Marvel I Am Groot episode 1-5 Recap & Review

Marvel I Am Groot episode 1-5 Recap & Review

Marvel’s I Am Groot will start a happy adventure with Groot’s vision.

Episode 1: I’m Groot

Groot was originally just a living bonsai plant and was taken care of by a robot housekeeper. As Groot grew and the bonsai was damaged, Groot was naturally judged as a defective product. Groot was replaced by a bonsai. The more he thought about it, the more angry Groot was, so he immediately fought back and attacked the new bonsai, which always ended in failure.

How could our Groot give up, he took a leap and then fought the bonsai, both falling to the ground. The broken bonsai made him free, but his legs were not so easy to use because they had not been used for a long time, so Groot began to learn to walk with difficulty. He didn’t know the bonsai, and he said the only line to the bonsai, I’m Groot.

Episode 2: A world where the weak eat the strong

Groot, who came to a certain planet, was very bored, so he started building blocks and quickly completed his simple hut, but was soon invaded by another animal and completely occupied Groot’s territory. Just when Groot was troubled, the bigger predator grabbed the animal, smashed Groot’s small home, and stomped Groot angrily.

However, Groot later discovered another miniature world. Groot’s stomping can make the tiny world shake, and the tiny creatures are not Groot’s opponent at all. The gap in strength made Groot start to make a fortune, and the other party also tried his best to fight Groot, until Groot let out a fart (leaf).

The tiny creatures began to eat the leaves, and Groot, who was happy, ran to the side and took a lot of leaf food. When he was about to feed the food, he accidentally trampled them all to death. Groot can only slip away as if nothing happened, but the power of life is sometimes extremely tenacious.

Episode 3: True and False Groot

Groot was disturbed by the noise while sleeping, so he decided to investigate to see who was disturbing his sleep. After constant searching, Groot met another self, a self composed of water.

Since they’re all called Groot, let’s fight dance. Soon the enemy revealed his original face because he was too happy. Send the counterfeit directly into the universe.

Episode 4: Groot’s Dress Up Game

Groot found a quite comfortable hot spring quagmire, and like a woman who loves beauty, he began to make himself more comfortable and enjoyable as much as possible. After all, Groot is not a woman, so Groot’s body quickly grew luxuriant and covered with leaves, but after being troubled for a while, he suddenly found that it was quite fun, and he was immersed in another kind of dressing fun.

Although Groot enjoyed it very much, the strange squirrel beside him gradually became mad. And Groot also found that the water in the hot spring had been used up by himself. At this time, the squirrel’s harsh laugh attracted Groot’s attention. Groot had an idea and plucked the squirrel’s hair to dress himself up.

Episode 5 Plot: Lovely Groot

Groot got some inspiration from comic magazines, so he started collecting various materials, such as raccoon hair, some mechanical parts, and even Drax’s bath soap. In short, he collected a lot of parts, and then Start creating your own artwork on poster paper.

Groot went too far and was reckless, and although he finished the painting, he got into a lot of trouble. As the raccoon arrived in time and found a messy cabin, he also knew that it was all caused by Groot. Just when he was about to get angry, he saw Groot’s painting, and Jing said what the audience wanted to say most. In a word, the painting is awesome!

I Am Groot Review

Each short film is incredibly entertaining and tells a lovely, coherent story in just a few minutes. I Am Groot incorporates everything we know about this version of Groot, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Seeing this side of Groot and watching him perform is a total joy. The most impressive part is the animation, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Because the short film is so short, it is worth watching over and over again.

Great to hear Vin Diesel voice Groot again. There are almost no lines in these clips, only I’m Groot. But that’s not a bad thing, and it feels very real, it’s all about Groot!

“I Am Groot” is a skit that audiences of all ages will enjoy. They’re fast and absolutely hilarious, and each episode offers a fun mini-adventure with viewers everywhere shouting “I’m Groot” after watching.

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