Kdrama Good Job episode 2 Recap & Ending

Kdrama Good Job episode 2 Recap

Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo) quietly came to the female star’s house and found the scene covered in blood. He felt that something was wrong. When he was about to jump out of the window and leave, two figures appeared from behind him and he was caught. It turned out that just after Don Se Ra called the police, a police car came nearby and caught Eun Sun Woo right.

Eun Sun Woo was taken back to the police station, and the person in charge of interrogating him was Police Officer Han, the older brother known by Don Se Ra (Kwon Yu Ri). After the president, he felt that the two might be lovers, and the case was an injury case caused by emotional disputes. But Eun Sun Woo retorted word for word with his composure. First of all, the time when he arrived at the female star’s house and the time when the police arrived was very short. It was impossible for him to kill people in such a short time and deal with the corpse. Moreover, when Eun Sun Woo was arrested, there was not a trace of blood on his body, and it was even less possible for him to find time to put on new clothes for himself.

Eun Sun Woo said his reasoning, he wondered why the police arrived so quickly? Almost as soon as I walked into the female star’s house, someone immediately called the police. In this way, the reporter should be more suspicious. Police officer Han said firmly that the reporter could not be the murderer, which made Eun Sun Woo aware of the inside story. The interrogation turned against the customer in an instant, and he began to test whether the reporter was someone known to Police Officer Han, or a woman. Officer Han subconsciously avoided his gaze, which strengthened Eun Sun Woo’s suspicions even more. At this time, his partner Yang Jin Mo returned to his old business and took Eun Sun Woo away as a lawyer. Strictly speaking, he is now only an insider of the case and cannot be treated as a suspect. Officer Han had no reason to stop him, but just reminded him to carry out a follow-up investigation and let Eun Sun Woo not run too far.

When leaving the police station, many reporters had already heard the news, but they were all stopped by the Yin Qiang Group. When Eun Sun Woo got into the car, he looked into the distance and saw police officer Han don’t pull Don Se Ra away. Police officer Han asked Don Se Ra why he called the police? Don Se Ra didn’t know what was going on, so he was uneasy and had to make an excuse at random and slipped away from the eyes of the police officer Han. It wasn’t until after returning home that Don Se Ra saw the news that the man arrested today was the chairman of Yin Qiang Group. Remembering that he had offended the big boss at the casino before, Don Se Ra felt remorse. But aside from regrets, Don Se Ra is still curious, why did the president have to dress up that day?

This matter reached the ears of the company’s vice chairman, and he immediately blocked the news, prohibiting the media from continuing to spread the news of Eun Sun Woo and female stars. But even so, all kinds of gossip has spread, and even the secretary beside Eun Sun Woo asked him to verify whether it was because the female star refused to sneak into her house late at night. Eun Sun Woo didn’t want to explain any more, he just thought it was Don Se Ra’s fault. Since meeting her, nothing went well.

Eun Sun Woo came to Yang Jin Mo’s house through a secret passage from the office and ordered him to find a way to get rid of the cake shop on the first floor to vent his anger. At this time, Don Se Ra was in the cake shop, thinking about whether she should stand up and testify for Eun Sun Woo. The owner of the cake shop, Na Hee, suggested that she should keep silent. fix her. At this time, Na Hee received a call, and the landlord said that the lawyer on the second floor, Yang Jin Mo, asked her to move out as soon as possible, and promised to give her twice the liquidated damages. Na Hee was confused and didn’t know what happened, Don Se Ra saw her sister being bullied, and immediately came to the second floor to ask Yang Jin Mo for an explanation. Eun Sun Woo told her that it was because he didn’t like the cake shop, so he paid them to leave. Don Se Ra ignited anger in his heart and felt that Eun Sun Woo deceived people too much because of his wealth, and then said that he would also break the news to the magazine, telling them how wonderful the double-sided life of the chairman of Yin Qiang Group is.

Eun Sun Woo is also irritated, and the two begin to quarrel, starting from the misunderstanding that the casino is being treated as a thief. In the end, Yang Jin Mo became a peacemaker and persuaded Eun Sun Woo to wait for the limelight of the female star case to pass before dealing with personal grievances. The two had a temporary truce. When Don Se Ra left, she suddenly turned around and said. In fact, she saw another person in front of the female star’s house that day. That person seemed to drag a suitcase and left. This sentence made Eun Sun Woo and Yang Jin Mo instantly interested, and the enemies became partners.

In order to investigate the truth, Don Se Ra followed the two to the actress’s house again. Don Se Ra came to the place where he was standing that night, and said that it was the mysterious man he saw from this place. Eun Sun Woo was a little helpless. After all, the distance was very far from the actress’s house, and he needed a telescope to see clearly, but Don Se Ra insisted that he saw it, and walked along the route that the mysterious man left, but turned in. A dead end. Don Se Ra looked around and saw with her eagle eyes that there was a monitor in the distance. She offered to confirm the contents of the monitor.

Yang Jin Mo immediately took out his computer and connected it to the surveillance camera. Sure enough, he saw a vague figure entering the dead end in the night. Eun Sun Woo noticed a car passing by the alley that night. The driver seemed to be dressed like a mysterious man with luggage. Yang Jin Mo immediately zoomed in on the image, thinking that the two should be the same person. Then the license plate number was checked and the identity of the owner was confirmed. After finding out the new relationship again, Eun Sun Woo officially hired Don Se Ra as an assistant and asked her to follow him to investigate.

The three came to the actress’ agency, and when the company saw Zhang’s photo, he recognized that he was a stalker who was obsessed with actresses. Then Eun Sun Woo took out the photo of the diamond necklace and asked the assistant Shi Hong if she had seen an actress wear it. The assistant shook his head, saying that it was the first time he had seen this jewelry, and suggested that they could ask the president. The three came to the president’s office. The president had never seen the necklace. It was speculated that it might be a gift from the actress’s mysterious partner. They often met in a nightclub in Jiangnan.

Yang Jin Mo and Eun Sun Woo arrive at the door of the neon-lit nightclub, and they wait for Don Se Ra to show up because she’s about to be the bait for tonight. After a while, the dressed Don Se Ra stepped out of the van elegantly and sexy, making Yang Jin Mo admire him again and again, saying that she will definitely become the focus of the nightclub. That’s exactly what Eun Sun Woo’s plan was. He put a diamond necklace on Don Se Ra. As long as anyone who recognizes the necklace is observed, it must be the actress’s partner.

Eun Sun Woo’s glasses have a video recording function, recording live images for Yang Jin Mo in the outfield all the way, allowing him to observe carefully. At the same time, Eun Sun Woo also called an actress to help, and under her leadership, Don Se Ra quickly sneaked into the VIP box. Eun Sun Woo saw that the deputy representative’s son, Minister Jiang, actually walked in. Minister Jiang was soaked all over and looked very drunk. As soon as he entered the box, he started to bully the actress next to him. Don Se Ra couldn’t see it, strode over to make a clearance for the actress, and smashed a bucket of ice cubes on Minister Jiang. Don Se Ra’s unexpected move angered Minister Jiang, and he was caught in his entanglement and could not escape. In desperation, Eun Sun Woo had to change into a suit and use his name to walk into the box. After mocking Minister Jiang, he took Don Se Ra’s hand and took her away.

Don Se Ra is out of the woods and Eun Sun Woo starts to teach her not to be strong. Don Se Ra suddenly widened his eyes and slowly approached Eun Sun Woo, the closer and closer distance made him a little at a loss. However, Don Se Ra only found out that a man behind Eun Sun Woo was using a micro camera to secretly film the two of them. Eun Sun Woo walked over suspiciously and took off the man’s mask. Eun Sun Woo found out that he was actually the actress’s assistant. Xiao Lili, who was caught, had to admit that he was instructed by the president of the brokerage company to photograph the life of an actress. Originally, the actress did not renew the contract after the contract expired. The president who lost the cash cow had to teach her a lesson in this way. Tonight, the president wanted the assistant to shoot a video of Minister Jiang and the actress, but halfway through, he found out that Eun Sun Woo was also there. Then he shifted the target and asked the assistant to shoot the more heavyweight character Eun Sun Woo.

Kdrama Good Job episode 2 Ending

After learning about the situation, the three immediately left the nightclub and came to the brokerage company to surround the president and successfully take away all the secretly filmed videos. Yang Jin Mo found the actress’s video and found that Zhang also appeared in the picture. Don Se Ra saw the pendant on Zhang’s backpack with his eagle eye, and it was the same pendant on the suitcase dragged by the mysterious man in the surveillance. Eun Sun Woo was surprised and asked Yang Jin Mo to zoom in, only to find out that Don Se Ra was right.

Eun Sun Woo thought about it, there must be a special ability hidden in Don Se Ra. To verify, he called Don Se Ra the next day and asked her to come to the balcony and look in the direction of the Yin Qiang Group building. Eun Sun Woo on the building used a telescope to observe Don Se Ra walking out of the balcony, and then he did a little trick and pretended to wrestle himself. As expected, Don Se Ra’s worried cry came from the other end of the phone, and Eun Sun Woo’s mouth twitched into a smile. His guess was right. Don Se Ra has super eyesight. The second episode of the Korean drama “Good Job” is over.

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