Kdrama Big Mouth episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 6 Recap

Go Mi Ho gradually believed that Park Chang Ho was Big Mouth, and was so shocked that he returned home and drank suffocating wine alone. The father-in-law thought this statement was not credible, but Go Mi Ho was a little skeptical and decided to go to the prison in person and ask Park Chang Ho for clarification. Just at this time, Jiuchuan Hospital needed to organize a medical volunteer team to come to the prison, and Go Mi Ho was on the team. As soon as he walked into the prison, Go Mi Ho caught the attention of the warden and guards. The guard remembered that she was Park Chang Ho’s wife, and he immediately told Park Chang Ho the news. Park Chang Ho couldn’t hide the little smirk on his face, and immediately packed up his cool and handsome ready to meet Go Mi Ho.

Park Chang Ho first threw the trio into the small dark room to prevent Go Mi Ho from seeing them affect his mood. The prison guards hurried to report that Han Jae Ho’s wife was also in the volunteer group today. Park Chang Ho thought about it and asked Jerry to release Han Jae Ho to meet his wife, deliberately talking in front of Lee Doo Geun and Jung Chae Bong that Park Chang Ho took good care of Han Jae Ho. This sentence really aroused the suspicion of the other two, and they fiercely asked Han Jae Ho if he had ever had a private relationship with Big Mouth. Facing the anger of the two, Han Jae Ho quickly denied it and told them not to fall for Park Chang Ho’s countermeasures.

The volunteer team set up a checkpoint in the auditorium. As the gate opened, a large number of prisoners poured in. Jerry took the lead to say hello to the sister-in-law. All four prisoners bowed respectfully to Go Mi Ho, and chanted Go Mi Ho’s name in unison. This exaggerated battle made Go Mi Ho’s face flush with embarrassment, and was accompanied by a burst of embarrassment. At this time, the prison guard stepped forward and asked Go Mi Ho to meet Park Chang Ho with him. Go Mi Ho followed the prison guards through the basement and into the VIP cell. He saw Park Chang Ho drinking wine alone, and specially made a hairstyle. The prison life was extremely nourishing. As soon as the guard left, Park Chang Ho couldn’t wait to hug Go Mi Ho, but she pushed him away.

Go Mi Ho sternly asks Park Chang Ho whether he is Big Mouth or not, with a serious look. But Park Chang Ho didn’t speak for a while, he looked around, suddenly grabbed Go Mi Ho’s hand and told her to stop talking and go somewhere else with himself. Park Chang Ho’s caution is not unreasonable. The VIP cell has long been under the supervision of the warden. When the two were talking, the warden was in the monitoring room with the screen dead.

Park Chang Ho brought Go Mi Ho to the middle of the playground, where there is no risk of being monitored for the time being. Park Chang Ho asked Go Mi Ho to continue to trust himself before speaking. That day, after he got the list given by the mayor, he was blindfolded on the way back to the cell, and when he woke up, only his younger brother Jerry was present. And Park Chang Ho has a tarot card with the correct list in his pocket. The two lists made it difficult for Park Chang Ho to choose until the day he met with Gong Ji Hoon. The mayor arrives in a hurry, and from the anxiety on his face, Park Chang Ho is convinced that the list on the tarot card is correct.

After that, Park Chang Ho received a steady stream of tarot cards. The content of the card reflects the plan that Big Mouth will implement. Because of the prior reminder, Park Chang Ho was able to act calmly and played the role of Big Mouth very well. Among the tarot cards received by Park Chang Ho, there is a Judgment card. Park Chang Ho thinks that Big Mouth guides him like this because he wants him to find out Professor Xu’s murder and try the real murderer. But Park Chang Ho also didn’t want to be used by Big Mouth all the time. Park Chang Ho deliberately released hints to connect with Big Mouth through the Bible in the church. As long as you have contact with Big Mouth, you can check his true identity,

Park Chang Ho was fighting in the prison alone, and Go Mi Ho also came up with a contribution, proposing to make himself responsible for finding Professor Xu’s thesis, and the two hugged each other and cheered each other on. After seeing Park Chang Ho, Go Mi Ho returned to work in the auditorium. She found that the head nurse on the side had divided the blood samples into blue and red, so she was curious. Lunchtime is another big show for Park Chang Ho. He walked slowly into the cafeteria, and when he passed by each nurse in Jiuchuan Hospital, he could tell the privacy of their body, so as to show his ability to see the sky and warn them not to. Bullying Go Mi Ho.

When Park Chang Ho came to the Dean, Park Chang Ho became respectful and hoped that the Dean would take more care of Go Mi Ho. After lunch, Go Mi Ho and the wife of Han Jae Ho, who participated in the event today, were carrying medical equipment, and suddenly his wife was squatting and showing pain. She also met her husband just now through the relationship in prison, but the suspicious Han Jae Ho questioned his wife for cheating and beat her. Go Mi Ho saw the scar on his wife’s neck and remembered that he didn’t have these when he came in the morning, obviously it was Han Jae Ho. But the wife didn’t want to make extra troubles and asked Go Mi Ho to stop worrying about herself.

After finishing her medical work, Go Mi Ho called her father-in-law and told them to ask about Park Chang Ho’s results. Saying that Park Chang Ho is Park Chang Ho, my father-in-law smiled knowingly. Go Mi Ho went back to the hospital to work the night shift, and received a call from a female family member on the top floor. She claimed to know where Professor Xu’s paper was and needed Go Mi Ho to pay a large sum of money so that she was willing to tell Go Mi Ho. Go Mi Ho agreed immediately. In order to ensure the authenticity of the news, the female family members need to reveal some information first. The woman’s family told her that the paper was inside the cross necklace, and the necklace was in the woman’s hand. As soon as the female family member finished speaking, she felt something strange behind her. The female family member who was on the top floor then fell to her death in front of Go Mi Ho.

The frightened Go Mi Ho sat on the chair, thinking that Professor Xu’s paper was in the hands of the woman with the cross necklace. Go Mi Ho had a sudden flash of inspiration, she had seen the dean with a cross necklace around her neck. Go Mi Ho hurried back to the meeting place of the nurses and confirmed that the dean was indeed wearing a cross necklace. Go Mi Ho poured out what the female family members had said while telling the dean that the female family members had been killed. Hearing this, the dean took off the cross necklace and handed it to Go Mi Ho. Go Mi Ho checked it carefully, and there was nothing suspicious about the necklace. She apologized to the dean. But the conversation between the two was overheard by a mysterious woman.

The trio is applying for bail, and Park Chang Ho gets the news and continues to talk to Big Mouth with the Bible, hoping that he will come forward to stop it. But Big Mouth seems reluctant to get involved in the matter, hoping that Park Chang Ho will resolve it alone. Park Chang Ho guessed that Big Mouth was testing his abilities. In order to find out the true face of Big Mouth, Park Chang Ho decided to go out in person. He ordered the younger brothers to bring Han Jae Ho, who shivered with fear. Park Chang Ho asked him if he wanted to betray his promise to surrender after being released on bail? Warn him that if he betrays himself, he will be thrown into the fire as his final destination. Han Jae Ho hurriedly assured that he would not betray Park Chang Ho, and temporarily saved his life.

The mayor also heard about Go Mi Ho misunderstanding the dean last time. He explains to Go Mi Ho that Dean’s necklace is her mother’s relic, so Dean will carry it with him. This made Go Mi Ho even more embarrassed and planned to make a solemn payment to the dean another day. The mayor instead asked if Go Mi Ho met Park Chang Ho? Facing the mayor’s questioning, Go Mi Ho did not say much. Just saying one thing, I believe in Park Chang Ho. The two were chatting, and the father-in-law on the side found the video data.

When Go Mi Ho went to the dean to confirm the necklace, he explained that his father helped her download the interview program that the dean participated in. Go Mi Ho watched the video and accidentally discovered that the necklace worn by Han Jae Ho’s wife was also a cross. Go Mi Ho found the necklace designs of the female family members for comparison, and found that the two necklaces were exactly the same. She was absolutely certain that the cross necklace the female family was referring to was the one worn by Han Jae Ho’s wife, and that Professor Xu’s paper was also hidden in it. The mayor in the house also heard Go Mi Ho’s reasoning. As soon as the screen changed, Han Jae Ho’s wife recalled overhearing the conversation between the two of them. She took off her necklace and indeed put a memory card in it.

Back in one night, his wife was bullied by Han Jae Ho. She fled outside and happened to meet Professor Xu who was driving by and asked him to save her. Professor Xu took his wife into the car, went to another house, and treated his wife’s wounds. The two began a forbidden love. Professor Xu gave his wife a cross necklace as a token of love, but now that the professor has passed away, his wife held the necklace tightly and cried heartbreakingly.

Big Mouth Kdrama episode 6 Ending

The trio of chaebols dressed up to welcome the arrival of bail after the trial. And Han Jae Ho, who was threatened by Park Chang Ho, was always gloomy and didn’t know what to think. Soon after, the warden took the three away, but bumped into Park Chang Ho on the way. Park Chang Ho threatened the three in person, reminding them that even if they participated in the trial, they would not necessarily be granted bail. Jung Chae Bong laughed and directly said that he had already known that Park Chang Ho had bribed Han Jae Ho, and wanted to put the blame on the two at the trial, and escaped the guilt on the grounds that he was only the driver.

Park Chang Ho was taken aback, and Han Jae Ho was about to defend himself when his bald head stood up. It turned out that the person who leaked the plan was the bald head. He took his younger brothers back to Jung Chae Bong. It turned out that he never betrayed the chaebol trio. After the plan failed, Han Jae Ho was placed in the correctional room and barred from being released on bail. Seeing this scene, Park Chang Ho felt uneasy. When the two groups were leaving, they reminded the bald head to deal with Park Chang Ho later, and left with everyone. After everyone left, Park Chang Ho laughed recklessly and said that you were all being tricked, these idiots. The sixth episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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