Krama If You Wish Upon Me episode 4 Recap & Ending:Kyeo Re admits to being part of the team

Krama If You Wish Upon Me episode 4 Recap

In the last episode, we said that Yoon Kyeo Re was in the hospital again and fell asleep and dreamed about the past. How he protected the girl Ha Joon Kyung when he was young, and the helplessness of watching her forced to live stream to make money when he grew up, in the end he pulled himself together and couldn’t think about it, Yoon Kyeo Re woke up again, it was already the next morning. The cook entrusted him to help him run errands to buy something. Although Yoon Kyeo Re was reluctant, he obediently took his dog out.

The grandfather of the grocery store learned that Yoon Kyeo Re was a volunteer at the Hospice Hospital. Not only did he not receive any money, but he also gave him a lollipop and praised Yoon Kyeo Re for his kindness. Yoon Kyeo Re took the lollipop crampedly, turned around and walked out of the store just as he was about to take out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, but suddenly hesitated. That kindness began to bind Yoon Kyeo Re’s thoughts and actions like a spell. He threw away his cigarettes, and maybe he could try being a kind person today.

After the efforts of Kang Tae Shik, the star was finally invited to the hospital. A group of people stood at the gate looking forward to it, and soon a luxury business car stopped at the gate, and the star opened the door handsomely. Kang Tae Shik stepped forward to greet him, but the star explained that he didn’t come because he had a heart attack, but because he received a letter. It turned out that Kang Tae Shik found out that the biggest weakness of stars is that they are distracted and have no resistance to beautiful girls, so he wrote a letter and attached Se Hee’s beautiful photos. Let a few homeless friends entangle the star and find an opportunity to give it away. Sure enough, the star saw the beautiful world photo and immediately agreed to come to the hospital.

At this time, Se Hee came to the star in a wheelchair, and Qiao Cui’s face didn’t match the photo at all. The star doesn’t want to believe that the sick girl is Se Hee and is still looking around. It wasn’t until Se Hee reported his name that the star accepted the result. Se Hee wants to use the power of stars to star in a musical in the hospital, in addition to them, he also needs seven ensembles in the hospital. The onlookers stepped back one after another, letting Seo Yeon Joo and the cook and others stand in the front row as candidates. Yoon Kyeo Re didn’t know what happened, but he also took a step forward, and he was also selected to appear in the musical.

Se Hee took out the script he prepared and assigned roles for each group. Yoon Kyeo Re and Seo Yeon Joo play a couple, and Yoon Kyeo Re complained a little, but never ran away again. The members of the team took every opportunity to rehearse dance every day. Although Yoon Kyeo Re still complained a lot, he was actually practicing the dance honestly. Kang Tae Shik was very happy and relieved to see his change.

The chef brought a bowl of curry to Yoon Kyeo Re, and said with a smile that Kang Tae Shik and the bridge looked very loving, like a real father and son. Because Yoon Kyeo Re always doesn’t eat the chef’s food, but arouses her competitive spirit. She must make Yoon Kyeo Re’s favorite food. Today’s curry is my first attempt. Yoon Kyeo Re looked at curry and remembered that when he was a child in a welfare home, he gave curry to a girl himself. At that time, he was a gentle and smiling little boy. Yoon Kyeo Re came back to his senses, said that curry was probably his third favorite thing, and then started to eat. The cook is not discouraged, and will continue to guess his favorite food.

After the meal, Yoon Kyeo Re helped the cook, and while chatting, Yoon Kyeo Re asked that the last time he happened to see a photo of Kang Tae Shik hanging in his car, it seemed to be a photo of him and his son. The cook replied perfunctorily, Kang Tae Shik seemed to have a son, and he didn’t know it himself. At this time, Seo Yeon Joo walked into the kitchen, and the cook casually let her taste the food that he and Yoon Kyeo Re had marinated. Yoon Kyeo Re immediately grabbed a handful and fed it to Seo Yeon Joo, carefully wiping the sauce off her lips. juice. This gentle gesture made Seo Yeon Joo’s heart beat faster and his face blushed, so he quickly ran out of the kitchen.

The scenes of the musical have been arranged one after another. Everyone has their first rehearsal, and the pairing scene with Seo Yeon Joo made Yoon Kyeo Re very nervous. He said a line intermittently, and everyone couldn’t help laughing, suspecting Yoon Kyeo. Re has never been in a relationship, and Yoon Kyeo Re is trying hard to justify that he has been in a relationship.

That night, a grandmother died in the hospital, and Yoon Kyeo Re and Kang Tae Shik took her to the funeral home overnight. After watching the ambulance leave, Seo Yeon Joo was sitting on the side of the road when he noticed the pain in his ankle, which he accidentally stabbed on the way to Grandma’s ward. At this time, a doctor came to sit down beside her and handed the foot injury spray intimately. In fact, the doctor has always had a crush on Seo Yeon Joo, but his philosophy is different from that of the magic lamp team. . The doctor turned to ask how the new Yoon Kyeo Re was doing, thinking about all kinds of Yoon Kyeo Re, Seo Yeon Joo had an unconscious smile on his face. At first, she also thought that Qiao was a helpless gangster, but his behavior after that changed her greatly. Although he likes to think about things, he can always do things that are handed to him. The doctor didn’t expect that he had been casually asking about a rival in love, and he couldn’t help but look a little lonely.

Yoon Kyeo Re and Kang Tae Shik did not return to the hospital until dawn. Yoon Kyeo Re slept directly in the car, and Kang Tae Shik met the doctor head-on as he entered the door. Kang Tae Shik knew he didn’t like team work, but asked him to be more tolerant. Four years ago, Kang Tae Shik came to this hospital for the first time. He was a homeless man who had no money and was sick. The doctor not only took in Kang Tae Shik and put him in the warehouse on the 4th floor, but also treated him for free. Part of Kang Tae Shik’s current kindness is a continuation of his gratitude to the doctor.

Yoon Kyeo Re slept in the car all day, and woke up when night fell again. He saw the photo of Kang Tae Shik and his son hanging on the car. Yoon Kyeo Re stepped out of the car and stretched when he saw the lights on the ward on the corner of the fourth floor. Yoon Kyeo Re thought about it, and suddenly realized that the room was the locked room 403. He immediately ran back to the hall, wanting to ask Seo Yeon Joo, who was on duty. At this time, Seo Yeon Joo was sitting at the front desk and all fell asleep, his head was about to hang down, Yoon Kyeo Re grabbed her ball hair, and took a closer look at Seo Yeon Joo’s face by the way, and felt that it was not pretty enough. At this moment, Seo Yeon Joo opened his eyes and saw Yoon Kyeo Re pulling his hair, and immediately grabbed his flat head. Yoon Kyeo Re hurriedly broke free and had no intention to explain, but just asked what was going on in Room 403, and why was it locked? Is there really a ghost? Seo Yeon Joo’s eyes were obviously dodging, she replied that it was a warehouse, although it was used as a ward for a short time, but now it has become a storage room, and it is nonsense to talk about being haunted.

Krama If You Wish Upon Me episode 4 Ending: Kyeo Re admits to being part of the team

The star came to the hospital again for rehearsal, and he and Se Hee had a lot of opposite scenes and physical contact. In the process of getting closer, the star suddenly felt that he had some subtle feelings for Se Hee, such as looking at her or holding his palm tightly, and there would be an undercurrent in his heart. After the rehearsal, Se Hee gave him a pair of gloves. Looking at Se Hee’s smile and thoughtful gifts, the star finally felt his heart beating wildly, and he seemed to fall in love with Shizhao. But soon the star fell into depression again, because the result of this love was obvious. At this time, the assistant replied, if you really like Se Hee, as the script they are going to star in, love shouldn’t delay, and shouldn’t hold back, don’t think about the outcome.

The rehearsal came to an end, and finally ushered in the final performance. The venue was in the park of the hospital. A painted background wall was erected on the scene, and a string of lights was pulled up. When setting up the scene, Yoon Kyeo Re also saw Seo Yeon Joo lifting heavy objects from time to time to exercise, Yoon Kyeo Re asked her why she did this? Seo Yeon Joo replied because her mother was also a cancer patient. One night, she couldn’t sleep because of the pain, so Seo Yeon Joo had to call the emergency number and walked out of the alley step by step with her mother behind her back. The cold ground was covered with snow that night, and the skinny Seo Yeon Joo struggled with his mother and quickly ran out of energy. At that time, Seo Yeon Joo suddenly hated his weak self. After that, Seo Yeon Joo started exercising. If he is full of strength, there will always be a day to help patients. After finishing speaking, Seo Yeon Joo received a call. It turned out that Seo Hee’s condition was not very good. The doctor suggested that she should stop acting in the stage play, but Seo Hee’s will was determined, even if she died on the stage. The doctor didn’t listen to her. His professionalism did not allow him to watch the patient die quietly. Seo Yeon Joo tried to persuade her, but was also scolded by the doctor, telling her to stop inciting the patient. Yoon Kyeo Re, who was on the side, couldn’t see it, and came out to support Seo Yeon Joo. The doctor let Yoon Kyeo Re leave the hospital in a fit of anger. At this time, Yoon Kyeo Re replied earnestly that he was a member of the team and would not leave at will. The fourth episode of the Korean drama “Krama If You Wish Upon Me” is over.

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