Netflix Keep Breathing Review: The heroine story is the highlight

What would you do if you were stuck in a remote place with no food, no clean water and no internet, would you survive? If you’ve watched the various survival shows that Bear Grylls has hosted over the years, climbing mountains and traversing dense forests, you probably know a little bit about surviving in this situation. But for a lawyer, it’s ten times harder, and that’s what Netflix’s “Keep Breathing” is all about.

Netflix TV series Keep Breathing plot summary

The story begins with Liv (Melissa Barrera) waiting for her flight to Inuvik, Canada, when she finds out that the flight has been cancelled. The airline offered to book her another one the next day, but she had to arrive at her destination that day. She’s chasing someone, so she can’t lose the clue. She was so desperate she asked two strange men if she could join their private jet, which they said would be passing through Inuvik. Liv doesn’t even know who they are, but Liv doesn’t seem to care, the plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and Liv is left to fend for himself.

Netflix Keep Breathing Review: The heroine story is the highlight

Netflix Keep Breathing Review

Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, this mini-series lets the protagonist go his own way, not only surviving a new environment but also confronting demons from the past. With only six episodes in this Netflix survival drama, everything is terse, with each scene advancing the plot at a steady rhythm. There are regular flashbacks in the film that combine with the character’s current narrative to give the audience a sense of understanding and a drive to support her. We’ll soon see that this struggle has more to do with emotional states than serious problems with nature.

In terms of survival in the wild, this American drama is not too tough. The American TV series didn’t fight bears like in “The Revenant,” and the protagonists didn’t eat animals. The heroine Liv is a normal person, she can’t suddenly become a fishing expert, which is logical since she has never fished before. It all feels more grown-up than the other survival-focused US shows that audiences are used to by now (of course, the perspective is different when you’re in the comfort of your own home rather than in the jungle).

There is hardly any shock or excitement about Liv’s survivability. Every episode brings new troubles and less excitement. But that’s enough to make you question Liv’s decision, whether you agree or not, and ultimately things are understandable from Liv’s point of view, which should be enough to keep you from sparking a heated debate.

Due to the instability of the survival arc in the US series, the backstory of Liv is provided, which seems to have more gravitational pull. Even though this is a character profile that has been seen many times, it will spark some interest. The flow between past and present is seamless, which distracts the audience enough not to get bored at any moment.

To her credit, Melissa Barrera, who plays Liv, performed well enough to make audiences want to stick around and see how her character ends up going. Fragile and artistic, Liv’s mother, played by Florencia Lozano, doesn’t get as much attention as Liv remembers her. Jeff Wilbusch’s character is more benign than his previous role in Netflix’s German drama “Unorthodox.” Overall, the actors did a good job of interpreting their characters and also gave the audience some room to engage.

All things considered, “Keep Breathing” is a great show to pass the time if you’re looking for an easy episode. (Keep Breathing) maintains a gentle tone and message, never forcing the viewer to reflect on humanity and the challenges of survival, but it manages to capture your curiosity.

Rating: 3/5

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