New Netflix Series Resident Evil Episode 2 Recap

New Netflix Series Resident Evil Episode 2 Recap

Jade successfully rushed out of the zombie group and jumped into the off-road vehicle, getting rid of the pursuit of the umbrella company. The form was so grim that she didn’t even have time to get off the roof, and Jade yelled to stop. The driver’s eldest brother didn’t know Jade, so he just brought her on the bus by the way. Before the two could get to know each other, a few zombies jumped off the fence, and the driver’s elder brother hurriedly counterattacked. Who knew that the more zombies gathered, he would soon eat him. Jade couldn’t do anything to save people, he could only break the sunroof of the car, got into the car and slammed on the accelerator, and successfully got rid of the zombies.

Jade traveled all night and arrived at a human city, which has been taken over by the umbrella company. Under the protection of powerful force and technology, all the residents live fairly safely. Jade knew she was being wanted by the umbrella, but she had a reason to sneak in. After briefly covering his body, Jade came to the door of a family. Before, Jade smuggled here from where he lived, and it was the help provided by the male owner. Now that Jade wants to go home and reunite with her husband, she naturally has to ask the male host for help. Unexpectedly, the hostess of the home said that her husband had not returned from a long trip. Jade noticed something was wrong, and quietly opened the door of the bathroom, and found that the male owner had turned into a zombie, and he could not move because of the one-handed cast on the water pipe. There were still many livestock wreckage in the bathtub next to him. He never thought that the female owner was actually raising a zombie husband. A different kind of emoji.

The hostess provides a clue when she learns that Jade wants to smuggle to her home in Cairo. There is a notepad in her husband’s pocket, which contains the contact information of other smuggling businessmen. Jade did not retreat. After arming himself, he slowly approached the zombie male owner, pressed his body and groped for a while, and finally got it. notebook. Unexpectedly, the zombie suddenly broke free from the hand cast, and the whole person rushed out, instantly pressing the hostess under him. Jade immediately stepped forward and pierced the zombie with an iron rod, but the hostess did not express any thanks, but drove Jade out directly. Jade didn’t care at all. At this time, what she cared most about was finding the captain of the boat who could cross the sea.

Jade looked at the records in the notepad and quickly got a ticket to cross the sea. Fortunately, there was a flight tonight. The dock was already full of people waiting for smuggling. Just when everyone was about to get on the boat, suddenly several trucks with drones shot at the crowd. It turned out that the umbrella company came to crack down on illegal smuggling, but the original intention was To hunt down Jade. The whole pier was full of miserable screams. During the escape, Jade saw a little boy who was alone, rushed over, hugged him, and hid in a small iron room. It didn’t take long for the stowaways at the dock to be wiped out. Buck from the Umbrella Company ordered his men to search along the way to find Jade, but he didn’t know she was in a house not far away. At this moment, the parents of the little boy came over and were very grateful for Jade’s help. The parents of the little boy specialize in selling smuggled and expensive drinks. Now the route by boat is not feasible. They know that there is still a tunnel to cross the strait.

After listening, Jade immediately drove the little boy’s family to the entrance of the tunnel, which was also controlled by local forces, and Jade had to hand over the car keys as a toll for several people. They got on a passing car like this, and the atmosphere in the carriage was extremely depressing, and everyone knew that the journey was not easy. When the traffic car came to the deepest part of the tunnel, the big guard who accompanied the car reminded everyone not to make any noise, as if to avoid some terrible existence.

The umbrella company appeared again, and the roaring alarm was like a beacon in the dark night. When the guards of the Umbrella Company got out of the car, they realized that something was wrong. A long thorn suddenly pierced the soldier’s head, and all the guards immediately fired back. The stowaways in the pass didn’t understand what was going on when a humanoid monster suddenly rushed in. Everyone was frightened and fled. From time to time, long thorns appeared in the dark to harvest life. No one knew who would be the next unlucky one. Jade was fortunate to be in close contact with the monster, and recognized the other as the legendary licker, relying exclusively on sound to locate the prey.

The only remaining car guard was very familiar with the terrain, and took Jade and the little boy’s family to hide in the maintenance channel next to them. The escort on board said confidently that this passage can also lead directly to the tunnel exit. At this moment, the little boy suddenly fell to the ground. It turned out that he was accidentally bitten by a zombie 2 days ago. Jade asked his mother to give up the little boy quickly, but the mother was willing, and the guards on the side waited anxiously, leaving everyone behind and quickly ran into the distance. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for the guard to run back crying, and it turned out to be a huge human-faced spider.

Jade was so frightened that he opened his mouth and ran quickly with the little boy’s family. He passed a small door in the middle, and a few people got in immediately. I believe that the giant spider will definitely not be able to catch up, but this is only a small room and cannot survive for a long time. The boy’s father gritted his teeth and held up an iron pipe to show that he was going to divert the spiders and let the others escape in the opposite direction. Unexpectedly, the spider appeared silently. In addition to the huge size, the boy’s father did not fight for too long. Jade was still targeted by the spider. Fortunately, at the last moment, Jade forced the gate switch, and a few people were finally shocked. Arrived safely at the tunnel exit.

However, the little boy’s complexion turned even paler, and it was estimated that it would not be long before the family changed. The mother had obviously lost her hope for the future and decided to stay with the child to spend the last time. Jade had no choice but to walk towards the tunnel exit alone. There were a whole carload of people when they entered the tunnel, and now she was the only one left. Unexpectedly, Jade had just reached the ground, and the buck of the protective umbrella appeared again. Unexpectedly, he also survived in the tunnel. Jade’s face suddenly turned ashes, and it was estimated that it would be difficult to escape this time.

Suddenly, gunshots rang out, Buck fell to the ground, and a large group of armed men suddenly appeared and took everyone present away. Unexpectedly, if Buck was shot and caught, it would be like nothing, and he could still chat and laugh on the prison van. But Jade panicked, looked around the surrounding environment, and felt that these gangsters were by no means good. The group quickly entered a closed bunker. Although it was dark and damp, the interior space was huge. Jade saw dozens of zombies, pushing and spinning around, and there were many survivors locked in the iron cages on both sides. The leader here was a complete liar, and he didn’t take the umbrella company in the slightest. Because he firmly believes that this natural disaster is a gift from God, and that he can use zombies as free labor, and the artificial power generation for the entire fortress is the best proof. Jade has been studying the behavior of zombies for many years, and she wants to know how to do it, but she is sure that this future disaster is not a gift from God, but caused by the umbrella company.

Time goes back to the three months before the doomsday disaster in 2022. The sisters sneaked to the laboratory where their father worked. Sister Billie was accidentally bitten by a big dog with a face, and her bad luck began. First, there was obvious festering around the wound, and the whole person became sluggish. Father Albert’s face darkened instantly when he saw this. He knew very well how terrible the big dog that bit his daughter was. In order to develop new drugs, the dog was specially injected with the T virus originally developed for the military, and only a few high-level officials knew about the danger.

Albert didn’t give up and took out Billie’s blood for a test, and his face became even more ugly. Then blood was injected into the mice, and it didn’t take long for the test subjects to become extremely manic, constantly hitting the glass of the experimental box. When Albert returned to the laboratory, he found that the experimental mouse had disappeared. After a long time to catch it, Albert carefully observed the blood of the mouse and found that the virus was frantically eating the body cells of the mouse.

At this time, Jade also felt that something was wrong with her sister. She tried to search for some relevant information on the Internet, but the entire external information of Raccoon City was blocked by the umbrella company. Jade did not give up, and found Simon, a hacker genius in the school, and used his necklace as a reward to let the other party break through the shielding restrictions of the umbrella company. Simon quickly circumvented the lockdown restrictions and there was a lot of negative news about Umbrella, including one that someone was bitten by one of Umbrella’s animals and it didn’t take long for him to go mad. Jade immediately grabbed the computer and tried to contact the author of the article. Unexpectedly, the other party sent a video call soon. The man, Rubio, is an investigative journalist who has been undercover for years investigating Umbrella Corporation, and once interviewed the wife of the man who was bitten.

The couple are both employees of the umbrella company. After the man was bitten, he began to show a series of symptoms of infection. After 72 hours, he became very manic and began to attack other people frantically. After Jade went back, he deliberately bypassed the network restrictions and found out about the experimental accident. In the end, all the people in the entire laboratory died. The more Jade watched, the more frightened she became. Could it be true that her sister Billie will mutate after 72 hours? Billie himself found something wrong at this time, the wound kept bleeding and couldn’t heal, and then he was nauseated and vomited. What’s even more terrifying is that the pet dog, who used to be very close to Billie, is now very resistant to her, and would rather get into the arms of a stranger than be close to Billie.

Billie’s deteriorating physical condition left her in deep fear. But what Billie doesn’t know is that his accident will bring disaster to the whole world.

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