Netflix The Girl in the Mirror review & Ending Explained:Alma’s dangers are not over

The Netflix Spanish paranormal suspense drama The Girl in the Mirror/Alma focuses on the life of a young girl, Alma, who survives a fatal accident. The crash killed several people with only a few survivors. After this tragic event, Alma tries to figure out what happened that day and discover who she is.

The Girl in the Mirror Ending, Explained

“The Girl in the Mirror” has finally come to the season finale. Can the five shadow followers resurrect their master, Terion? Diva and Tom, who occupy Alma’s body, come to the island they once visited. Diva stood on the cliff with the secret box, said goodbye to her past self to the sea, and threw all the notes in the secret box into the sea. But what she didn’t know was that at this time Tom had already learned from Onora that Alma was actually Diva.

Tom didn’t want to be bothered by Diva again, and told her about her. Diva was stunned and said that she didn’t mean to lie to him. Tom took out the two potions given by O’Nora. Just when Diva thought the other party was going to kill her, Tom said that she took the potions because she was afraid that Alma’s body was a shadow, but now that it was confirmed that it was Diva, he Can’t do it anymore. Alma and Diva are his best friends, Tom said sorry to Alma’s ghost beside him, and then threw the potion into the sea.

The time came one month after the car accident, and all the family members of the deceased in the town came to the auditorium to participate in the memorial service. The surviving Tom, who was invited to speak, stood in the middle of photos of dead classmates and said he didn’t feel like he could say something comforting. Instead, it shows a video of a graduation trip recovered from the remains of a car crash, taken the day before the crash.

Each of the students in the film gave a message to themselves 10 years later, and all the parents of the students on the field burst into tears after watching their children in the film. Then Tom said that there was a lie in the town. It turned out that many parents whose children had died before blamed the driver Carlos. They don’t know about the shadow, they only think that Carlos committed suicide by jumping off the building because of shame and illness, and they are more certain that he killed the children.

Tom released a recording that he got from Carlos’s wife, which was the voice message the other party sent to his wife after the car accident. The words inside confirmed that they had a car accident, there was something on the road, and he blamed himself very much after the car accident, and asked the rescue team to rescue the students first, and then take care of him last. At this time, the people in the town knew that everyone was wrong about Carlos.

Diva, who originally wanted to fly away with Nicole, was also touched by what Alma said in the film. When she got home, she sent an image from her phone to her mother. The mother was stunned to see the text message of her dead daughter pop up on the phone, and the image she saw when she clicked it was even more surprising. In the video, Diva was playing the guitar, and her stepfather suddenly appeared and did something worse to her, which instantly made her mother collapse. I didn’t expect the man beside him to treat his daughter like this.

I saw that she picked up the scissors and found the man, and then it was a furious revenge. The injured man came to Alma’s house shortly after and asked where she got Diva’s phone. He also said that it was Diva who tempted him to take pictures of all this, but he didn’t know that Diva was in front of him. Diva said angrily that she would send the video to everyone. The man was so embarrassed that he picked up Diva, pushed her to the ground, and grabbed her by the neck. Diva struggled desperately but seemed so powerless and gradually lost consciousness. At this moment, Alma’s ghost appeared on the side. She stepped forward and pushed the man away. The man was stunned when he saw this scene. Contact with the human caused Alma to lose all her strength and collapse, and Diva’s spirit reappeared. Under the man’s terrified self-light, she was used to anger and knocked him down from the tree house and fell to his death.

Diva said to Alma, who fell to the ground, that she never thought of stealing her life. At that time, he entered her body just to protect her. At this moment, Lala’s soul also suddenly appeared. She said that Alma had a bright future. The two put Alma’s soul back into her body together, and then Lala disappeared with Diva.

After Alma found her body, she returned to her normal life, but when she came to the library to thank Onora for her help, the other party gave Alma the necklace that the teacher gave him, and said that she was still in no danger. Finish.

Rock, who was possessed by the shadow, was attacked by Martin’s father’s bodyguard. Just when he was about to be strangled to death, Rock’s sister suddenly appeared and twisted the bodyguard’s neck. It turns out that he killed his sister in the last episode and let the shadow possess her. Rock read the bodyguard’s memory and knew Martin’s location. He first came to the hospital, found Lola who was unconscious, woke up the shadow in her body, and then came to the hotel in the mountains. At this time, the five shadows have gathered together, the Rock brothers and sisters, Nicole, Lola, and their beloved Bruno. The shadows have collected five animal spirit sculptures, and are ready to sacrifice Martin’s body to their master, Tyrion.

Netflix The Girl in the Mirror review & Ending Explained:Alma's dangers are not over

The Girl in the Mirror review

There are some disturbing elements to this show, and some fascinating elements. Add to that the idyllic backdrop of a small town that adds a sense of mystery and myth and adds to the suspense. Tackle a multi-layered story that deepens as more mysteries come to light.

The Girl in the Mirror explores several important themes here, including the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the emotional space where the lines of life and death meet. While a major theme of the show seems to be horror, we can also see more personal themes emerging beneath the surface of the characters. Mythology lays a solid foundation, while also drawing heavily on some very relevant topics, such as those related to despair, loss, and identity, that might resonate with viewers.

Although it belongs to the supernatural theme, it is inspired by real events based on Spanish mythology. In this mystical lore, the appearance of a supernatural creature known as the Trion poses a major threat. The beasts described in the book of Revelation are the definition of the Greek word “Beast God”. The writer-director used this villain to develop the myth that formed the backbone of The Girl in the Mirror. While we get some introductions to ideology and storyline folklore, they’re dropped for a few episodes, and barely even mentioned in the process.

Another point of contention comes from the show’s finale, which leaves an unsatisfactory tone. The last few episodes get more tense and urgent as the end draws closer, it even refocuses the main lore, just as we start exploring the mythology, the show is over and all the issues are left unresolved . The storyline develops in an extremely well-crafted way, bewitching the audience by complicating past, present, and future.

Character dramas run through the show in a variety of ways, with characters encountering deceit, deceit, and sometimes love. While the actors are able to do it all brilliantly, there is so much going on in the storyline. “The Girl in the Mirror” seems to have a lot of potential to present a supernatural story with suspense, but those elements are diluted by recurring story elements that ignore the core plot. Still, the actors are all great and do a good job in their respective roles.

The mythology and lore introduced by the show is undoubtedly interesting, but the lack of a unified storytelling makes it complicated and confusing.

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