others. After the meal, Yoon Kyeo Re wanted to leave the cafeteria as usual, but was pushed by the cook on the chair next to him and told him to finish the meal he prepared for him. Yoon Kyeo Re had to take a bite. The cook was expecting the bridge to say it was delicious, but he put down the spoon and left without saying a word.

If You Wish Upon Me episode 3 Ending

Kang Tae Shik continued to plan how to convince the star to meet Se Hee. On this day, he sneaked into the audition for a musical actor, played Se Hee’s song on the spot, and asked the star to meet her again. But the star only felt that he was pestering him, causing Kang Tae Shik to be dragged down and being slammed to the ground. Yoon Kyeo Re was angry and raised his fist to teach the two men, but was stopped by Kang Tae Shik. On the way home, Yoon Kyeo Re was still indignant, feeling that Kang Tae Shik had endured a lot of humiliation for this job. But Kang Tae Shik didn’t care and still enjoyed it.

At night, Yoon Kyeo Re started thinking about the team before falling asleep. Unconsciously, Yoon Kyeo Re seemed to have a little trust in this place, and even felt that if he felt extremely painful one day, these people should have a way to relieve the pain. In the dark hospital, the cook walked into the haunted room 403, and then told Kang Tae Shik on the phone that the people inside were still alive. At this moment, a sound like thunder and lightning woke Yoon Kyeo Re, who was sleeping. The third episode of the Korean drama “If You Wish Upon Me” ended.

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