Netflix Loving adult review & Ending Explained:Will the criminal couple still be together?

Netflix Loving adult review & Ending Explained:Will the criminal couple still be together?

The Netflix Danish thriller (Loving adult) is directed by renowned director Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg and stars Lars Ranthe, Dar Salim and Sonja Richter. The film is based on Anna Ekberg’s Nordic noir novel. It tells the story of Leonora) and Christian who are stuck in a loveless marriage that they can’t get out of. It started out as an extramarital affair, but things took a turn when the murder happened. A series of events ensued that caused Leonora and Christian’s relationship to become even more twisted and dark. When the story ended, their marriage was so complicated and the ending was so punchy, it seemed like Christian and Leonora really were a match made in heaven.

Netflix Loving adult review

A seemingly happy couple is actually deeply resentful and resentful of their marriage, a relationship full of crime, lies and betrayal. There are some horrific scenes in “Loving adult” where we see Christian drive over a woman he thinks is his wife. A twist awaits viewers and Christian, who is shocked when his wife, who he thought has been killed by him, walks into the house. Christian realizes he’s killed the wrong woman, and it doesn’t take long for Leonora to find out her husband was trying to kill her. This is where “Loving adult” really shines, and instead of running for her life, Christian strikes a dangerous pact with her husband. Christian wants Christian to get rid of his mistress, who is a threat to their relationship. He agreed, because if he didn’t, he could go to jail.

Centered around the often-heard themes of failed marriages and clichéd love crimes, “Loving adult” is nothing new in terms of plot. Cheating husbands and jealous wives are the subject of countless thrillers. The Netflix thriller’s twist in narrative pacing is only commendable for its literary narrative style, which makes the film look like a novel. In the absence of plot, well-crafted scenes and brilliant performances from the two leading actors permeate the entire film.

Loving adult Ending Explained: What happened to Xenia?

One of the main things to solve a murder case is to find the body. Leonora knew this, just as she knew how to find the perfect alibi. When she finds out that her husband has killed a woman (mistaking it for the heroine), it may be her turn next. Although her first reaction was to call the police and tell them everything, she thought about it and came up with a way to save not only her marriage but her son’s future as well. She asks Christian to kill Xenia and offers to help him with the task.

Leonora created the perfect alibi for herself and Christian by booking a weekend spa. She made sure people saw them, or at least heard them, as an alibi. However, she also knew that Christian might hold back because he was in love with her. Her suspicions were proven correct when she showed up at Xenia’s house to find that Christian had not killed Xenia, but had slept with her.

Leonora killed Xenia, but they can’t leave the body alone now, because Christian’s DNA is all over the place, let alone on the body. After Christian was shocked by Xenia’s death, he and Leonora cleaned the house and even changed the sheets so that Christian and Leonora’s DNA would not be left behind. As for the corpse, they realized there was a perfect way to deal with it.

Instead of burying Xenia or disposing of her body in any other way, they threw Xenia’s body into the bonfire. The detective had been suspicious of Christian since the hit-and-run case, and became even more suspicious when he found out that Christian and Xenia had an affair.

Just as detectives checked the other end of the lake, they burned Xenia’s body under their noses. By the time the officers realized what had happened, there was nothing they could do. When the meat is charred, the bones of the Xenia are still there, but they are easier to handle. In the final scene, we see Christian and Leonora go a long way to another lake, and Christian throws the bone into the water and never finds it again.

Will the criminal couple still be together?

A couple who murdered together are still together largely because they know each other’s crimes, and divorce seems impossible without jail time. Leonora knew that if love couldn’t bind them together, crime would. Previously, when Christian was talking about a divorce because he loved Xenia, she stopped him, threatening to go to the police to report his tax scam at the company. Christian can’t afford either jail time or a bad business reputation, so his only option is to kill Leonora, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as he expected.

Christian will always see her as a threat and may one day kill her. In order to actually tie them together, Leonora decides the best way is to get them to do it together, and the end of the film feels like Leonora’s plan has succeeded. As dangerous as Leonora is, she’ll also get Christian out of trouble. So, after disposing of Xenia’s body, they sold the house and moved somewhere else, maybe to start over. Or at least keep them at arm’s length from the detective who is beginning to suspect them. Christian throws Xenia’s bones into the lake, saying goodbye to his past and preparing to spend the rest of his life with Leonora.

Loving adult Plot Synopsis

Leonora is a gifted violinist. Her career looked promising, but it was put on hold when her son became very ill. When her husband Christian went out to earn money, someone needed to stay home to take care of their son. So, Leonora gave up her career, everything she’d worked hard for her whole life. At least she has a happy family. But when she found out, when their son was battling cancer, husband Christian was with another woman… her name was Xenia.

Now that their son has recovered and everything seems to be fine, Christian decides it’s time for them to divorce. The problem is, now their marriage is the only thing left in Leonora’s life. She cannot return to her former career because she has not played the violin for many years. Although Christian argues that he is in love with someone else, Leonora refuses to divorce him.

Leonora gave him a choice between staying with himself or going to jail for tax fraud a few years ago. In any case, he won’t end up with Xenia. Cornered by Leonora, angering Christian, he decides to kill Leonora, but ends up killing someone else, further complicating matters between the couple.

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