Kdrama Big Mouth episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained:Chang Ho is Big Mouth?

Kdrama 2022 Big Mouth episode 8 Recap

Park Chang Ho was taken by prison guards to a mysterious mental hospital on his way back to prison. Before waking up, Park Chang Ho dreamed that he met Big Mouth. The other party was wearing a white mask and was about to take away the tarot cards from the Bible. Park Chang Ho stepped forward and scuffled with him until he took off his mask, revealing his own face. Park Chang Ho was awakened and found that he was in a self-colored space, and he was tightly bound by the restraint clothes and could not move. At this time, the head nurse and a burly nurse entered the door and directly injected Park Chang Ho with a sedative.

People in the mental hospital began torturing Park Chang Ho in various ways, not allowing him to drink water or sleep. Until Park Chang Ho was completely unconscious, he was injected with a drug called a confession agent. The prosecutor told Gong Ji Hoon that Park Chang Ho’s mouth would be like an open magic box, pouring out all the secrets. After several tossing, Hao was already weak. That’s when Gong Ji Hoon and the prosecutor walked into the ward and injected him with a confession. Park Chang Ho struggled immediately with a look of pain on his face, but quickly regained his composure.

Gong Ji Hoon knew that the potion was invading Park Chang Ho’s brain, and when Park Chang Ho opened his eyes again, he saw a terrible hallucination, and the house was full of rats. Fear battered his nerves repeatedly until he was exhausted. Seeing that the time is ripe, Gong Ji Hoon asks Park Chang Ho where the 100 billion is hidden? Park Chang Ho was in a trance, he replied that he did not know according to his own will, and also said that he was not Big Mouth. But the prosecutor was convinced of his identity, and could only admit that Park Chang Ho’s mind was beyond that of ordinary humans, and he could lie even when he had a nervous breakdown.

When Gong Ji Hoon was about to increase the dose, Park Chang Ho died again. Subconsciously, he returned to his unforgettable student days. The first time he met Go Mi Ho, Park Chang Ho, who was born in an orphanage, was withdrawn and easily bullied. Because the fight fell into the hands of my father-in-law, who was a policeman at the time. While teaching Park Chang Ho a lesson, Go Mi Ho walked in. She was willing to testify that Park Chang Ho didn’t fight and shared his bento with him. That was the first time Park Chang Ho felt the warmth of being trusted.

Park Chang Ho continued to move forward subconsciously, he opened a door and was hit head-on by the violent current. In reality, Park Chang Ho’s face was splashed with a basin of water. Seeing him awake, Gong Ji Hoon picked up another confession and prepared to continue injecting him. Park Chang Ho cried out and immediately gave a location where he claimed to have buried the money.

In the middle of the night, Gong Ji Hoon came to the road sign Park Chang Ho said with hoes and digging for money. However, this location is just a temporary nonsense of Park Chang Ho, just because he wants to buy himself time to escape. During this period of time, he turned against the burly nurse, but it was a pity that the nurse was deaf and mute.

Jung Chae Bong and Lee Doo Geun dug a big hole, but there is still no shadow of 100 billion. Just when Gong Ji Hoon felt that he had been deceived again, the two people who were digging the soil actually dug up a box, and when they opened it, it turned out to be a gold bar. Gong Ji Hoon returned to the ward angrily, scolded Park Chang Ho for playing tricks on himself, and took a piece of gold to hang his appetite. Park Chang Ho’s eyes widened, and he immediately thought that Big Mouth was secretly helping again. He is no longer afraid of threats, and Park Chang Ho must survive until Big Mouth comes to his rescue.

On the other hand, Han Jae Ho was also released from prison. He called his wife frantically as soon as he was free. It’s just that the other party has been out of contact, and Go Mi Ho and his father-in-law are also looking for his wife. Suddenly Go Mi Ho received a call from the mayor and he found Han Jae Ho’s wife, but there was no memory card in the necklace. Go Mi Ho immediately rushes to the seaside villa where she is hiding and talks to her alone. The two talk about Han Jae Ho’s violent tendencies, and Go Mi Ho wants to help her escape from this dangerous marriage.

In the mental hospital, Big Mouth’s rescue comes quickly. He started the fire and called the police early. The hospital was in an instant chaos. Park Chang Ho took advantage of the chaos to attack the nurse and was about to escape, but he didn’t expect that the other party was a master of fighting. Just as Park Chang Ho was on the verge of being beaten, Jerry appeared in a lifeguard costume, and the two eventually escaped from the hospital together.

Jerry used his superb driving skills to get rid of the pursuers and let Park Chang Ho drive away in a prepared car. For all this, Jerry didn’t have time to explain too much, and only admitted that he had received money from Big Mouth to rescue him. Before leaving, Jerry promised Park Chang Ho that he would tell him everything when the two met again. Park Chang Ho trotted all the way to the parking place of the car, changed into the clothes placed in the car, and used the mobile phone in the car to call Jiuchuan Hospital and wanted to contact Go Mi Ho. It’s a pity that Go Mi Ho is not in the hospital today, so Park Chang Ho can only give up.

A lawyer friend came to visit the prison before and told Park Chang Ho that Go Mi Ho had analyzed the conclusion that Professor Xu’s thesis was in the hands of Han Jae Ho’s wife. At the same time, Jerry drove away the man in black who was chasing, but accidentally had an accident. Driving to Park Chang Ho here, I saw Jerry being covered with a white cloth with my own eyes. Park Chang Ho drove away with tears in his eyes as Gong Ji Hoon and the prosecutor were also at the scene and it was not advisable to stay here for long.

Gong Ji Hoon did not find Park Chang Ho, and issued an order to the prosecutor to seek Park Chang Ho. At this time, Go Mi Ho did not know that Park Chang Ho was in danger. She handed over a document to Han Jae Ho’s wife, hoping that she could join the camp of several people to reveal the truth. After Go Mi Ho left, the wife opened the file.

Go Mi Ho was waiting for his wife to change her mind in the living room, and suddenly saw the news on TV that Park Chang Ho was admitted to a mental hospital after bail due to illness, and escaped from prison this afternoon. Now the police are openly wanted, hoping that the general public can provide useful clues. The bald head also saw the relevant news, he couldn’t help but look at Park Chang Ho differently, and let the younger brothers learn more.

Park Chang Ho disappeared, and the most anxious was the trio, for fear that he would come to seek revenge. In order to catch Park Chang Ho as soon as possible, the prosecutor also used his power to add Go Mi Ho’s father, daughter and lawyer friend to the wanted list. Park Chang Ho, who was hiding everywhere, learned the news from the broadcast, and just when Hershey received a message from Big Mouth, asking him to meet somewhere.

On the way, Park Chang Ho encountered a road check, and there were continuous vehicles coming from behind. The desperate Park Chang Ho could only bite the bullet and drive forward for inspection. The police took pictures of Park Chang Ho for comparison. The nervous Park Chang Ho clenched his fists and was ready to fight the police. However, after confirming that Park Chang Ho is the same as the wanted man in the photo, the police did not embarrass Park Chang Ho, but let him go. Park Chang Ho looked surprised, and the policeman had a logo behind his ear that appeared to be the logo of the Big Mouth organization.

Subsequently, Park Chang Ho came to the destination, and Big Mouth specially prepared new clothing accessories and some money for him. Park Chang Ho sat on the side helplessly, thinking that Jerry took Big Mouth’s money to work for him, and finally died in Huangquan. Park Chang Ho secretly made up his mind that he would not be as pitiful as Jerry, who was used by Big Mouth and lost his life.

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 8 Ending

Go Mi Ho, father-in-law, and lawyer friends have been evading the police’s arrest, and they dare not turn on their mobile phones. It is not a long-term solution to hide in Tibet. On a whim, Go Mi Ho came up with a way to avoid the police and get in touch with Park Chang Ho. Several people protested at the gate of the Prosecutor’s Office. They held up signs to name Park Chang Ho, who is not Big Mouth. Go Mi Ho saw the prosecutor approaching and surrounded him with reporters, explaining that Park Chang Ho was kidnapped, not jailbroken, and that the prosecution should find out the truth.

Park Chang Ho has been watching Go Mi Ho with binoculars from a high-rise building in the distance, worried that Go Mi Ho, who is on a hunger strike, will be overwhelmed. As soon as Go Mi Ho looked up, she saw an insurance advertisement being played in the building opposite. She remembered that when Park Chang Ho proposed to her, she also bought similar insurance and set herself as a benefit. Go Mi Ho had a flash of inspiration, dialed the contact information on the advertisement, and finally got in touch with Park Chang Ho.

Park Chang Ho told her that he was on the tall building opposite her. Go Mi Ho looked at each other and said that Han Jae Ho’s wife was already willing to cooperate. Park Chang Ho is getting a call from Han Jae Ho’s wife and intends to start controlling the whole situation. The wife called Gong Ji Hoon and admitted that the paper was in her hands. In exchange, she wants Han Jae Ho to sign the divorce papers or she will hand over the papers to Big Mouth. The wife made the call at the behest of Park Chang Ho, but Han Jae Ho was reluctant to divorce.

Soon after, the trio came to the door of the court. They applied for self-defense as victims, saying that they had been wrongly accused of being the murderer in Professor Xu’s case.

Gong Ji Hoon and the mayor also came to the court, and the mayor asked him if the papers were in the hands of Han Jae Ho’s wife. Gong Ji Hoon didn’t hide it and admitted it all at once. The mayor told Go Mi Ho that Gong Ji Hoon already knew that the papers were in the hands of his wife. Go Mi Ho did not speak and came to the court. A few days ago, a blogger posted a video at the behest of Go Mi Ho, saying that someone had made a report on Professor Xu’s case, and the content of the report would be announced in the form of live broadcast soon. Today is the day of disclosure. At the same time, Park Chang Ho put on the costume prepared by Big Mouth and started the road of revenge to judge the sins of the wicked. Park Chang Ho came to the live broadcast and introduced himself to the camera. He is Big Mouth and Park Chang Ho.

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