Next Exit review: Life doesn’t end at death

In the film, a scientist (Karen Gillan) discovers that life doesn’t end at death. Suicide and homicide rates skyrocket when a video proves that some form of life exists after death. To further investigate the issue, she launched a project. Next Exit tells the story of two participants, Rose (Katie Parker) and Teddy (Rahul Kohli).

Next Exit review

Next Exit is undoubtedly one of the best films of the year, one that will captivate audiences for a long time, and it will likely change the way audiences see the world, life, and death. Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli star in this captivating film with some very heavy themes, and the plot will be mixed with humor in order to make them more accessible to the general audience. Few misses, the overall plot and extraordinary acting make this one of the best films of the year.

The film itself is full of truly powerful moving moments, and watching the film makes the audience evaluate their own lives. Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli have unparalleled chemistry on screen, screaming at each other, laughing at each other, and helping each other face the truth and confront their inner demons.

There are some really hilarious moments in this movie that help break down the dark plot. As their journey unfolds, there are plenty of powerful scenes that will send chills down anyone’s back. The two actors work so well together, they know very well when and how to take advantage of each other.

Next Exit will be a necessary film, and confronting those dark moments will only make us stronger. The characters in the movie go through their own version of therapy, and while there are a few mistakes along the way, they don’t affect the overall story.

The film expresses beauty in a unique way, with Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli being especially good in the last 20 minutes or so, and we won’t be doing too many spoilers, just knowing that the final moments seem to have a better ending. Having said that, this is a wonderful American suspense thriller that explores the grief and trauma that will haunt audiences for a long time to come.

Next Exit review: Life doesn't end at death

Next Exit plot summary

At some point in the not too distant future, everything we have to do with death will change. Research scientist Dr Stevenson has discovered that ‘ghosts’ are apparently real and persist beyond life. Through her innovative technology, the deceased can be identified and tracked in the afterlife. She called on volunteers to further explore her research.

Two strangers, Rose and Teddy, opt in to the experiment, both battling personal demons. They will leave the world to become part of history, and perhaps it is possible, to find something closer to happiness in their afterlife.

The movie “Next Exit” was screened at the 2022 Canadian Fantastic Film Festival.

Rating: 3/5

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