Is The Sandman Corinthian still alive, is he gay or bisexual? Introducing Actor Boyd Holbrook

Is The Sandman Corinthian still alive, is he gay or bisexual? Introducing Actor Boyd Holbrook

The Sandman, the 2022 hit fantasy series, tells the story of Morpheus, the king of dreams. He rules over a realm called the Dreamland, and Morpheus creates countless dreams and nightmares, each with a specific purpose.

The Corinthian is one of the nightmares created by Morpheus, when the “Sandman” was imprisoned for more than a century, Morpheus did whatever he wanted, torturing and killing mortals and taking their eyes.

In the end, however, the Sandman captured Corinthian, and he didn’t end well. If you’re wondering what happened to Corinthian and whether he’ll be returning to Sandman, and whether Corinthian is gay or bisexual? So here’s what you should know.

The Sandman Corinthian is gay or bisexual

Corinthian is gay in Sandman, he’s a nightmare, and it’s his duty to show humans the darkness within them and confront them with things they don’t want to face in the real world. Kind of like torturing people’s souls, but he wasn’t content with that, and eventually he escaped from the dream and started killing people.

Interestingly when he first went on a killing spree, he only ate the eyes of men, Neil Gaiman wrote in The Sandman Companion. While Corinthian is gay, there’s a reason he’s not the only LGBTQ character to appear in the comics. Retaining the world of Sandman was a conscious choice, Gaiman said, explaining: “I have gay friends and transgender friends, and I want to see them in the comics I write. For me, If the comics I create exclude them, then I can’t represent the world I’m in, the brave or the real perception world. That’s what art is about, so to me it’s just a matter of course.”

The series takes on the Corinthian character from the comics and does it well on screen. We saw that his very attractive personality attracted a lot of people.

Is the character Corinthian dead?

Strictly speaking, Corinthian is not dead, Corinthian is a nightmare, created by the Sandman, who can construct him from the same elements. Nightmare was originally created to show people their deepest, darkest secrets, and things they hid in the real world but had to face in their sleep. Tired of his job, Corinthian wanted to explore the waking world and escaped from the dream to the waking world. The nightmare Corinthian ran rampant in the real world, eventually evolving into a cult of serial killers.

When the Sandman finally caught Corinthian, he reduced Corinthian to ashes, leaving only a small skull. As the Sandman does with Gault in the finale, the Sandman never actually destroyed his creation, so Corinthian didn’t die.

Instead of destroying Gault, the Sandman sends her into the dark and brings her back, constructing her in a different way. This is also his plan for Corinthian, the essence of Nightmare is still in the skull, Sandman will use it to build another Corinthian, he will come back sooner or later, Sandman should have a better Corinthian in the second season.

Meet Boyd Holbrook, who plays Corinthian in Sandman

Boyd Holbrook is a very talented actor who has starred in many famous films such as “Logan” opposite Hugh Jackman and 2018’s “The Predator”. He has been active in the film industry since 2001. If you’d like to learn more about the actor, we’ll cover everything from his age and height to his next work!

Boyd Holbrook Age

The Sandman actor was born on September 1, 1981, in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. He is 40 years old and his zodiac sign is Virgo.

Boyd Holbrook Height

Boyd Holbrook is tall, 6-foot-2. He has blond hair and blue eyes.

Boyd Holbrook’s Instagram account @boydholbrook

The 40-year-old actor, who appears to have a verified Instagram account @boydholbrook, hasn’t posted anything so far. But that didn’t stop his fans from following him, eagerly awaiting his first post! He currently has over 158,000 followers.

Boyd Holbrook Career

During his long career, Boyd Holbrook starred in numerous films and television shows. Probably best known for his role as DEA agent Steve Murphy on the Netflix series “Narcos” and his roles in “Logan”, “Gone Girl”, “The Predator” and “In the Shadow of the Moon” characters in movies. He’ll next appear in B. J. Novak’s dark comedy film “Vengeance,” and he’s also starring in the fifth “Indiana Jones,” due out in 2023.

Who is Boyd Holbrook’s wife?

His wife, Tatiana Pajkovic, is Danish and they have a son together.

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