Locke and Key Season 3 Will Kinsey and Scot be together?

Locke and Key Season 3 Kinsey and Scot end up together?

Netflix Locke and Key Season 3 tells the story of the magic key, and with each season, many new keys are discovered. The more keys, the greater the threat to the Locke family.

They also experience an emotional moment as a teenager as the Locke family use a magic key to battle supernatural beings, Kinsey and Scot’s love has obstacles, and people wonder if they’ll end up together.

Locke and Key Season 3 Will Kinsey and Scot be together?

In Locke and Key Season 3, Kinsey and Scot are clearly a couple that should be together, but there’s always something that keeps them apart.

In the first season, when they became friends and started filming, the chemistry between them was enough to create a strong “willing and unwilling” atmosphere. Most importantly, with the discovery of the key, Kinsey discovers that Scot is her most trusted confidant.

Their love story came to an abrupt end when Kinsey let go of her fears and, literally, her unruly side was revealed, which worried Scot. Kinsey’s behavior becomes more cruel, especially towards Eden, and Scot doesn’t approve. This created distance between them, and Dodge, in the form of Gabe, took advantage of this.

Scot knew Kinsey had been going through a tough time, her father had died; she had to leave all her friends when the family moved to the old house. She’s being bullied by Eden, she needs someone she can rely on, and when Scot starts to distance herself from her, Gaby steps in.

Although Kinsey was attractive to Scot, she was attracted to Gaby because at the time, she felt like he was the only one who really understood her. Her fearlessness took away her instinct to watch out for Gaby. But as the fear fades, Gaby becomes her boyfriend, and Scot stays in the background with a sad look every time he sees them together. Still, Kinsey has feelings for him, and it’s more apparent in season two.

Even with Gaby getting along well, at least on the surface, Kinsey couldn’t help but think of Scot. She became especially disturbed when she discovered the possibility that Scot would leave Matheson and move back to England. Gaby also feels the connection between Kinsey and Scot, fearing the latter will take his girlfriend.

Finally, Gaby’s secret is revealed to the world. It’s revealed that he’s actually Dodge, which means he’s no longer with Kinsey. Without him, Kinsey and Scot finally had a chance to be together. But then, Scot was accepted into Rochester, and Kinsey bid him a bittersweet farewell.

Scot almost missed the third season, but still kept in touch with Kinsey. Still, there’s a lot of distance between them, which is evident from their phone calls.

Scot and Kinsey ended up chatting, at which point Kinsey revealed that she was trying to get into Rhode Island School of Design, which has a student exchange program that might give her the chance to go to the UK. This makes Scot happy because it means they can finally be together.

Did Scot and Kinsey end up together? Although they are still separated by oceans, there is a good chance that they will find a way to be together. If Kinsey got into Rhode Island School of Design, they might meet in the UK. If not, they may reconnect when Scot finishes his studies in Rochester and returns to the U.S. But by then, many things could have changed for both of them. Even so, we can say the answer has a more positive inclination.

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