Netflix The Next 365 Days Ending Explained & Review :Will Laura choose Massimo or Nacho?

After a lapse of four months, the gangsters are here again. The two male protagonists Massimo (Michele Morrone) and Nacho (Simone Susinna) in Netflix’s romantic film “The Next 365 Days” return strongly, while our heroine Laura (Anna Maria) returns. Who will Sieklucka choose? Different collisions shake your heartstrings.

Netflix The Next 365 Days storyline Plot Synopsis

Laura has been in bed for two years since the last time she was shot. Massimo also kept her in this way for two years, and now she finally woke up. The two thought that no one could stop their happy life, but will everything really go so smoothly?

Laura now continues to experience life as a gangster woman, drinking afternoon tea by the sea in Sicily every day. The famous chef hired by Italy with high salaries personally served, and after eating, he and his girlfriend started shopping in a luxury car. In the evening, I drink and dance at the best location of the nightclub, and I also have a handsome husband waiting for me when I go home. It seems that everything is back on track.

However, Laura received a call, it was Nacho who almost walked into her heart. It was this phone call that reminded her of the beauty of the time when the teacher took care of her. Her mind was in chaos again, so she confided everything to her best friend. When her best friend heard this, she immediately denounced Laura. Have you been kicked by a donkey in your head? Are you really going to give up your current life? Laura thought about it and then gave up, but desire is like a fuse, and once ignited, it is like a prairie fire.

Massimo also felt abnormal at this moment, the fire of jealousy filled his mind instantly, and threw the wine glass in front of her. Laura looked at the broken glass shards and couldn’t believe that Massimo, who once loved her so much, would become like this.

Laura thought about being with Nacho again, at least Nacho was reluctant to let himself fall into a sad situation. Laura started crying while thinking about it. She knew that her relationship with Massimo had dropped to a freezing point at this moment. There was no more trust between the two sides. She could only choose to cheer herself up.

Laura asked her best friend and came to the clothing company that Massimo gave her. She doesn’t want to be abandoned anymore, she wants to achieve economic freedom by herself. Laura started working day and night, constantly designing new clothes after another. Although they still live with Massimo at the moment, they ignore each other even if they pass by. Massimo didn’t know what to do, so he could only indulge himself, even playing games with his assistant in front of Laura.

Laura received the news that the clothes she designed entered the finals in Portugal. The gains from her work gave Laura a sense of accomplishment again, and she and her girlfriends were all happy. The two embarked on the journey like this, but as soon as they arrived, Laura came to the beach to surf, but met Nacho on the beach, and Laura quickly fled with her best friend.

Thinking about it day and night, Laura dreamed of Nacho this morning. In the dream, Nacho still has the same angular face and sexy beard as before. In her dream, Laura also accomplished things she dared not do in reality.

But fate likes to joke, and Nacho is here for Laura. The two met again, Nacho was still so gentle, and Laura thought of Massimo, who was furious with her now, and her tears couldn’t stop flowing. Nacho also understood very well, and took Laura back to his home. It was still the familiar seaside, and the atmosphere was very romantic. The two went to bed.

After that night, although Laura fulfilled her fantasy, she was not as fulfilled as she imagined after getting it, but her heart was even more empty. So she decided to go back to her parents’ house. No matter if she was ashamed, or she wanted to find a place to recognize her true heart, Nacho also wanted to keep her by her side, but Laura had made up her mind.

Netflix The Next 365 Days Ending Explained & Review :Will Laura choose Massimo or Nacho?

Netflix The Next 365 Days Ending

When Laura returned to her hometown, she also curiously asked her parents why their decades-long marriage was still so sweet? Her mother told her that if you want to manage a relationship well, you must first learn to pretend to be confused. If you care too much about gains and losses, then you and the other party will both be very tired. As long as you confirm your love for each other, are other things really that important? Laura was suddenly enlightened at this moment, and she seemed to understand that it was not that she disliked Massimo. On the contrary, it is precisely because of too much care that excessive expectations will inevitably lead to disappointment in the end.

This morning Laura had another dream, and this time it wasn’t just Nacho, Massimo also appeared. It seems that he has always been there, but how should he recognize his true heart? Laura spent a peaceful time with her parents, but at this time her best friend called and said that Massimo already knew everything that happened to her and Nacho in those days. Laura run away, as far as possible.

But Laura knew that if Massimo really wanted to do that, her best friend wouldn’t have the chance to call her. So she was ready to go back again. After saying goodbye to her parents, Laura returned to Sicily after a long absence. Just got on the taxi, the driver turned out to be Nacho. It turned out that Nacho knew that it was very dangerous for Laura to go back this time, so he also came to Sicily regardless of his own safety. If Laura chooses himself, then he will definitely find a way to leave with Laura.

Laura was very calm. She came to the beach and met Massimo, who had been separated for a long time. Massimo didn’t take revenge on Laura. He finally realized that he had forced away the person he loved the most. At this moment, he wanted to compete with Nacho openly. Who would Laura choose? I think Laura will still choose Massimo!

The Next 365 Days Review

“The Next 365 Days” is the third installment in this series, and the scale is still online. This time, it’s not just the plot that makes people tired. The costumes are very bland, even the clothes designed by Laura. Adapted from the book of the same name, it looks more like a one-page summary, in this one there is very little chemistry between the actors, at least the last movie tried to create some tension when it introduced a love triangle, but in this one Totally gone.

The movie parts are well shot, the cinematography is clear and the lighting is great, and the style is closer to a music video than a movie. Will there be a new movie after this? There are only three books on which the series is based, but who knows. The movie looks very cheap and fast, and if Netflix allows it, they might make a few more, it’s a hit series after all.

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