Netflix The Sandman Review: Bringing Myths and Legends to Life

“The Sandman” transports audiences to a mysterious realm of dreams, nightmares and magic. The film, based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, has been adapted into a live-action film countless times, but now it’s finally the turn of the series. Season 1 of The Sandman, now streaming on Netflix, brilliantly brings to life the stories Gaiman created, bringing myths and legends to life.

The Sandman review

In this show, Tom Sturridge plays “Dream”, and although he does not appear in every episode, the main plot of this fantasy American drama revolves around him. In the first episode, he was imprisoned for nearly a century, with dire consequences for the dream and waking world. For the remainder of the first season, he did everything in his power to correct the chaos that followed his absence.

Sandman has been a visual feast from the very first episode, and it never stops. There are so many scenes that the audience will want to pause, if only take the time to look at all the details, all the creatures, demons and magic are so realistic, you have to applaud the VFX team.

As for the story itself, there’s a lot going on. There were a few times in The Sandman’s first season that it almost felt like it was over. The conflict is over, there’s still a bigger picture, and many questions about the season finale have been answered. Just when the Dream King started to take control, something else popped up and made a mess of things.

This Netflix fantasy drama is very complicated at times, and with so many characters, sidelines, and lore, it gets dense and heavy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be confusing, especially to viewers who haven’t read the relevant information. It’s worth noting that most of these stories are based on myths and legends that many people around the world have heard. This gives more understanding to those unfamiliar with manga.

The highlight of the season was the fifth episode, “7/24,” which set out how powerful the Artifact Gems can be, but the really impressive part of this episode was what the world would be like if everyone told the truth! How twisted the plot has become after telling the truth!

Showing that Netflix isn’t afraid to push the limits of the series, Episode 5 takes dark fantasy to a whole new level and almost feels like a turning point for the season. That said, the sixth episode was full of emotion, almost like the perfect tray cleaner after the last.

The setting and costume design of The Sandman is impressive, and every little detail, from props to hair to makeup, is just right and is the key to the success of the story. If these creatures, these demons, and these characters aren’t believable, it’s a distraction when the audience follows a very complex and detailed storyline.

It really felt like Neil Gaiman’s story was brought to life in a way we never thought possible. Episodes of The Sandman, ranging from 37 to 54 minutes in length, tell a story slowly but keep it fast-paced. While some of the storylines could have been longer, overall, this 2022 Netflix series does a good job of explaining the complex storyline for those who don’t know it, while keeping those old fans entertained.

Hopefully Season 2 of The Sandman arrives soon, but for now, we’re stuck watching Season 1 of The Sandman over and over again on Netflix.

Rating: 4.5/5

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