Netflix That ‘ s Amor review & Ending Explained: Did Sofia and Matias end up together?

Netflix That ' s Amor review & Ending, Explained: Did Sofia and Matthias end up together?

Netflix (That’s Amor) is a Spanish romantic comedy film directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino. Sophia is a young graphic designer whose life is a mess after losing her job and cheating on her boyfriend. Sophia moved to her mother’s, a small California town. I soon met the Spanish chef Matias and was attracted to him. If you’re wondering the answer to Sophia and Matias’ love fate, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of That’s Amor.

That ‘ s Amor review

Its premise is structural, which we’ve seen before, a formula that always works, a feel-good romantic comedy. Riley Dandy plays Sophia very well, she knows how to act authentically and her comedic spark is perfect for the genre. Of course the film draws on some metaphors, portraying the Spaniards simply as passionate and exotic people, with delightful characters, tacos and San Juan festivities. The ending is predictable and friendly. The film does provide some interesting elements that make it watchable.

Netflix That’s Amor Ending Explained: Are Sophia and Matias Finally Together?

As the story progresses, Sofia and Matias learn more about each other. Over time, the two grew closer and Sophia explained her predicament to Matias. Meanwhile, Sofia’s ex-boyfriend Richard returns to her life and apologizes to her. Sophia must choose between her feelings for Matias and Richard.

Also, Sophia doesn’t want to be a third party in Matias and Irina’s relationship, because the third party has ruined her own relationship. Ultimately, Sophia ended up with Richard because she couldn’t trust the ex-boyfriend. During a conversation with her friend Olivia, Sophia realized she had to make her own decisions. Sophia decides to pursue a master’s degree in graphic design, eventually overcoming the pain of the breakup and moving on.

In the film’s final scene, Sofia learns that Matias has broken up with Irina and is about to return to Spain. However, Sophia decides to go after Matias. She follows him to the airport, where Sophia confesses to Matias. Sofia revealed that she will go to Madrid to study for a master’s degree. Matias and Sofia kiss, thus taking their relationship to the next level.

Finally, at the wedding, the couple will participate in a Spanish ceremony that symbolizes stepping into the future. This ceremony highlights Sophia and Matias’ commitment to each other now and their full preparation for the challenges of life ahead. Furthermore, the end of the film suggests that there is an inherent self-love in their relationship that allows them to love each other fearlessly. Thus, the film ends on a positive note with Sophia and Matias starting their lives anew.

That ‘ s Amor Plot Synopsis

“That’s Amor” opens in San Francisco, where Sophia is a talented but docile graphic designer, where she works as an assistant. Sophia approached her boss for a better position in the company, but was rudely turned down. In addition, Sophia’s boss thought she was not suitable for the assistant role and fired her. Heartbroken Sophia goes home early, only to find out that her boyfriend Richard has cheated. Sophia rushed out of the apartment and fell down the stairs. She fractured her ankle in the process. To recover from her broken ankle and heart, Sophia moved to her hometown of California to live with her mother, Lainie.

Sofia takes a cooking class, where she meets Matias, a charming and handsome young chef. Matias is from Spain and just arrived in California to work under his uncle.

At first, Sophia was estranged from Matias, who tried to help her as she was still recovering from her ankle injury. However, Sophia and Matias soon became friends and became attracted to each other. Sophia asks Matias out on a date and the two kiss. However, Sofia must get her life back on track before fully entrusting herself to Matias, who is about to return to Spain. These complex plots lead to an interesting twist that raises questions about Sophia and Matias’ romance.

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