Korean drama Good Job episode 1 Recap & Ending:Sun Woo Meets Se Ra

Korean drama Good Job episode 1 Recap

The male protagonist’s name is Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo), and his real identity is actually the chairman of a company. At the beginning, he turned into a thief because of the diamond necklace that disappeared for 20 years. The “Queen’s Tears” necklace was revived at the auction house. This necklace was a custom-made gift from Eun Sun Woo’s father for his mother. When Eun Sun Woo was 12 years old, he witnessed the murder of his mother, and the diamond necklace around his neck was missing. Fei, the murderer has not been arrested yet.

Eun Sun Woo felt that the murderer’s purpose in killing his mother was to steal the necklace. Perhaps the murderer could be found by finding the seller of the necklace. Eun Sun Woo comes to the office of the auction house representative and rummages through the ledger, trying to find clues about the necklace. Technical partner Yang Jin Mo hacked into the representative’s computer and found no information about the necklace at all. At this time, Eun Sun Woo noticed the photo of the dog on the table, and he took the representative’s dog and got a memory card from the puppy’s collar.

After the mission was completed, with the remote assistance of Yang Jin Mo, Eun Sun Woo escaped the siege and interception of the security and came to the street smoothly. Yang Jin Mo said a car was ready for him to ride away, but Eun Sun Woo looked around and saw only a pink food delivery donkey parked nearby. He was full of confusion, but the situation was critical, and Eun Sun Woo didn’t hesitate to ride the electric donkey and walk away. As soon as he left, a girl yelled at the thief and chased out. It turned out that she was the owner of the little electric donkey. And the motorcycle Yang Jin Mo prepared for Eun Sun Woo happened to be blocked by a truck.

Eun Sun Woo rode this little electric donkey and was easily caught up by the security guards of the auction house. Seeing that the speed was completely unpredictable, Eun Sun Woo had to use his brains, when he was passing a fork in the road, he suddenly swerved into another lane, and easily got rid of the chasing security. After meeting with Yang Jin Mo, the other party was also stunned by the two pink electric donkeys, and said that he was preparing a cool big motorcycle. Eun Sun Woo threw away his pink hard hat like a slap shopkeeper and let Yang Jin Mo take care of the aftermath. Yang Jin Mo had to return it on a small electric donkey, but when he returned it, he found that he forgot his helmet. He also stuffed a stack of money on the pink electric donkey to express his apology to the owner.

After dealing with these matters, Yang Jin Mo returned to Sun Eun Sun Woo’s house, and Liang Huo successfully cracked the password of the memory card. The display page of the auction item was displayed on the computer, and the diamond necklace was also counted. Based on the starting location shown above, Eun Sun Woo immediately asked Yang Jin Mo to investigate in detail.

The next morning, the chairman Eun Sun Woo went online. He walked into Yin Qiang Group in a suit and leather shoes to attend the company meeting. After the end, Eun Sun Woo returned to the office and immediately received a call from his partner. He had tracked down the seller of the diamond necklace as Jiang, who seemed to have received a large sum of money and had been in the casino for several days. After getting the target, Eun Sun Woo immediately entered the secret room behind the office bookcase to prepare for action. In the secret room, there are not only high-tech equipment, but also various clothing and jewelry used for cross-dressing.

Eun Sun Woo turned into a casino veteran, but Yang Jin Mo was still a little worried that he would be seen through. Because the casino where Jiang is located is the casino of the hotel owned by Yin Qiang Group. In the casino, a waiter walks through the various card tables. In addition to serving tea and water, she also takes care of the task of detecting cheating. She is Don Se Ra (Kwon Yu Ri), the owner of Eun Sun Woo’s little electric donkey. She is currently working frantically to make money, so that she can move into a new home with her sister who is about to leave the orphanage.

The old hunter of the casino is also one of Don Se Ra’s part-time jobs. This skill is favored by the casino manager. I wish Don Se Ra could come to work every day to help him rectify his atmosphere. However, Don Se Ra politely refused, having a pair of sharp eagle eyes is her special talent, but there are corresponding conditions for using the talent, that is, the eyes should not be too tired, otherwise it will enter a state of dizziness. After Don Se Ra took some relief in the lounge, she continued to enter the casino. As soon as she entered the door, she saw an old thousand shot, this person was Jiang.

Eun Sun Woo immediately sat down next to Jiang Mou, and took advantage of the opportunity to hook his shoulders and whispered to Jiang Mou to leave with him obediently. As a result, the plan was disrupted by the righteous Don Se Ra, who thought that Eun Sun Woo and Kang were accomplices and asked the security to arrest them both. In particular, Don Se Ra also remembered that one day, he had seen Jiang’s wanted notice on the street, and he was a fugitive thief. Overjoyed by the lucrative bonus on the wanted list, Don Se Ra locks the two in a hotel room.

The trapped Eun Sun Woo did not panic. He took out the photo of the diamond necklace and promised that as long as Jiang Mou said where he stole it, he would be able to take him to escape, so as not to fall into the hands of the police. Jiang Mou thought about it and agreed to this request. Eun Sun Woo immediately informed Yang Jin Mo to let him go crazy on purpose to attract Don Se Ra’s attention, during which Eun Sun Woo took out the lock pick, quickly opened the door of the room, and ran away with Jiang. The security of the casino was quickly notified and led by Don Se Ra to pursue Eun Sun Woo and Kang.

After a thrilling escape, the two finally came to the top floor. Although Kang did not want to be caught by the police, he was also wary of Eun Sun Woo. Jiang’s resistance was ineffective, and he was immediately thrown to the ground by Eun Sun Woo, so he had no choice but to confess. He stole the necklace from a safe at the house of a well-known actress. As soon as Jiang Mou finished speaking, Don Se Ra rushed out with a stun stick. She must catch these two people for the generous bounty.

Eun Sun Woo once again stated that he is not a thief with Kang Mou. But Don Se Ra saw through his disguise and determined that he was not a good person either. Eun Sun Woo was too lazy to explain, and was about to pull Jiang to the limit to escape again. Seeing that the security guards came one after another, Eun Sun Woo had no time to delay any longer, so he had to leave Jiang Mou jumped from the top floor for life and fell into a passing garbage truck downstairs.

The police then came to the casino. To Don Se Ra’s disappointment, the security captain actually called the police first, and the bonus just passed by. The police got acquainted with Don Se Ra and reminded her to stop using her eagle eye ability to make money, and stop taking risks to catch criminals. Although Don Se Ra agreed, but at first glance it was perfunctory.

Eun Sun Woo returned home, watching the report about the murder of his mother 20 years ago, and the diamond necklace that was back in his hands. If the necklace could speak, he would be able to let himself know who the murderer was, and he would no longer have to suffer from the torment and hatred of betting on the murder of his mother. After Eun Sun Woo sighed, he still braced himself for the next plan, to investigate the latest clue – actress.

Korean drama Good Job episode 1 Recap & Ending:Sun Woo Meets Se Ra

Korean drama Good Job episode 1 Ending

Eun Sun Woo still chose to sneak in quietly, because he felt that the actress’s house was stolen and lost such an expensive necklace but did not call the police, there must be some unspoken inside story. In this case, even if he asks in the capacity of President Eun Sun Woo, he may not get an answer. Just when he and Yang Jin Mo were discussing the plan, the doorbell suddenly rang outside the door. The two looked at the doorbell monitor and found that it was actually Don Se Ra and the female owner of the cake shop downstairs. It turned out that the cake shop had just opened, and the lady boss wanted to have a good relationship with the neighbors and presented them with homemade cakes. It just so happened that Yang Jin Mo’s office was upstairs, and she became her social partner. Yang Jin Mo and Eun Sun Woo recognized Don Se Ra at a glance, worried that she would recognize her when the door was opened, so they had to drive them away with a bad attitude.

The female boss did not give up on cultivating the goodwill of the neighbors. She saw that a large package of Yang Jin Mo had been delivered downstairs, so she wanted to send it to his door enthusiastically. She and Don Se Ra were dragged and dragged, bumping the package along the way. Yang Jin Mo, who was under surveillance, felt extremely distressed, and he put on the Don Se Ra pink safety helmet that he had left at home, and ran out of the house. Yang Jin Mo picked up the package and quickly boarded the van that Eun Sun Woo came to pick up. Don Se Ra looked at the familiar pink helmet on his head and remembered that it was his hard hat.

Don Se Ra immediately chased Eun Sun Woo’s van on a small electric donkey. Although she was slow, she had eagle eyes. The position of the vehicle can still be accurately grasped. At night, Eun Sun Woo and others arrived at the door of the actress’s house and sneaked in quietly. Seeing this scene, Don Se Ra made her more convinced that it was the thief. Just when she was about to call the police, her eagle eye looked through the window and saw that the actress’s bedroom bed was covered in blood. Eun Sun Woo also found that not only the bed, but the whole room had a lot of blood. That’s when two men in black break in and point guns at Eun Sun Woo. The first episode of the Korean drama “Good Job” is over.

Korean drama Good Job actor role

Kwon Yu Ri as Don Se Ra: Growing up in an orphanage, he has the fantastic ability of clairvoyance. Crazy to work around to make money, in order to make himself and his sister who is about to come out of the orphanage have a bright future.

Jung Il Woo as Eun Sun Woo: When I was a child, I witnessed the murder of my mother and decided to find out the real murderer. During the day he is the group president, and at night he becomes a detective.

Eum Moon Suk as Yang Jin Mo: Eun Sun Woo’s friend, lawyer and hacker.

Song Sang Eun as Na Hee: Bakery owner, best friend and best friend of heroine Don Se Ra, who support each other.

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