Netflix Purple Hearts review: The love story isn’t fully developed

Purple Hearts plot summary

A man and a woman met by chance because of the need for money. Luke is a heavily indebted Marine and Cassie is a singer with diabetes who can’t afford medicine. The two married in a fake marriage to get special benefits. Luke went to Iraq to serve in Iraq, and the two divorced when he returned home. Whether it is ancient or modern, fake marriages are always wonderful, and slowly they become real. While in Iraq, Luke was injured in his legs by an improvised explosive device and had to return home to recuperate, where he had to live at Cassie’s home to avoid suspicion. Having been under the same roof for several months, the two gradually developed a sincere relationship, and after overcoming some difficulties, they finally became married.

Netflix Purple Hearts review: The love story isn't fully developed

Purple Hearts review

On the face of it, the plot of the film does a good job of resolving some of the fierce conflicts between the main characters who are slowly falling in love. But as the story unfolds, the whole thing starts to fall apart. What hurts the movie the most is its characters. When they got married and pretended to be in love, their initial engagement lay the groundwork. We can clearly see that the two of them are uncomfortable together, which is understandable since they actually didn’t like each other in the first place. They are expected to slowly find a solution. Instead, they dive headfirst into a passionate moment, but fade away as soon as the sun comes out.

In the tumultuous lives of Cassie and Luke, the love story we were supposed to support never really had room to grow. Even though they should have gotten closer, the embarrassment between them didn’t go away due to the lack of chemistry between the actors.

But as individuals, Cassie and Luke make sense, but when they come together, it doesn’t feel realistic, and they can stay in disguise for as long as they do in the movies. Also, in their relationship, we don’t see any plot that would allow them to evolve from enemy to lover.

The character tension didn’t spark strong conflict, they did start to care about each other, but that still doesn’t make their marriage convincing, which makes one wonder how long their marriage will last even if they’re actually together. The lack of this inner spark leads us to believe that they might be better off just being friends.

In addition to never being in tune with each other, the characters also end up failing at the ideology that they cherished in the first place. Cassie, in particular, seems to have ditched her anti-war mantra from not dating the military to writing a heartfelt song for the military. Her story would be more convincing if the movie gave her a chance to let the plot evolve to that point.

Likewise, when they got married, all the moral and political battles between Cassie and Luke disappeared. Although the film tries to focus on all the relevant issues, it never manages to transcend. The only thing that might excite you is when Cassie’s band opens for Florence + The Machine, but Cassie sings too hard!

Rating: 2.5/5

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