Netflix I Came By review & Ending Explained:Who’s the man in the basement?

In the Netflix British film “I Came By”, Toby and Jay specialize in stealing from the rich and graffiti “I Came By” on their walls after the robbery. There are plenty of twists and turns in the story that keep viewers wondering what’s going to happen next. Tension builds up and each character’s life seems to be in jeopardy. The ending gives the audience a sense of closure, but some things remain unanswered. Let’s break down the ending and see what it means for the characters.

I Came By review

“I Came By” is a film that explores a particular character that could have digged deeper into the dark elements of the story, and the plot of some of the characters’ deaths in the movie, where the ashes are gone in a flash, wasn’t explicitly represented. There’s also the issue of the pacing, it feels slow in some places, and I must admit, lost a little interest in the beginning on some occasions. I’m not going to criticize the movie too much, though, because Here Comes is not a bad movie, it’s just not a great movie. It relies heavily on the performance of Hugh Bonneville.

Actor Hugh Bonneville, best known for his role in the hit TV series “Downton Abbey,” brilliantly played a deranged serial killer and gave the film its best moments. Like many Netflix films, “I Came By” falls into the “lower your expectations” category.

I Came By Ending Explained: Who’s the man in the basement?

Things start to become clear when Toby breaks into Hector’s house and finds a man imprisoned in the secret room. In the end, who was this guy who came out alive and why did Hector go to the trouble of moving him to another house after killing Toby, Omid and Liz?

On the night Hector fainted Omid, Hector told Omid about the story between his father and the boy named Ravi, who shared the bed with Ravi, which was a huge deal for Hector. The blow caused his mother to commit suicide, which brought him a lot of pain. To make matters worse, Hector’s father continues his gay affair, sending Hector to boarding school. Heck doesn’t finish the story because he’s interrupted by the fleeing Omid.

The man in the basement was none other than a “handsome young man” who looked like Ravi. It’s clear that Hector has a deep hatred for Ravi, more so because he’s about the same age as Ravi. Assuming Hector’s mother died in his late 20s and was sent to boarding school, Ravi would be about the same age, or in his early 20s. The film doesn’t delve into the death of Hector’s father, but there’s no doubt that Hector had something to do with it. In fact, the summer Hector pounced on Ravi “like a beast” and nearly ruined his face was probably the same summer Hector killed his father.

Hector thought he killed Ravi too, but somehow he survived, this time instead of killing Ravi, Hector decided to let him live miserably. Keep Ravi in ​​the basement, keep him alive, let him suffer, but never have enough strength to fight back or escape.

How did Hector Blake get caught?

Hector moves in and prepares to live a carefree life, but he doesn’t know Jay and suspects him. He finds Hector at the university’s alumni party, and he follows Hector to his estate. His plan is to get Hector to confess and find out what he did to Toby and Liz.

Given Hector’s age, Jay thought it would be easier to deal with him. But it turns out he underestimated the killer. Jay was almost killed, but luckily, he overpowered Hector. He needed to know what Hector had done to his friends, only to find out that they had been killed and their ashes flushed down the toilet. He also knew why Hector killed them, because Toby found out about the man in the basement, so Hector had to kill him, and Liz followed.

Jay can’t save his friend, but he decides to save Ravi. He tied up Hector, scribbled their signature “I Came By” on the wall and called the police. Jay rescues Ravi from another back room in the garage and tells him he’s saved. As Jay flees, we see lights flashing in the distance. In the end, they caught Hector with hard evidence of what he did to Ravi and the other three. Jay drives home, saddened by the loss of his friends, but also avenged for them.

Netflix I Came By review & Ending Explained:Who's the man in the basement?

I Came By Plot

I Came By is directed by Babak Anvari and stars Hugh Bonneville, George MacKay, Kelly Macdonald and perelle Ascott. The film revolves around Hector Black’s secret life, asking questions like: Why did he do this, and will he get away with it?

Toby and Jay rob the rich, it’s their way of fighting the system and their way of highlighting the injustice in the world. They found their next target was the wealthy Hector Black, a former judge labelled a “saint”. Toby knew that this guy collected ivory and must have done something bad and decided to rob him. However, when Jay found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, he was also targeted by the police, so he gave up.

Toby breaks into Hector’s home alone, where he discovers a secret hidden in the basement. Shocked by what he sees, Toby tries to tell Jay, who refuses to get involved in anything related to him. Toby called the police to catch Hector, but the police found nothing. It wasn’t until Toby disappeared that Jay began to wonder what was going on. Toby’s mother, Liz, starts investigating Hector, but things get dire and Liz goes missing.

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