Netflix Resident Evil Episode 1 Recap

This is the most anticipated bereavement drama in 2022. The TV series Netflix’s “Resident Evil” has a brand-new plot and brand-new characters. Don’t miss it if you like it.

Resident Evil Episode 1 Plot Recap

In 2036 AD, 14 years have passed since the destruction of the world, there are less than 300 million people left on the earth, and the number of zombies infected with the virus is as high as 6 billion. The heroine Jade is one of the few survivors, and she has been working on the evolution of zombie viruses over the years. To this end, he did not hesitate to stay away from his family and traveled across the ocean to the city of Lunjiao, which was densely populated with bereaved families. After spraying the scent-covering potion on her body, Jade started the research on the bereaved households again. She saw that she cut a rabbit and placed it on the open space. arrival of the household.

It didn’t take long for the mourners hidden in the building to start commotion, gradually coming along the smell of blood. Almost at the same moment, all the bereaved households noticed the existence of the rabbit and rushed over like a wolf. Through nearly a year of observation by Jade, these bereaved households have always acted on instinct, without any advanced brain function. When Jade was about to get up and leave, his arm was accidentally slashed by the iron gate. Jade immediately felt bad, and quickly turned around and ran away.

The bereaved group also discovered her existence at the first time, chasing after Jade like locusts. Unexpectedly, the speed of the bereaved family was so fast, and it didn’t take long for Jade to be thrown down. Fortunately, she was not panicking, kicked away the bereaved family who was entangled in her, and then slammed the switch raised on the ground. The surrounding iron pillars immediately spurted hot flames, isolating all the zombies outside the circle. Not long after, another cloud of red powder spewed out, putting out the raging fire, and even all the bereaved families remained silent. This is the life-saving measure that Jade set up for the temporary residence, and it was unexpected that it would work so quickly. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she suddenly felt that the ground began to shake violently. Jade seemed to realize something, and immediately turned around and ran. At the next moment, a huge reptile monster broke out. This is a bug infected with the T virus. Different from the ordinary zombies before, this is a violent and powerful existence. Jade had no resistance in front of it, and was directly knocked unconscious. Fortunately, at a critical moment, the three survivors suddenly appeared with their guns up. After some violent shooting, the huge bug fell to the ground and died.

When Jade woke up again and found herself in a tin room, it turned out that the kind person who killed the big bug brought her. This is a scavenger camp. Everyone relies on picking up discarded parts, reprocessing them and selling them to wealthy bosses. Jade was not surprised by this, and said that he wanted to leave. But the kind-hearted person said that this place is not for leaving if you want, and after finishing speaking, he threw a flare. Jade was silent for a moment, what the hell is this place? The flares light up the night sky, instantly illuminating countless zombies hidden in the night. They blocked the water around the entire camp, and the residents inside generally rely on helicopters to get in and out.

Jade immediately dismissed the idea of ​​leaving alone. Well-meaning people are not surprised by this, and expressed frustration that one day human beings will become extinct, but Jade does not think so. Viruses are always evolving. If the virus starts to weaken with luck, then human beings To be able to coexist with zombies, this is also the motivation for her to insist on observing the zombies for many years. But the next sentence of the kind-hearted person aroused Jade’s vigilance. The good-hearted person had the tattoo on Jade’s arm, which is a unique mark of living in Raccoon City, and the good-hearted person immediately changed his face. At this moment, the roar of the helicopter came from the sky, and the people from the umbrella company came.

Netflix Resident Evil Episode 1 Recap

It turns out that the Umbrella Company has been offering bounties to the residents of Raccoon City over the years. After the kind-hearted people discovered Jade’s identity, they immediately reported her to get some bounties. When several helicopters landed, a large group of heavily armed guards came out, led by one of the company’s bosses, Buck. When buck saw Jade, there was a look of surprise on his face. Buck shot the well-intentioned person with a single shot, and then all the soldiers started to fire on other scavengers, and an unreasonable killing kicked off.

Jade didn’t sit still and escaped from the shooting area while the chaos, but this place is neither small nor big. When the scavengers in the camp were almost wiped out, Jade was also blocked on the balcony. Buck Shi opened his mouth and told Jade to rush to the umbrella company, and his sister was waiting for her. After hearing this, Jade’s face changed dramatically, and he suddenly exerted force on his feet, and jumped towards the zombie group outside the camp downstairs. Who is this younger sister who makes Jade prefer to face zombies rather than meet her?

Fortunately, there was a tin shed where Jade stayed, and the girl was not hurt, but the zombies around her were not so easy to deal with. Jade clenched his teeth and immediately got up and ran in the opposite direction. Fortunately, the soldiers upstairs shot for cover, allowing Jade to hide in the glass room successfully. Obviously, the Umbrella Company did not want her to die. At this moment, an off-road vehicle suddenly rushed out of the camp, which should be a surviving scavenger. Jade knew that this was the only chance to escape, so he rushed into the group of households, shouting to stop while fighting the zombies. Jade jumped out of the off-road vehicle, and the surviving scavengers slammed on the accelerator, forcibly crashing a bloody road among the zombies.

The two finally escaped from the scavenger camp. The reason why Jade fought so hard was that he didn’t want to see his own sister, and his childhood experiences also appeared in his mind. Back in 2022, three months before the end. Jade’s father, the chief engineer of the umbrella company, was transferred to the newly built artificial town in Raccoon City because of work needs. Although Jade and twin sister Billie were upset, they had to follow their father and readjust to their new life. For some reason, father Albert had to draw a tube of blood from them every week. Over time, the two sisters have gotten used to it. But what they didn’t know was that the purpose of the father’s blood drawing was to inject himself.

Albert recently gave the umbrella company a drug to treat depression. The top management attaches great importance to this, and can’t wait to go public before it is completely perfected. Albert is very worried about this. Because there was an accident a few years ago, the drugs that were not perfected caused people to go crazy, and they had to shoot them all. Although the accident was suppressed by force and the outside world did not know it, Albert never forgot it.

Just after school at noon that day, my sister Billie came to the company to look for her father, and accidentally saw someone put a living bunny into the elevator to the basement. Billie is an extreme vegetarian and has a natural sympathy for animals. She is very worried that the little rabbit she saw during the day will be sent for animal experiments. As soon as the sisters discussed it, Yu stole his father’s access card and mobile phone, and planned to go to the Umbrella Company to find out.

The sisters quickly came to the door of the company and opened the door smoothly through their father’s mobile phone. Billie remembered that the little rabbit was sent to the fourth underground floor. As soon as the two got out of the elevator, they found that all kinds of animals were locked in glass cages. Billie quickly took out his mobile phone and took pictures as evidence. Jade was not interested in this. Seeing a computer on the table, he tried to enter his father’s commonly used account password, but he actually successfully logged in. There is a video in it. There are several guards in the picture who are shooting ordinary people. Jade can’t help but widen his eyes. At this moment, behind the iron door of the office, there was a low whine, which said the ultimate experiment of depression drugs. Billie guessed what small animal was locked inside, so he tried it with his father’s access card, and the iron door dripped. opened with a bang.

When Billie reached the thing in the iron gate, he was so frightened that he stepped back, and unexpectedly, a big dog with a face and a lemon came out. At this time, the big dog looked very manic, and rushed directly towards Sister Jade. The two sisters ran fast and finally escaped from the laboratory in time. But the big dog didn’t give up, and kept hitting the closed iron gate. It didn’t take long before the big dog rushed out. The two of Jade hid under the table and shivered, but they were soon discovered by the big dog. The two immediately ran towards the door of the company, and the big dog had already caught up in the chaos, biting Billie’s shoulder tightly. Seeing this, Jade quickly picked up the fire extinguisher and slammed the dog’s head. The big dog fell to the ground and stopped moving. Jade was relieved and quickly dragged his sister to sit on the chair.

At this time, Billie was seriously injured, and the two rows of tooth marks on his shoulder were still bleeding. At this moment, his father Albert suddenly appeared, and when he saw the wound on Billie’s body, he seemed extremely panicked, and asked Jade to take the person home quickly, and don’t go to the hospital. On the other hand, Albert wanted to stay behind to deal with the aftermath. He inserted a USB flash drive into the host computer, and immediately all the computers started to glitch. Then he came to the big dog and wiped a pool of blood on his face. It didn’t take long for company guards to arrive at the scene, followed by branch head Evelyn Marcus. Albert explained that he was working overtime and was suddenly attacked by hackers. All the data stored in the computer, including monitoring and entry and exit records, disappeared. The electronic lock holding the big dog also failed, and it took a lot of effort to kill it. A set of lies is simply flawless, and this matter is finally concealed, but its impact is far from over. Albert knew that hurting Billie’s dog wasn’t easy, it was the product of a high-risk experiment. Albert quietly checked Billie’s wound and found that the surrounding area had begun to fester, presumably infected with some kind of terrible virus.

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