Netflix Under Fire review & Ending Explained:Has the fire station been shut down?

The Netflix Belgian drama Under Fire, directed by Joost Wynant, revolves around the East Coast fire station. This non-English series follows the lives of firefighters and paramedics, their heartwarming stories of saving lives and the conflicts they face to avoid the closure of the fire station. The Belgian series ends with Patrick’s findings, here’s everything you need to know!

Under Fire review

Netflix’s “Under Fire” is a show with potential, and it builds the characters well and far exceeds expectations. The film is set in a fire station. We see a group of close-knit firefighters whose lives have changed in the play. We see firefighters regardless of their ordinary and stereotyped lives, and always strive to provide high-quality work and put saving lives. in the first place.

During the making of the show, with so many seemingly unnecessary plots involved, the show forgot the need for a deep connection between the characters and the audience. The lack of depth and emotional connection to the characters is what makes the show a failure, despite its intriguing and dramatic story.

The shooting style of “Under Fire” is also very casual, often reminding us of something old, which is not a good way. The actors certainly try their best, but their roles are not enough to convince the audience of their performance. Overall, despite its flaws, Under Fire is an enjoyable show, and it has its moments of brilliance. However, the film was certainly a blip, with immature characters and too many subplots to stand out.

Under Fire Ending Explained: Has the fire station been shut down?

East Bank Station will not be closed, and when Patrick goes to his superior Gilbert to ask about the difference in the fire hydrant map, the latter stops Patrick to shut up. He also revealed that he would merge East Bank Station with another station, ending the single operation of East Bank Station. Gilbert tries to end the investigation of Patrick by suspending his work and threatening to close the platform.

However, files Vincent found on Gilbert’s computer allowed Patrick to learn the truth about the disconnected fire hydrant. At Patrick’s direction, Dominic finds documents about Gilbert’s troubles. As a fire department supervisor, Gilbert must have sold the underground pipes that were supposed to be connected to the fire hydrants to a company and steered them for financial gain. Since the documents were signed by him, it is clear that he was behind the whole affair, and it is likely that he had superior accomplices. Patrick’s conversation with an urban planner made it clear that water was an invaluable resource for Gilbert and his cohorts to sell.

The documents were also exposed, and Gilbert was implicated in the crime. The fire service then decided not to close the East Coast fire station or merge it with another fire station. After the stigma caused by Gilbert, they probably didn’t want to shut down the fire station whose people revealed the truth about the hydrant to raise suspicions.

Did Tom leave East Coast Station? Did he end up with Nina?

They drift apart when Nina learns of Tom’s accident, his cocaine use, and his plans to help smuggle drugs. Realizing how much damage his lies had done to Nina, Tom confessed to Dominic what he had done.

Dominic asks Tom to continue working at the site because her superior Gilbert cannot sign his resignation request. Since Tom really regrets his actions, Dominic might give him a chance. After Tom opens up about his life to Nina and Dominic, Nina is also friendly to him. Although they might not be together right away, she might consider welcoming Tom back into her life when she sees a change in him.

Are Orlando and Maaike back together?

Yes, Orlando and Maaike did get back together. After losing their daughter, the couple gradually separated. Orlando’s failure to accept his daughter’s death kept him from even attending her daughter’s funeral. Maaike, on the other hand, cannot tolerate his behavior, which creates tension between them. However, for Noah, after they re-established communication, they gradually came together. When Henry’s niece, Emma, ​​disappears, Orlando realizes the meaning of a loved one. Maaike saw Orlando’s softer side that same night.

After Vincent died, Orlando realized that he too should accept his daughter’s death. He visited her grave with Maaike. Noah’s accident brings the couple even closer as they understand the importance of being by their son’s side.

Netflix Under Fire review & Ending Explained:Has the fire station been shut down?

Netflix Under Fire Plot Synopsis

At the beginning of Under Fire, Patrick left the East Coast Fire Station and joined Fire Station Headquarters as a captain. Dominique Meersman, the former lover of firefighter Orlando Foncke, and other firefighters are trying to put out a blaze at a retirement home and rescue people from the building. A firefighter by the name of Gio Kaplan tried to connect water pipes to several hydrants, but was not getting water from any of them. Gio’s colleague Henry becomes suspicious of these hydrants without water and asks Patrick to investigate the problem. Patrick compared the old map of the city’s fire hydrant with the digitized map and found some differences.

Tom Later joins East Coast Station as a new firefighter/medic, after Steve was assistant to the station’s deputy captain. Firehouse firefighter Nina breaks up with Steve, who she believes is leaking classified information about the firehouse to the media. Without knowing about Tom’s past, she also began to confide in him. Tom was involved in a car accident before going to the station and could not save the victim as he was smoking cocaine at the time. Tom’s friends threatened to report him to the police if he didn’t help them smuggle drugs. Nina learns of the smuggling and asks Orlando to intervene…

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