Netflix Day Shift storyline and Ending Explained

2022 Netflix’s latest vampire film, Day Shift, revolves around Bud (Jamie Foxx), one of California’s most successful vampire hunters. Don’t miss it for vampire fans, here’s everything you need to know about Day Shift’s storyline and ending.

Day Shift plot storyline

Bud is ostensibly a cleaner, but he always carries a well-equipped weapon under his toolbox, as he is a vampire hunter. After changing his gear, Bud walked into the house. There was an old vampire lady in the house. She asked Bud what was the purpose? Bud didn’t talk nonsense, killed the old lady directly, and then pulled out the teeth, the vampire’s teeth can be exchanged for the bounty.

After get off work, Bud hurried home to wash off the blood, and then sent his daughter to his ex-wife’s house. Bud learned from his ex-wife that because her daughter could not pay for her daughter’s schooling and medical treatment, she decided to sell the house and take her daughter to live in her mother’s city. Hearing this, Bud hurriedly said that he would solve the money matter, and he only needed to give him a week.

Bud immediately found the merchant Troy and exchanged the vampire’s teeth for the bounty. However, as a black-hearted merchant, Troy deliberately lowered the price because Bud is not a member of the alliance now. Bud was a bounty hunter of the Hunters’ League, but was expelled from the league for not following the league’s rules in action.

Bud says he needs the money urgently, but Troy is still reluctant to raise the price. Desperate, Bud finds his friend Snoop Dogg, hoping he can vouch for him and make himself a bounty hunter for the Alliance once again.

At the same time, the vampire leader Audrey returned home to find that his relative (the old lady) had died. Just when she was sad, the bodyguard on the side found a glass shard with blood stains. Audrey immediately smelled the blood on it and vowed to avenge the family.

Snoop Dogg brought Bud to meet Ralph, the leader of the alliance. When he learned that Bud wanted to return to the alliance, Ralph immediately told the various mistakes Bud made in the past. After hearing this, Bud said that he had changed his mind, and Snoop Dogg, who was on the side, also used his reputation to vouch for Bud. Seeing the revered Snoop Dogg come forward, Ralph decides to give Bud another chance, but only if Bud works with employee Seth.

When Seth heard the news, he immediately found the leader. He said that he just wanted to be a clerk and didn’t want to take risks on the front line, but the leader used a promotion as a reward to let him supervise Bud.

Seth came to Bud’s base the next day. After a brief discussion, the two decided to start looking for vampires. They soon found clues. However, just before the action, Bud learned that Seth not only had no experience in hunting vampires, but also did not even have the courage to face vampires, so Bud could only act alone.

In the bowling alley that has been abandoned for 8 years, Bud takes a gun to clean up the vampires. When Bud was about to step up and pull out the vampire’s toothbrush, another vampire suddenly appeared and threw him down. Just as the two sides were fighting, teammate Seth walked in, and Bud immediately asked Seth to hand him the gun, but Seth was obviously frightened by the scene in front of him. Fortunately, Bud got the gun in time to deal with the vampire on his body.

Troy is found by vampire leader Audrey, who, through friendly means, learns from Troy’s mouth that Bud killed her 90-year-old daughter. After sending Seth home, Bud found that Seth was actually recording his specific actions against the alliance. Seeing these records made Bud very angry, he decided to talk to Seth tomorrow.

When Bud came home that night, he bumped into Heather, a female neighbor who had just moved in. Bud realized that Heather was not a normal person, but he did not expect that Heather was not a person at all. The next day, Bud took out Seth’s notebook and confronted him. After learning that Seth was sent by Ralph to supervise him, Bud angrily complained to Seth that the alliance’s charter would only put hunters in danger. tell Ralph. Seth listened and agreed.

Not long after, Bud and Seth went to Troy’s shop to buy equipment, and as soon as they came in, they found that Troy had lost his life. There was Troy’s teeth on the table next to it, and the spelled name was Bud. Just when the two were about to leave, Seth insisted on reporting the matter to the leader and asked Bud to stand by. So Tie Gui told the truth, once he reported to the leader now, he would be put on leave by the alliance. If he doesn’t get paid by Monday, his wife and daughter will leave the city.

After hearing this, Seth chose to compromise again. Just as the two were discussing how to deal with a large number of vampires, the two brothers, Diran and Mike, the bounty hunters, happened to pass by. After a simple exchange, the two sides found that their goal was the same. Considering the large number of vampires this time, the two sides decided to cooperate.

Netflix Day Shift storyline and Ending Explained

After bringing enough equipment, a few people came to a gathering place for vampires. Mike went in without any nonsense and directly dealt with the two vampires. However, they soon discovered that there were far more vampires in the house than they had imagined. Many vampires kept attacking from all directions. Fortunately, several people were experienced and well-equipped, and they always had the upper hand. But on the other hand, the newcomer Seth was so frightened that he urinated his pants.

Just as Seth was about to be bitten, Diran threw the axe at the vampire on Seth, and then a roundhouse kick took out the vampire. When several people began to appreciate their achievements, another vampire suddenly ran out, but instead of attacking several people, he ran out of the door. This vampire is not afraid of the sun. It turns out that they have invented a sunscreen that allows vampires to last 15-20 minutes in the sun.

After get off work, Bud picked up his daughter and took her to a classmate’s party. But at this moment, Bud received a call from Audrey. He knew that he had been targeted by a vampire, so he quickly picked up his daughter from the party. Immediately after that, he started to flee in his car, with many vampires chasing him behind him, and then the pair staged a chase battle on the street. Fortunately, Bud’s driving skills are relatively good, and he has always been able to use his little broken car to distance himself. During the escape, Bud told his wife on the phone and told her to quickly pack up and prepare to leave. When Bud returned home, he found that many vampires were already waiting for him here.

The murderous female vampire Audrey found the hunter’s home, but Audrey did not kill the hunter Bud, but took Bud’s wife and daughter away, because she planned to convert Bud’s daughter into a vampire, and then watched Bud personally solve the killed daughter. Audrey lets his men knock Bud unconscious, and Bud wakes up shortly after, but he finds that his partner Seth has also turned into a vampire. Bud distracted him with words, then picked up a knife and hid it behind his back. Soon Seth started to get out of control, and Bud slashed directly at Seth’s head. Not only did Seth not die, he even put his head back.

Bud saw that Seth had no power at this time, so Bud chose to take him with him first. Soon after, Bud comes to the house of Heather, a strange female neighbor, and Bud discovers that Heather is also a vampire. After the two exchanged, Bud learned that Heather was also threatened by Audrey, but now she is willing to help Bud find his daughter. To show her sincerity, she took the blood bag for Seth to suck on, and Seth’s wound was healed.

Then the three decided to go to Audrey’s base to save people. After arriving at the base, the three directly launched an attack. Although Bud and Heather have a lot of fighting experience, there are too many vampires on the other side. Just when the three were suppressed by each other, a pickup suddenly rushed in, and the person who got out of the car was Bud’s friend Snoop Dogg. He took a burst of fire with the Gatling gun and directly eliminated most of the vampires. Bud and Snoop Dogg then moved on, while Heather and Seth chose to stay behind.

The two who came to the next floor found many vampires again, and Snoop Dogg fired another wave without talking nonsense. These young vampires couldn’t stop the attack of the Gatling machine gun at all. After finishing the group of vampires, the two took up the specially-made weapons here and moved on, but soon they were attacked again. Snoop Dogg decides to stay behind to buy time for Bud. Soon Bud met Audrey’s bodyguard. Just when Bud was about to be solved, Heather and Seth fell from the sky. The two chose to stay and deal with the bodyguard, so that Bud could save his wife and daughter.

Day Shift Ending Explained

Bud saw his wife and daughter and Audrey shortly after, but when he shot Audrey with a gun, he was easily dodged by Audrey. Audrey took off his 20,000 high heels and rushed forward with a quick move, knocking Bud to the ground. The battle between Bud and Audrey resulted in a one-sided suppression, just as Audrey was about to transform Bud. The wife suddenly attacked Audrey from behind, but the attack did nothing. Audrey kicks Bud’s wife away first, then kicks Bud away in one kick. Bud watched Audrey walk towards his wife and daughter, and shot at Audrey’s throat at the right moment, but Audrey was unscathed, and then quickly rushed towards Bud, but Bud closed his eyes directly. But he was not waiting to die, but he had already set up a trap wire. When Audrey rushed over, his head was cut off, and Audrey, who had lived for hundreds of years, died with hatred.

After everything was over, the leader Ralph came, and he rebuked Bud for violating the rules of the league and planned to fire Bud. At this time, Seth, who was on the side, said the specific content of the regulations, and said that Bud’s behavior was completely compliant. This remark directly made Ralph go away. The experience made Bud and Seth recognize each other, and Bud’s wife reunited with him.

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