Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained

Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me episode 1 Recap

The male protagonist Yoon Kyeo Re (Ji Chang Wook) is a gangster with tattoos all over his arms and sharp eyes. After a few years in prison, the first thing he did when he got out of prison was to catch a fellow released from prison and forcibly exchange with him. Clothes, blinded by other gangsters who came to collect debts. Yoon Kyeo Re was busy rushing to the pet hospital to pick up the dog son who was fostered at the pet hospital. Unfortunately, the vet told him that the dog son had a terminal illness and was basically waiting to die. Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t say anything, just took a stack of money out of the suitcase and handed it to the vet as a reward for taking care of the dog’s son, and then took it to a luxury five-star hotel.

Yoon Kyeo Re, who grew up in an orphanage, had the belief that he wanted to live since he was a child. He was struggling in the cold society. If you want to live, you need money, and if you want to make money, you need to become strong. So Yoon Kyeo Re can only portray himself as a person who is not easy to mess with, but deep down, he still has a warm heart. The dog son was a pet abandoned by the previous owner on the side of the road. Yoon Kyeo Re felt the same experience, so he kept him by his side and treated him like a family member.

Now that the dog son was pronounced dead, Yoon Kyeo Re’s heart was once again surrounded by the void. What kind of expectations do you want to live with from now on? Thinking of this, Yoon Kyeo Re immediately felt lonely, and even the table full of banknotes and the luxurious presidential suite became boring.

Somewhere in the city, there is a hospice. It was bright and bright, Kang Tae Shik (Sung Dong Il) woke up from the ambulance, came to the hospital to greet the patients, and after eating the delicious food from the cafeteria aunt, he began to take care of an elderly man who was about to be sent away. The patient takes a bath. The old man is very old, and his reaction ability is extremely slow, but he still showed a smile when he looked at the snowflakes falling outside the window. Kang Tae Shik told the old man that it seemed that God heard his prayer to see snowflakes, but how could it snow in the scorching sun, everything was artificial snowflakes sprayed by a group of people upstairs.

They are the most special magic lamp team in the hospice hospital. The members of the team are regardless of age, gender and occupation. They only have a beautiful heart and are willing to help the terminally ill patients realize their last wish. No matter what the wishes of these dying patients are, the magic lamp team can turn corruption into magic, and use miracles to heal the sadness of imminent death. After taking a bath, Kang Tae Shik loaded the old man into an ambulance to take him back to his hometown by the sea. It was the old man’s wish to go home before he died. Although he was in very poor health, he didn’t know if he could endure the journey, but Kang Tae Shik would try his best to help him realize this wish.

The next day Yoon Kyeo Re left the five-star hotel and sat at the bus stop with his dog, confused, unable to find the direction to go next. At this time, when he turned his head and saw a blue sea on the billboard behind him, Yoon Kyeo Re had a whim and decided to take the dog son to see the sea with him before he died.

Yoon Kyeo Re immediately spent money for a change of clothes and bought a car to head to the beach. Who knows that the car dealer is also a gangster. When Yoon Kyeo Re paid with cash, he saw a corner of his tattoo hidden under his sleeve. The obvious rose tattoo made his mind flash. As soon as Yoon Kyeo Re left, the car dealer called the underworld elder brother to report the information of Yoon Kyeo Re.

At this time, Yoon Kyeo Re was galloping down the road with his dog son, unaware of the impending disaster. Coincidentally, the seaside where Yoon Kyeo Re is about to arrive is also the location of the old man’s hometown. On the same road, Kang Tae Shik’s ambulance was also driving. In order to prevent the elderly from accidents on the way, they were accompanied by the hospital’s doctor and nurse Seo Yeon Joo (Cui Xiuying). It was feasible until halfway through, but what I was worried about still happened. The old man suddenly closed his eyes slowly, and the electrocardiogram sounded a warning tone of critical illness. Seo Yeon Joo immediately helped the old man with CPR. And Kang Tae Shik also stepped on his horse and wanted to send him to his hometown as soon as possible.

The gangsters caught up with Yoon Kyeo Re, and Yoon Kyeo Re immediately sped up when he saw that the situation was not good, and shuttled freely in the traffic. In the end, when passing the roadblock, Yoon Kyeo Re was too late to brake and hit the side of the road, causing a series of rear-end collisions with several cars behind him, including the ambulance. The violent collision left Kang Tae Shik injured in his leg and unable to drive. He got out of the car unceremoniously, picked up Yoon Kyeo Re, let him take responsibility, and drove the old man back to his hometown instead. Hearing the shouts of the big gangsters behind him, Yoon Kyeo Re took his dog and got into the driver’s seat. He knew that the destination of the ambulance was the same as his own, and he stepped on the accelerator without hesitation. Before leaving, he also drank a handful of banknotes outside the car window, which was regarded as compensation for those people, and by the way, he could stop the pursuit of the underworld big brothers.

Finally, when the old man was still alive, they sent him to the seaside and lay beside the grave of his deceased wife. When she was dying, the old man touched the tombstone as if holding her hand, and the voice, face and smile of the old man also appeared in front of him. In the afterglow of the sunset, the old man and his wife sat side by side. Since then, she has her own company and is no longer alone. In this warm illusion, the old man passed away.

Yoon Kyeo Re was sitting on the beach with his dog son. After the initial freshness of watching the sea faded away, Yoon Kyeo Re’s heart returned to the previous depression. It turned out that he really came to the beach, but found that the sea is also so mediocre, maybe in this world , indeed, there is no longer anything that he misses. Yoon Kyeo Re picked up the dog son and walked to the sea step by step, he remembered the past, a girl once told himself that it is better for people like them to die than to live. Then she lit the charcoal fire and filled the room with carbon monoxide. But Yoon Kyeo Re broke free from the girl’s entanglement and fled the place with his dog son in his arms. At that time, the self who wanted to live desperately, finally embarked on this road.

Yoon Kyeo Re’s eyes were flushed, and he was stopped by Kang Tae Shik when he was about to continue walking towards the sea. Kang Tae Shik talked about his foot injury and continued to hold Yoon Kyeo Re responsible for his mistakes. Then the two came to the police station. During the police’s question and answer to Yoon Kyeo Re, Kang Tae Shik accidentally saw a large burn on his back, and suddenly thought of something. When leaving the police station, Kang Tae Shik asked the source of the burn on his back, but Yoon Kyeo Re had no intention of telling him the story and left with his dog son.

Kang Tae Shik stood there, remembering that he had seen a boy with a scald behind him many years ago, and he didn’t know if the Yoon Kyeo Re in front of him was him. After the old man died, his sons and daughters at the funeral accused Kang Tae Shik and Seo Yeon Joo of taking the dying old man long distances and a car accident on the way. But in fact, the children of the old man never cared about him when he was ill, as if the world had evaporated and deliberately avoided the responsibility of taking care of the seriously ill father.

Kang Tae Shik walked to the mourning hall and unceremoniously exposed the scheming of his sons and daughters. They had no feelings for the elderly and appeared after death only to share the insurance money. The daughter was speechless, and suddenly she saw the watch on Kang Tae Shik’s hand, which belonged to the old man. The daughter immediately screamed, saying that Kang Tae Shik had stolen the money, but Kang Tae Shik was bright and magnanimous, saying that it was a gift from the old man, and his time had stopped, so he gave the rest of the time to himself. After finishing speaking, Kang Tae Shik left the group of ugly children after leaving a scumbag.

The foot injury has not yet healed, Kang Tae Shik can’t drive, the hospital urgently needs a temporary driver, he thinks of the boy Yoon Kyeo Re who had a car accident that day. The court is trying Yoon Kyeo Re for a traffic accident and sentenced him to hand over penalties. Although Yoon Kyeo Re was full of money, he refused to hand it over to the state, on the grounds that the state had never done anything for him, so why should he give the state money. Kang Tae Shik stood outside the courtroom the whole time, watching Chae Lai silently.

Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me episode 1 Ending Explained

At the end of the trial, Yoon Kyeo Re returned to the hotel only to find that the underworld elder brother took his younger brother to inquire about his news at the front desk. He subconsciously wanted to run away, but remembered that the dog son was still in the room. Yoon Kyeo Re had to bribe the waiter, returned to the room in his overalls, and fled with the dog. Yoon Kyeo Re has nowhere to go but goes back to the pet hospital, the doctor is the only person he trusts, because the doctor has also been in an orphanage, and is Yoon Kyeo Re’s childhood companion, watching Yoon Kyeo Re always bring his dog son Running around, the doctor stood from the pet’s point of view and persuaded him to let the dog go away, because bringing the tortured pet with him is also a sin for the pet.

Yoon Kyeo Re thought for a moment and agreed. But just when the doctor was about to take the dog away, the soft dog struggled to break free and came to Yoon Kyeo Re’s side. Yoon Kyeo Re understands this feeling. The dog son doesn’t want to die. Even if his body is in pain, he wants to live longer. Maybe he also has a wish to fulfill before he dies.

Yoon Kyeo Re left the pet hospital with his dog son, and just got into the car Yoon Kyeo Re saw the message from the court that he could go to the hospice and do volunteer labor if he didn’t want to pay the fine. Yoon Kyeo Re thought about it and decided to go to the hospital to work, of course, all this was quietly arranged by Kang Tae Shik behind the scenes.

The next day, the magic lamp team waited for Yoon Kyeo Re to appear. After a long time, a red convertible car parked at the door with a high profile. The playful Yoon Kyeo Re thought that the hospital was so dilapidated as soon as he got out of the car. Seo Yeon Joo kicked the sports car’s rearview mirror when he found out that he was the man who caused the car accident that day. Who would have thought that Yoon Kyeo Re would form a grudge with the magic lamp team just after he showed up.

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