Netflix Devil in Ohio reveiw & Ending Explained:Where did the cult members go?

Based on Daria Polatin’s novel of the same name, the Netflix series Devil in Ohio tells the story of Mae Dodd, a teenage girl who escapes from a cult. Psychiatrist Suzanne takes care of Mae until she finds a foster family. This engrossing series ends with a stunning reveal that is sure to leave a few unsolved mysteries in viewers’ minds, let’s try to answer them for you!

Netflix Devil in Ohio reveiw

“Devil in Ohio” tries to tackle some serious themes and paints a pretty scary picture that draws attention to the horrific nature of the cult. The show ends by making us rethink who the real demon is in this story, and Suzanne’s acts of kindness have come at a huge price. In some ways, Devil in Ohio can be considered an attempt at a traumatic, belonging, thoughtful drama, with a cult-horror tone that hangs over the entire show, repeatedly emphasizing a more real threat to society.

The show, which reveals the trauma of childhood abuse survivors, not only seeks to make a statement about child abuse as one of the greatest scourges plaguing society, but also focuses on spreading awareness of the underlying trauma, raising awareness of it and addressing it. The detective is an ordinary character who overcomes all odds to become the hero of the story.

The plot revolves around Suzanne and her family, and shows how Mae fits in and affects Suzanne’s family, each with their own subplot. Suzanne wants to find Mae’s real family while dealing with her past trauma. The rest of the episode is a cult, the police unravel the mystery of the cult, and Mae’s connection to the cult. You can clearly see that since Suzanne and Lopez have fairly similar arcs, having both characters do the same thing is counterproductive, but it makes sense to focus on Suzanne since Mae lives with her.

Devil in Ohio doesn’t have enough plot, engaging characters, or interesting situations for characters to encounter. Its quality is only comparable to the CW dramas of the mid-2000s, the only saving grace is the acting, and it’s not great either.

While Devil in Ohio’s ending will take a big turn, much of the show’s plot is predictable. Mae’s weird character creates a lot of tension and anticipation, and somewhere along the line we do find that the ending won’t be a happy one.

Netflix Devil in Ohio reveiw & Ending Explained:Where did the cult members go?

Devil in Ohio Ending Explained: Will Suzanne leave Mae? Did Suzanne break up with Peter?

Suzanne’s decision to welcome Mae back into her life is something Peter cannot tolerate. Mae directly or indirectly threatened the lives of Peter, his three daughters, and most importantly, his wife. Even after so much ordeal, seeing Suzanne bring her back into their lives, Peter was only temporarily separated from Suzanne. But they neither broke up nor did they intend to. The temporary separation also gave Suzanne the time she needed to adjust herself and find a way for Mae to live in the future.

As Suzanne endured a tumultuous childhood, she felt the same. As someone who never grew up with loving parents, Suzanne must have seen herself in Mae and longed for her mother’s love.

Where did Malachi and the rest of the cult go?

Detective Lopez kills Sheriff Wilkins in order to save Suzanne and Mae, which also gives him physical evidence to investigate Malachi. He applied for a search warrant and came to Amon Town, only to find their home abandoned. While the cult and its members have fled their original settlements, they may not have gone very far. According to their holy scriptures, the covenant, Amon Town is a holy place for the cult, and they cannot give up their holy place. The most likely explanation is that they had to rebuild their cult in another part of Armon County.

Mae’s escape, the burned church, and Wilkins’ death must have terrified Malachi and his followers from their current settlement. While they were forced to relocate, their influence could protect them from Lopez’s ongoing investigation. Considering Mae is still alive, they might even consider kidnapping her since she’s still the chosen one.

Netflix Devil in Ohio plot

Devil in Ohio begins with Mae fleeing her family in Armon. She had injuries all over her back, she was admitted to the hospital and refused to speak to anyone, and Suzanne started treating her. Tries to find a foster home for Mae but fails to find a place that suits her. Suzanne takes Mae to her house, where the family includes her husband Peter and their three daughters named Helen, Jules and Danny. Detective Lopez investigates Mae’s case and discovers that she is involved in a cult in the town of Amon. Mae is the daughter of cult leader Malachi Dodd.

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