Kdrama Little Women review episode 1 Recap & Ending: In Joo Finds Big Money

The Korean drama “Little Women” tells the story of three sisters who suddenly discover a mysterious huge sum of money and become involved in a chaebol conspiracy. It is based on the 1868 book of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. Starring includes Go-eun Kim, Ji-hyeon Nam, Ji-Hoo Park, and Ha-joon Wi, among others.

Kdrama Little Women episode 1 Recap

In Joo (Kim Go Eun) was born in a poor family. Since she was a child, she has always had a wish that when she celebrates her birthday, she can have a cake with candles on it, and friends will come to the house to help her celebrate. It seems that she was in the second grade of elementary school. At that time, she insisted on inviting friends to come to the house, and also reminded her mother to remember to buy her a cake. But at that time, the mother just took out the eggs from the refrigerator and put in the candle.

In Joo used salt to brush her teeth without toothpaste when she was a child. From that moment, she knew that she lived a different life from the people she saw on TV, and she couldn’t expect the same things as others. Although they live very poor, but fortunately their three sisters, In Joo and second sister In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun), have completed their studies and are already working to earn money.

The third sister In Hye (Park Chi Hoo) celebrates her birthday today. As older sisters, they can already buy cakes for her to celebrate. The three sisters had just finished eating the cake and were about to eat when their mother brought a strange man home. It turned out that the other was the owner of the restaurant where the mother worked. In Joo was a little angry when he saw Le’s scene. His mother was always greedy for petty bargains, and even moved all the Luoxia in the store home and warmed up to the boss. What’s more outrageous is that the mother never seemed to notice that her little daughter never eats spicy radishes.

During the meal, the two older sisters prepared funds for a graduation trip for the little sister as a gift for her this time. The mother next to her suddenly remembered that their father had a car accident a few years ago, and the mother wanted to visit him in the Philippines. Both daughters said that they had no money in their accounts and credit cards, but now they have money for their sister to travel? Hearing this, In Joo took out his phone and looked at it, and they really had no money at the time.

Five years ago, my father was defrauded of 200,000 yuan, lost 250,000 yuan in gambling, lost 250,000 yuan in investment losses, and lost another 350,000 yuan in playing stocks. The two sisters repaid the debt for a total of 4 years. At that time, the father only had a broken foot, so how could they allow the mother to fly to that place to visit him.

The next day, In Joo received a note left by his mother. His mother secretly took the money from In Joo’s graduation trip and was going to the Philippines to visit his working father. The sisters were very angry, but it seemed to be of no avail. They really can’t let go, how could their mother be so irresponsible. In Joo and In Kyung discussed it. The graduation trip is still a week away, and the two of them will try their best to help their sister together.

In Joo works in a construction company. As soon as she went to work the next day, she found her team leader and wanted to advance this month’s salary, but was directly rejected by the other party. No matter how she requested, the team leader refused. Sometimes In Joo really doesn’t understand office politics, at least before rejecting others, she should ask why she wants to advance her salary, but the team leader didn’t ask anything. Because of In Joo’s poverty, he was ostracized by other colleagues. I don’t know why, but In Joo has always been treated like this because of money. In Joo’s interpersonal relationship is worrying, but she still has a good friend Hwa Young (Chu Ja Hyun) who is also a marginal person in the company, and is willing to lend In Joo money to help her through the difficulties.

In Kyung works as a reporter for a TV station, probably because of family difficulties. Every time she reports on social cases of child abuse, she can’t help crying. As a journalist, the supervisor felt that she was very unprofessional, and at the same time, she was aware of her empathy that had nowhere to go. The experience she felt empathized with made her a little unobjective when she was a journalist. In Kyung is worrying about whether to apply for an online loan to ease the urgent need.

In Joo went to a fancy restaurant with Hwa Young, the company’s only good friend, and Hwa Young lent her his designer high heels. In fact, they are not very wealthy, but they still hope to keep the dream of being a princess. During the meal, Hwa Young took out a document for her. The two girls decided to start their own business and build a small program for automatic accounting. Maybe they can turn around by this. Putting his trust in Hwa Young, In Joo readily signed his name.

In Joo was in the bathroom break when a beautiful lady accosted her. The other party was a little curious. There are only 3 pairs of these shoes on her feet in the whole Korea. Faced with this sudden compliment, In Joo is a little unsure. Are sister Hwa Young’s shoes so expensive?

All the money for In Hye’s graduation trip has been collected, and In Joo happily prepared to give it to her, but was directly rejected by In Hye. My sister didn’t want to see her family working hard for her. The more she paid, the more uncomfortable she felt. I don’t know if it was because of the rebellious adolescence, my sister ran away in a hurry. In Joo saw her get into a private car behind and followed her all the way.

In Joo saw a rich woman bring an envelope to her sister, In Joo rushed over and found that it was full of cash. The lady explained that she saw In Hye’s painting by chance and liked it very much, so she asked In Hye to teach her daughter, these are just simple salaries and nothing else. Perhaps out of poor self-esteem, In Joo immediately returned the money to the woman and generously invited her daughter to come to our house next time. The woman couldn’t help feeling that she heard In Hye say that she didn’t have a mother, but she didn’t expect to meet such a reliable sister. In Joo was suffocated when she heard this.

In Joo was in the car and she began to question her sister, you don’t want the money from her sister, why does the money from the classmate’s mother think it doesn’t matter, why? Because my sister felt that it was earned by her own ability, and she felt at ease. Hearing this, In Joo starts to get angry. They are not beggars, some people always see them poor and give them some old clothes and food! In Joo is working hard to get rid of this label, and she hopes that her sister will not take this road. The smell of poverty spread to these three sisters, each of them tried their best to prove that they were not losers.

Time passed slowly, and Hwa Young has been in good company with In Joo. Hwa Young has taken a leave of absence to travel to Europe, and asked to help take care of the flowers in the office when there is time. As two people who are also marginal figures in the company, they help and encourage each other many times, and they are both working hard to achieve a better version of themselves.

When In Joo was practicing yoga, a strange man suddenly appeared in the office. The man claimed to be Choi Do Il (Wei Junjun), who was working with Hwa Young. He wanted to chat with In Joo alone. Hwa Young is suddenly asking for leave now. The company wants to contact her for something. I wonder if In Joo has any way to find her?

In Joo and Hwa Young have known each other for many years, and this is the first time she has come to each other’s house. I didn’t expect that Hwa Young’s living environment is not rich. The house is very messy, full of famous cardboard boxes and bags. In Joo walked into the room subconsciously, but saw a scene she couldn’t let go of in her whole life: Hwa Young hanged herself in the closet.

Hwa Young’s life is very tragic, she is from a poor family like In Joo, and as she gets older, she doesn’t have anyone to love. In order to fill the emptiness in her heart, she wanted to pack herself with all the famous brands and beautiful clothes, and live a perfect life for a while, but now she can’t hold it any longer. These news quickly hit the news, and the company’s colleagues began to slander Hwa Young one after another. He was addicted to vanity shopping and caused huge debts, so he couldn’t think of suicide.

When In Joo saw other people humiliating her friends so much, she said loudly in the office that when she first joined her job four years ago, only Sister Hwa Young was willing to help her sincerely and be friends with her. good person. What qualifications does a colleague have to make irresponsible remarks after someone dies. In Joo also holds the secrets of a lot of co-workers, who are not that clean. For example, the team leader uses the company’s welfare card for consumption, and also engages in office romances with other colleagues. In Joo uploaded everything he knew to the company’s intranet, and asked every colleague to take a look to see if the union reimbursement over the years really existed.

Kdrama Little Women episode 1 Ending

The manager of the company called In Joo directly to the office, and saw that Hwa Young had been working in the company for 15 years and had been stealing their money silently, nearly 70 billion won. Since the money can’t be seen, they have not called the police, just looking for Hwa Young’s footprints. Just a few days ago, the manager had warned Hwa Young and told her to spit out the money, otherwise she would call the police, but she didn’t expect the other party to die.

In Joo and Hwa Young-dak have a good relationship, do you know where the money is? Faced with such a situation, In Joo has made up her mind. In fact, she has long since wanted to do it, so she has nothing to say about the company’s funds.

They are also at the bottom of this society, and they all yearn for a better life, but now the other party has left the world because of exhaustion. Every time she thinks of these In Joo, she can’t help but shed tears, and she doesn’t know how long she can last in the face of such a cruel society. However, at this time, she suddenly received a call from the gym, saying that Hwa Young had transferred her yoga membership to her and hoped that she would have time to come over to do the formalities. Facing the gift from her good friend before she died, she just lost and leaned beside the storage compartment. After sorting out her emotions, when she opened the door, she found a large luggage bag inside, which turned out to be the missing cash.

This money can change the fate of the three sisters, make her rich overnight and live with dignity. Faced with such temptation, how should In Joo decide?

Kdrama Little Women review episode 1 Recap & Ending: In Joo Finds Big Money

Kdrama Little Women review

There is a lot of information at the beginning, and there are a lot of foreshadowings, and the texture of the soundtrack is absolutely stunning. The three lines of the three sisters should slowly cross, and I am looking forward to how it will develop in the future. I haven’t seen such a good-looking suspenseful Korean drama for a long time. The storyline is very clear and the foreshadowing is well done. Even the supporting characters are big stars, and the shooting style is also the visual sense of the film. Kim Go Eun’s face makes people feel very comfortable, his acting skills are really invincible, and his crying is also amazing. Three narrative lines intersect in parallel, providing insight into themes of society, school, murder, and more. The scope is very large, no nonsense, it is all the spring of the heroine female drama.

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