Kdrama Little Women episode 2 Recap & Ending: Who Killed Hwa Young

Kdrama Little Women episode 2 Recap

In Joo returned home with an uneasy mood, and unexpectedly learned from In Kyung’s mouth that she had been suspended by the company for a month. The simple reason is that she drank while at work, and to make matters worse, she may have developed symptoms of alcohol addiction. Now In Joo is scared, because they all know that their father has done a lot of ridiculous things because of alcohol addiction, which caused the three sisters to live such a miserable life. In Kyung is very worried that he will repeat the same mistakes. Hearing this big sister In Joo is very determined. In Kyung’s heart has always been very firm, and he clearly knows what he wants, and he will definitely be able to defeat alcohol. In Joo will definitely help this family and will never fall into tragedy again.

In Joo put all the money in the kimchi box late at night while everyone was sleeping. This was the first time she had seen so much money since she was so old, and she unconsciously took a stack out of it. At first, she just wanted to go to the convenience store to buy some ice cream that she often eats, but recalling those aggrieved days, she went crazy and emptied the shelves. She wants to achieve the freedom to eat ice cream, which is what she has always wanted. Now that she is rich, she is very relaxed.

In Joo suddenly thought, why did Hwa Young commit suicide after stealing so much money? If her death was not accidental, could there be other possibilities? The next day In Joo came to the company again. She had already decided to resign, but she wanted to know something from the manager. What did they want and what could she do? The first priority is to find the missing cash, as well as the secret money book that Hwa Young has kept. She has the best relationship with Hwa Young, she can use her imagination to help them, and of course she will be rewarded by the company.

In Joo stated her conditions. First of all, she no longer wanted to work in the company and wanted to be transferred to the Orchid Association. Secondly, I hope that the manager will not keep calling Hwa Young a thief. She has never believed that the other party would do such a thing until now. In Joo will use his professional ability to find evidence of embezzlement of public funds, please don’t continue to destroy the other party before this.

In Joo and Choi Do-seok sent by the headquarters came to Hwa Young’s house. First of all, the laptop and mobile phone will be sent for identification to find the information she missed before committing suicide. In Joo was also left alone in the room, trying to find out why Hwa Young committed suicide through her own means. She once remembered that Sister Hwa Young told her that for an accountant, books and receipts were like the Bible, because everything was there.

In Joo begins to count all the item tags and receipts, and make a tabular summary. She believed that there must be something hidden in this series of numbers. But when she saw the price on a designer bag, she was shocked. She remembered that Sister Hwa Young once told her not to bring brand-name fakes to the company. As financial staff, they should be poor and sour, so that they would not be gossiped. In the eyes of accountants, money is just a bunch of numbers. If a customer finds out that she is taking a brand-name fake, she will feel that she is a woman who has neither money nor money. How can the company entrust important things to itself! This is the first principle that Hwa Young taught In Joo.

Facing Hwa Young’s advice, In Joo didn’t understand at the time. Because of her poor family background, money has always been her favorite. Hwa Young reminded her not to expose her desires to others, life is like a game, and she must learn to create her own avatar account. In Joo thought of the avatar, picked up her phone unconsciously, and found a special photo inside. Through image search, she actually found another social account of Sister Hwa Young. In that account, Hwa Young seems to be a rich lady, always sharing the famous brands she buys, and she often goes to Singapore for vacation.

In Joo remembers Hwa Young once saying that behind every number is a story. She took a closer look at the photo and found a food post on Sister Hwa Young’s birthday. While In Joo was sorting out clues, the manager barged in directly. In Joo told him the clues he found, maybe in a certain place in Singapore, Sister Hwa Young is a fixed place. Once you find this place, you may be able to find the lost cash.

The manager is satisfied with In Joo’s performance and starts asking about her. Does she want to see designer shoes and bags all over the place? Want to be as rich as Hwa Young? The manager said that In Joo’s feet are about 23 cm, with smooth soles and slender ankles. High heels with slender heels should be very suitable for her, and she will personally choose them as gifts for her. Just as he was about to ignite the fire, the manager accidentally saw the blue orchid that was about to wither in the room. The manager was completely shocked, when did the flowers stay here? In Joo feels a little weird, it seems to be here all the time. After seeing the scene in front of him, the manager left in a panic. But why did the flower cause him nervousness?

Perhaps out of a girl’s intuition, In Joo came directly to the brand-name store wearing sister Hwa Young’s high heels, took out the manager’s photo and asked the clerk, did this man buy these shoes? After In Joo got a positive answer, he found a colleague who had been spreading the affair between Hwa Young and the application manager in the company, and asked the reason. According to my colleague, I was also an accountant, and I could guess when I saw the ledger. The two of them jointly planned to steal a huge amount of the company’s property, and she also saw with her own eyes that the two of them went to the hotel together. The colleague also provided an explosive news that the manager has a fixed favorite type, like the kind of woman who wears cheap shoes, Hwa Young and In Joo are the same, both of them are hired by the manager.

In Joo got this shocking answer, shared all the findings with Choi Do Il who came from the headquarters, and spoke his own guess! On the first day of Hwa Young’s birthday, it was obvious that the photo of the shoes was taken by someone else, and she found out that the buyer of the shoes was the manager, so the two were likely to have an affair and jointly robbed the company’s property . In Joo also wisely discovered that in the suicide note left by Sister Hwa Young, all the words and phrases came from social networks. So now they have to find the connection between the two people.

In Joo and Choi Do Il looked into all the chat logs, and sure enough they found a clue. Not long ago, the police had issued a request to the manager to restrict his exit from the country. At that time, the manager noticed that something was wrong and told Hwa Young to delete all the information and keep the secret account book.

Choi Do Il restored all the files on the computer and found that the person who had reported the manager was Hwa Young. It turned out that in the four years they had been dating, the girl had secretly collected all the evidence of the manager’s crimes. The manager later learned that the person who reported to the prosecution was Hwa Young. The two had an argument not long ago. In the text message of the conversation, the manager had threatened her that if she didn’t want to die like Liang Xiangshu, she would obey him obediently. Hearing this name, In Joo felt a little familiar, and suddenly remembered that this person was a company employee from 1999 to 2011, and this woman also committed suicide not long ago, on the charge of embezzling public funds. At the time of his death, he was also wearing a pair of red high-heeled shoes, which is exactly the same as Hwa Young’s death.

Now they have every reason to suspect that the manager must have something to do with Hwa Young’s death and are ready to report it to the police. However, he was rejected by Choi Do Il. This time he came to the company just to recover the lost cash. As for the truth, he didn’t care at all. Let In Joo remember this, in this world, nothing is more sacred than money, this is the professional ethics that their accountants should have. In Joo was shocked when he heard the other party’s words as if he was a prisoner on a sunny day.

Hwa Young left a large amount of cash for In Joo before she died. She can live the life she wants to the fullest. Their family can live in an apartment that is warm in winter and cool in summer. My sister can go to college. Can be solved. Money is indeed a good thing, and it seems that from now on, she should face up to all of this.

In Joo just got home and received a package, opened it and found that it turned out to be a pair of red high-heeled shoes. In Joo was instantly furious, rushed to the office and began to question the manager, is he going to do something to her now? So impatient? Sister Hwa Young is like this, Liang Xiangshu is also like this, the manager hears this and completely denies it. Let In Joo investigate to his heart’s content. Miss Liang’s autopsy report is 100% suicide. The reason is very complicated and he can’t explain it. The manager told In Joo that he was being used by Hwa Young, but In Joo had no idea what that meant. The manager just reminded her that Hwa Young’s death had provoked even more terrible food.

Kdrama Little Women episode 1 Recap & Ending: Who Killed Hwa Young

Kdrama Little Women episode 2 Ending

The manager is now going to the inspection office for investigation, telling In Joo that he will bear the charge of embezzlement and will spend 5 years in prison. As for the others, you don’t need to come to him anymore. He also has a secret ledger in his hand, and he will expose everyone if he is in a hurry. Just as he was about to leave the parking lot, he accidentally found a blue orchid on his windshield. However, at the same time, the brakes had begun to fail, and even the car and the people fell directly from a height. In Joo, who was beside him, saw the scene in front of him and couldn’t believe his eyes. What is the hidden truth, how did Hwa Young die, and what does that blue orchid mean? Revealed later!

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