Kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ending Explained episode 16 Recap

Kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ending Explained episode 16 Recap

Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 16 Recap

Woo Young Woo met Lee Joon Ho on the way, Lee Joon Ho asked the doubts in her heart again, why did she break up? Woo Young Woo finally said why, because she wasn’t sure if she could bring happiness to Lee Joon Ho. The center of the world for autistic patients is always themselves, and without their own care and warmth, Lee Joon Ho should be very lonely. Woo Young Woo blushed and apologized to Lee Joon Ho again.

Representative Wang Yang found Woo Young Woo’s father and asked him to take Woo Young Woo on a trip for a while, because she was going to expose the relationship between Woo Young Woo and Representative Tarzan to attack each other. A few days later, there was good news from the court. The judge finally accepted the last argument and cancelled the fine of up to 300 billion.

In a certain room, a teenager saw the news with a very complicated expression. He made a phone call, and his words showed that the hacking attack seemed to be related to him. At this time, the representative of Taishan pushed in the door, and it turned out that the boy was her son. Lawyer Tai’s son and Woo Young Woo are half-sisters, and the two have a lot in common. My son also likes to wear blindfolds when sleeping, and all kinds of medals and certificates are neatly placed in the house.

Attorney Tai was explaining to his subordinates about the class action lawsuit filed by the netizens against Rowan Company. The son suddenly walked up to Attorney Tai and admitted that the hacker attack was his own. The news was like a thunderbolt, which made Lawyer Tai panic. She told her son to keep quiet and leave everything to herself. But the son felt ashamed and wanted to turn himself in, so lawyer Tai couldn’t help but get angry and accused him of not causing trouble during his hearing.

Lawyer Tai admits that he has never been harsh on his son, but at such an important moment, he took care of the landmines for himself. The scolded son was also a little angry and mentioned Woo Young Woo. Attorney Tai immediately froze in place, and his son continued to speak, knowing everything.

During the period of lawyer Zheng’s illness, the signs of reconciliation with his ex-wife gradually ignited. On this day, his ex-wife came to visit again. Lawyer Zheng made a request to rehabilitate. In the past, he was so obsessed with his career that he really ignored the feelings of his ex-wife. Fortunately, this serious illness made him wake up in time, and he still had to cherish the people in front of him. Although the ex-wife also has the will to get back together, she still asks Lawyer Zheng to resign from Wang Yang’s office, because in a large law firm, busy work is inexorable, and maybe they will still be separated because they get together less and leave more. This time, lawyer Zheng chose his lover. He promised his ex-wife to resign and live with her.

Xiaoyu finds a lawyer too, hoping that she can poach Woo Young Woo at this time. Her life in the firm has been very unsatisfactory recently. Not only was her friendly mentor hospitalized, she was targeted by the new mentor, and her boyfriend who was in love broke up. Lawyer Tai smiled as if thinking of something, but she reminded Xiaoyu that if she poached Woo Young Woo by herself, the agreement between them would be invalid. Xiaoyu smiled, he didn’t care about it anymore, he just wanted to be with Xiaoyan from now on.

That night, Tarzan sent someone to the vicinity of Woo Young Woo’s house, ready to give her the invitation to join her. It happened that Lee Joon Ho was also waiting at the door of Woo Young Woo’s house and wanted to reunite with Woo Young Woo. Suddenly seeing a strange man approaching her, Lee Joon Ho immediately protected Woo Young Woo. The staff of Tarzan told the representative that she wanted her to join an office in the United States. She would also prepare a house for Woo Young Woo and his daughter to live together. We will let Woo Young Woo conduct professional autism counseling and treatment. The above are all suggestions from lawyer Tai. Lee Joon Ho, who was on the side, was dumbfounded. It was the first time he had seen this way of poaching.

After the staff of Tarzan left, Lee Joon Ho hesitated to say anything, but in the end he didn’t say what he wanted to say, because he felt that Woo Young Woo must be in a mess when he suddenly received an invitation from Tarzan. As soon as Woo Young Woo got home, Dad told him that the representative wanted to disclose that Woo Young Woo was the illegitimate daughter of a lawyer before the hearing. At that time, the reporter will harass Woo Young Woo all day long, and the representative suggested that the father and daughter go to a quiet village to avoid the limelight.

Woo Young Woo took out the information he had received, and his father confessed that he had already heard about it from lawyer Tai, and he was very disgusted with this proposal at the time. Now it seems that it may be a good choice for Woo Young Woo. Woo Young Woo was in a state of disarray. Lawyer Tai had never been involved in her life, but suddenly came out to hide herself abroad. For a while, Woo Young Woo didn’t know what to do.

The Rowan case was held again, and the lawyer of the other party proposed that according to the laws and regulations, the relevant personnel should immediately report to the police after they learned that the personal information was leaked. However, Rowan only reported to the police a week after the hacker attack, and it was only one month later that he informed the public that personal information had been leaked through the company’s official website. This behavior fully explained Rowan’s negligence of duty. As soon as the voice fell, a voice of support came from the auditorium.

After the trial, lawyer Tai’s son came to see Woo Young Woo. Woo Young Woo was at a loss and didn’t know how to deal with this unfamiliar younger brother. The son introduced himself while playing the Rubik’s cube, and calmly admitted that he had hacked Rowan. Rowan has two bosses, one is the president who drinks medicine, and the other is a fat representative. The fat representative met his son in the hacker group. He asked his son to hack into Rowan’s server and steal members’ personal information to him, in order to beat the president and let him, who has gradually become commercialized, regain his original intention. Interested in selling products to make money, rather than investing in software development and security. The son had lingering fears, but under the coaxing of the fat representative. After that, the son encrypted the stolen information and gave it to the fat representative. After the handover was over, the fat representative always asked his son to unlock the password for various reasons. The son had some doubts for fear that he would sell personal information and did not follow the fat representative’s words to unlock the password.

After the incident, the son knew that the president had taken the medicine to kill himself, and he felt sorry for himself, so he went to the police station and surrendered as soon as possible. Thinking of Woo Young Woo, in his eyes, sister Woo Young Woo would not follow her mother’s instructions. An older sister made Woo Young Woo at a loss, and her heart was melted by the cute boy in front of her. In fact, the son heard a long time ago that lawyer Tai had a rumor that he had an illegitimate daughter. Combined with the mother’s sneaky behavior for a period of time, the son hacked into the mother’s computer and mobile phone, confirming that the rumor was true.

The son took out the confession video and hoped that Woo Young Woo would show the evidence video in court to force the police to investigate with the power of public opinion. But Woo Young Woo is Rowan’s defense lawyer. She can’t betray her client. Woo Young Woo is in distress, not knowing whether to reveal the truth or be loyal to her client’s interests. She came to lawyer Zheng for help and euphemistically stated her problems. Lawyer Zheng smiled. As an experienced lawyer, he will put the client’s interests first, but Woo Young Woo is a different individual, not an ordinary lawyer, and will make choices that are loyal to his heart. Hearing this, Woo Young Woo was deeply touched.

After returning to the law firm, Woo Young Woo showed the video of his son’s surrender to everyone in the law firm. Lawyer Zhang quickly persuaded the representative Gan Wan not to publish the video. The law firm is now defending the fat representative. If the public fat representative is the hacker behind the scenes, the reputation of the law firm will plummet, and other people are also agreeing. Woo Young Woo and Xiaoyan chose to stand on the side of justice and were determined to release the video, and the representatives agreed to release it. Although exposing the client’s crimes will damage the law firm’s reputation and lose the trust of clients, the publicity of this video will shatter lawyer Tai’s road to running for attorney general. It would be even better if it could not only cross Mount Tai, but also protect the reputation of the law firm.

Woo Young Woo suddenly thought that the law firm was defending the Rowan company, not the fat representative. If the two subjects were separated, the public video would only harm the fat representative’s interests, but it would benefit the Rowan company. In this way, the law firm A win-win situation. The representative was very happy and quickly contacted the reporter to ask him to suspend the publication of Woo Young Woo’s identity, and prepare to let him publish other videos.

In another court session, Wang Yang Law Firm submitted a video of Woo Young Woo’s younger brother surrendering himself. In order to protect the younger brother of a minor, the judge screened off irrelevant people, etc. Then, with the broadcast of the video, the fat representative was shocked and scolded Wang Yang. As your own lawyer, you have to cross yourself. Looking at the fat representative, Woo Young Woo shouted resolutely despite his fear, we are Rowan’s lawyer. At the same time, the president held a meeting and dismissed the fat representative. The judge ruled that the video evidence that suddenly appeared should not be used, and the reliability of the testimony could not be confirmed by video alone. In addition, the son of the witness was not present and could not be questioned.

After the trial, Woo Young Woo contacted his son to testify in court, but got a refusal to answer. He was going to the United States soon, and anyone with a discerning eye would know that it was the work of lawyer Tai. The representative proposed to publish the video and use the trend of public opinion to make his son successfully testify in court. Hearing this, Woo Young Woo is anxious. Once the video is released, his son will be seen by the public as a rich second generation who fled abroad after committing a crime, but his original intention is to turn himself in and correct his past mistakes. He does not want to be like other rich second generation, even if Illegal and criminal, and powerful parents help them. Seeing that the representative has not made any promises, Woo Young Woo volunteered to persuade lawyer Tai to allow his son to stand in court and surrender himself. With the efforts of Woo Young Woo, the representative agreed.

Woo Young Woo and Lee Joon Ho went to find lawyer Tai, and Lee Joon Ho expressed his sincerity by waiting for the opportunity. Woo Young Woo is like a cat, a cat is independent and won’t stick to its owner. Although a little lost, cats often make people feel happy. Everything that he experienced with Woo Young Woo in the past made Lee Joon Ho feel the most precious memory, and he did not want to break up with Woo Young Woo. Before Woo Young Woo could answer, the two hurried to see the lawyer too. Before getting out of the car, Woo Young Woo gave the answer, she decided not to break up. Lee Joon Ho burst into tears, watching Woo Young Woo go away.

Woo Young Woo met lawyer Tai and told that he was like a lonely narwhal, living with an unfamiliar beluga in the vast ocean, unable to adapt to the environment, and the alternative Woo Young Woo would also receive discriminatory glances from others, but it doesn’t matter This was her life, strange but valuable. Then Woo Young Woo made his own appeal, hoping that his younger brother could testify in court to correct his mistakes, so that his son could regain his trust in Lawyer Tai, and prove to the world that Lawyer Tai is different from other parents who dote on their children and will punish the children who make mistakes. .

Woo Young Woo sincerely begged Lawyer Tai to be a good mother for his younger brother, and don’t let his younger brother down. Lawyer Tai was deeply touched, but turned away without answering. Woo Young Woo was crying behind her back, and she gave up her mother to her younger brother with her own hands. Soon after, lawyer Tai was willing to let her son turn himself in in court, but she asked that the person interrogating his son must be Woo Young Woo, and the representative agreed.

At the beginning of the trial, Woo Young Woo’s younger brother walked up to the stage. Woo Young Woo got up and came to him and began to question. The younger brother described the crime, but he encrypted all the information and sent it to the fat representative to prevent the other party from selling the user. Personal information. Woo Young Woo asks why the younger brother is turning himself in, the younger brother sheds tears, he should be punished for what he did wrong, because he cannot escape the condemnation of his conscience. After the interrogation, the judges made a decision. After the end, lawyer Tai was interviewed by reporters, apologized to the people, and resigned from the candidacy of chief justice.

In the evening, everyone held a celebration banquet. Attorney Zheng, who was discharged from the hospital, brought his wife to join the party. He was still considering whether Attorney Zheng would return to the law firm. The wife asked everyone in the audience if they felt happy working in the law firm, and Woo Young Woo answered without hesitation, she liked every moment of working in the law firm very much. Looking at the simple and cute Woo Young Woo, everyone also showed a knowing smile.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ending: Woo Young Woo promises not to break up with Lee Joon Ho

Another beautiful day, Woo Young Woo became Wang Yang’s official lawyer, and the old father looked relieved. After eating her favorite gimbap, Woo Young Woo hopped to work and took the crowded subway. She listened to the music and closed her eyes, imagining her favorite whale flying in the sky. When she came to the downstairs of the company, this time she conquered the revolving door. She learned a new emotion from her father’s tone and the revolving door, which was relief. Woo Young Woo was triumphant, and Lee Joon Ho, who came to work, looked at her with pity in his eyes.

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